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Addison Dave Arrival Date: 1972

Message: Arrived at 70Sqdn in April 72 and left after the invasion of 75. I had an absolute wonderful tour and I am revisiting Cyprus in 2009 for the first time since leaving.

Allen CJ Arrival Date: 1973
Message: I arrived at Akrotiri Commcen in Sep 73 but was soon moved to 1153MCU at Limassol as a wireless op; great posting!
Shortly after the Turkish invasion we were kicked out of Limassol, so in 1974 I found myself back at Akrotiri, this time on the mole; there is no mention of 1153 MCU being at Akrotiri on your history page. In Nov 74 I was promoted to cpl and posted to Episkopi.

Baldry Frank Arrival Date: Sept 1971
Message: Posted to TASF, whole 3 yrs on this, the best unit ever in the whole RAF. Airframe Fitter, but every day was different, from Galaxies with Jolly Green Giants inside to El Al and Arab 707's parked next to each other with armed guards. Did a bit of rallying, can't remember names too well. Best tour ever in 24yr career.

Barker David Arrival Date: 1971
Message: Arrived at in July and had a wonderful tour on(56) sqn and left on 01.01.74(flt 2117)how sad is that, remembering the flt number !!I was a member of the ABC radio station and between that, playing football and Buttons Bay, what a fabulous life, if only i could put the clock back! I have so many memories of everyone i met, especially the Cox family, who i still miss to this day. If anyone remembers me , i'd love to hear from you. 

Barnes Christina (Chris) Arrival Date: 1974
Message: Memories of Cyprus? where do I start?  Arrived in Jan 74 and lived in two hirings in Limassol, the last one was just behind the main hospital, near the police station and army post so we had to spend 2 days living in our corridor until the UN came and rescued us although we had to spend some hours in Unicorn House when the ceasefire broke down.  I remember volunteering to serve up food to refugees in one of the messes, getting to fly a Vulcan simulator and living on compo rations. We were put up by a lovely family in Queens Street. We even had a bomb scare on the evacuation flight home involving a detour to Malta.

Dad got a quarter in Phillips Road, Akrotiri so we were able to return to Cyprus a few months later and I went back to a much depleted St Johns school.  I was in the 4th, 5th and 6th years.

I have fantastic memories of Happy Valley, Buttons Bay and Ladies Mile.  I got to DJ at ABC Broadcasting and met some great people they built an amazing Xmas tree out of beer cans!!  Castle Pub near Kolossi and Kings and Traffic I loved it.  We left in the summer of 1977.  Ive been back a number of times since although never to the camps.

I wouldnt change being brought up in the forces for anything what a life. 

Barr Iain  Arrival Date: 1972
Message: I had been posted to Air House at Episkopi as chef to Air Marshall Sir John Aiken. This did not last too long as I was too rebellious for Lady Aiken's liking! Posted to Akrotiri and worked in No 1 Airmans Mess during the Cyprus Emergency during Turkish invasion. Wife was sent back to UK at very short notice as we had a hiring in Limassol - ended up completing a 9 month unaccompanied tour. Shame as the tour was proving to be enjoyable prior to the invasion. Never did re-visit Cyprus, but will never forget it, including the distress caused to so many Turkish and Greek Cypriot people in and around Limassol, amongst whom we had friends.

Bett Jim
Jane (now Newton)


Arrival Date: 1974
Message: My father Jim Bett was a corporal in telecoms. We lived in Limassol. We had been given a house on Akrotiri 3 Hawker drive but couldn't move in straight away so were evacuated to a family in Queen St who took my mother and us four girls in. There was also another woman who was about 8 months pregnant. We lived on corned beef and chicken supreme great time for us kids not so much for mum and dad.

Beverley Chris Arrival Date: 1972
Message: Arrived March, posted to 280SU. Stayed until UK posting September 1974.
Wonderful place, got to see all the island before the divide. Visited every town/village, flew with 84sqd, really enjoyed my tour.

Thanks, guys, for helping me revisit one of the best posting i ever had. I was a scopie (TG12) living in Blk168 and working at Cape Gata. I've not been back to Cyprus since i left, in 1974, so can only picture it as it was.

Bewick Geoff Arrival Date: 1974
Message: Worked in GEF through a very interesting period to say the least. Like many others, wife evacuated but lucky to get a continuity post so she rejoined me. Met many lovely people at work and at the Sub Aqua Club where along with others, lavished many hours on the good ship Davy Jones. Still in touch with some of them. Fond memories.

Bloor Roy Arrival Date: 1971
Message: Arrived in Akrotiri in August 1971 till March 1972. Served with 60 Squadron Royal Engineers. We worked on the security track at the side of the runway and also other projects in and around Akrotiri including a job at Buttons Bay, Dhekelia and Episkopi including the Saddle Club in Happy Vally. Without doubt the best 7 months I served in the Army. I remember the Pen Club, Ali's Bar in the old Village of Eppi, Ladies Mile Beach. Papa's Soup Kitchen in the Square Limassol, The Prison Disco. How great to go back 40 years. I have traced over 300 guys from 60 Sqn and over 30 of them served in Akrotiri 71/72.
I remember the Bar we built in the Sqn Block next to Lady Mims, we called it the Farm yard, we came second in the best bar competition at Christmas. I also remember 2 other bars on camp, The Ming-Inn and Chequers bar. I also remember a few fatalities of the raf lads (RIP) anyone who remembers the Engineers please get in touch, who know's you may like to join us at our next Reunion in May 2011.
Regards and Best wishes to you all.
Roy Bloor
Secretary/Founder 60 Squadron Royal Engineer Veterans

Brown Colin Arrival Date: 1969-1971
Message: farther was a Vulcan pilot 9 Sqn loved my time out there i was a scout in 1st Akrotiri scout group wondered is it still going . I'm now a leader in 1st Burnmoor scout Durham uk. Would like to make contact if possible.

Brown Darren Arrival Date: 1975

Message: I 'arrived' on 10/12/1975 at RAF Akrotiri Hospital, or rather that was when I was born. My mother and me were soon flown out and back to the UK at the uprising started.

Burston Kevin Arrival Date: 1973
Message: Arrived Akrotiri May 73 as the SAC Clk at BWHQ.Had a fantastic time from arrival to departure in 75. Names to remember: Barry Damarrel (BWSS) Kart Club and goalkeeper. Doug Harris RAF Regt. Dave Minnion RAF Regt, Des Smith Fireman, Paddy Ohare GEF, Anne Cline Commcen, Val Knightly Para Packer, Janice Coupe Commcen. I left the RAF in 05.

Calvert Iona Arrival Date: 1972
Message: I literally arrived at Akrotiri in April 1971, born 6 weeks early in the hospital there. My father is Bob Calvert and my mother Betty. I think she worked in the NAFFI for a while and my Dad played rugby and worked in communications. Does anyone remember them? Unfortunately BOB CALVERT is terminally ill and I would like to build a scrap book for him before he goes. He has lots of memories and stories, but due to many moves we have few photos, clippings etc to go with them. Thank you anyone who can help.

Carter (now Hill) Louise Arrival Date: 1973
Message: The best 2 years of my life were spent in Akrotiri from 1973 till 1975. My Father was in the Air Force and I attended 6th form at St Johns. My most vivid memories are of the Turkish invasion. I worked in the airport originally as an interpreter but ended up checking passports. I checked Edward Woodward's passport. Poor man had been evacuated from Famagusta and looked like he had been dragged through a hedge backwards. I heard so many stories of bravery and courage, I met so many interesting people. It is an experience that has remained with me throughout my life and always serves to remind me that people are strong and can cope with much more than we think possible.

Cook Bob Arrival Date: 1973 to1974 Episkopi

Message: My wife and I loved it.Been back once.  Norah flew out on the Stork Special in her 9th month. Started giving birth on the flight. Was on BBC TV having given birth to our baby daughter Rachel Louise 18.8.74

Cooke Brian  Anyone from GRSF 71-73 out there? Mick Collier, Roger Webb, Dave Cox to name but a few.

Cordier Jean Arrival Date: 1971
Message: Just found this site and as others have said, it certainly brings back memories. I was in supply, but as we only worked to 1 p.m. every day, the afternoons were free to persue all sorts of things - especially helping out at 84 as their 'dummy' on training flights. The name Akrotiri means sun and laughter and good times to me and very fond memories of the people I met out there - and still in touch with some. 

Now Landricombe
Melissa Arrival Date: 1971
Message: Lived in Barnet road from sept 71 to sept 73, had loads of people staying during the "war", brilliant time with free pictures and tins of boiled sweets. My dad was Simon Cassidy,my brothers Iain and Robert were at St. Johns and my sister Abigail and I at Akrotiri. Mum Edna, and Dad have both died so this brought back some great memories. Hope to be able to visit with my sister one day.

Creaser Dick  Arrival Date: 1973
Message: I was posted to 56 squadron in about April/May 1973 as a Cpl & lived with my young family on Europa street in Limassol but was med evac'd back to the Uk in January 1974 after suffering a fractured skull in a motorcycle accident.

It was a great posting & the shift system on 56sqdn (week of short days followed by a week of long days & then a week of nights) ensured that we had plenty of time away from work to enjoy ourselves. Memories of the New Romantic kebab house, Limassol wine festival, Keo beer & isolated beaches where I spent many happy hours snorkeling & enjoying wonderful sunshine are a little faded now, time & the mother of all bangs on the head have seen to that. Names have all but disappeared but I do remember C/Tech Jock Skilling who was great to work for but was terrified of flying. If I could go back in time the only thing I would have done differently was to have never bought that damn motorcycle!

It was good to have been in Cyprus before it became a tourist attraction, when it was possible to live alongside the locals & experience their way of life.

Daly John Arrival Date: 1973
Message: If anyone is still around who remembers me aka 'peg leg' I would like to hear from them. I was in 27 Sdn RAF Regiment which is now based in UK. 

Dammarell Barrie Arrival Date: 1971
Message: 3 of the happiest years of my life at Bomber Wing. Names to remember, Maggie Edwards(280SU),Kevin Burston, Dougie Gibbons, Dave Jones, John Moir, Paul Day, Paul Manancourt, Colin Worth, Dave Wallace, Cambell Wilson-Aperson (Willy Ap) all BWSS. Paul Carter, Sally Carter, Brian Graham, Vince Kearney, Jo Rowe, Les Rowe all Akrotiri Kart Club. Many a happy hour spent at The Green Rock and afterwards at Pop's Soup Kitchen in "The Square", The Britannia, Mahmouds and Avinida Kebab Houses, happy days I will remember all my life.

Hendy Paul Arrival Date: 1971
Message: I arrived in 1971 with my father, mother and two brothers. My father was in the Air Force and served on Akrotiri. We lived in Limassol for 3 years and left to go back to England when the Turks invaded. I attended Campbell school in Limassol for 2 years and then St. Johns in Episcopi for the last year.I remember being a member of the St Barnabus cub pack; eating out at the Brittania resteraunt; swimming at "buttons bay" (near Akrotiri) during the summer holidays. Great fun!!

Hopper Philil  Arrival Date: 1972
Message: Arr 70 sqn 27th Dec 72 age 18,(Nickname Chopper) right in the middle of the Xmas bars, first week/year was a blur!
Had 2 amazing/crazy years at Akrotiri on 70 & 56sqns. So many fantastic memories, mates, Kebabs, Kings disco, rugby, Bubble club, so many gallons of Keo, Brandy sours, I could write a book, (memory permitting). Can vouch for Jerry Melville's lunatic Motor bike riding.
Go back often, still love the place. 

Irvine Peter 
Message: I arrived in Cyprus (as a posting) in 1974 but spent many detachments there with Victor Tankers (55 & 214 Sqn)and also with Phantoms from Conningsby (29 Sqn). Married, I lived in private accommodation in Yianni Vlatchoyyianni. The War shortly broke out but I stayed at home looking after my Wife and our first child (3 months old). When I finally went to work I got such a B...g from the Engineering Officer (his name shall remain forgotten!!) that suicide was on my mind. I was on 70 Sqn with no course training so it was very difficult for me to understand the American Aircraft. Despite all that we were told to come onto camp and find a married  quarter (C/T Lecky off the Vulcans with 13 kids) We put our son into a bedroom sideboard drawer - lots of spare room for him to sleep.
     My main sport at the time was Kart Racing and I was a member of the RAF Team in UK. When my wife left for England I moved myself into the Kart Club and lived there for the rest of my tour. Whilst there I raced in the Episkopi Grand Prix with C/T Alan Wrench which we won. Many old members may still remember me, I now live in Thailand and reach my 60th Birthday in 2013. My email is irvine_peter and I would welcome any old friends contacting me.

Fair Sean John Arrival Date: 1974 June
Just found you on google. I am not an expert on the PC but would just like to say hello to all the Suppliers who were at Supply Wing RAF Akrotiri Jun 74-Jun 76. I went there in June 74 and the war started in August. Can I categorically say I did not start the war. I worked in Supply Control and Accounting Sqn during my stay and am now livig at home back in Castlebar Co Mayo Ireland and have an 11 year old son, Seán jnr, who is a Liverpool supporter. I was a member of the Royal Akrotiri Fellowship of Pigs ( with no disrespect intended to the four legged variety )
To those who knew him I regret to inform you that Dave ( Bully Beef ) Lawson, Supplier, who came over from Episkopi, sadly passed away recently. He was a lovely man, one of nature's gentlemen.
Seán ( John ) Fair

Forster John Arrival Date: 1974
Message: Arrived April 74 worked in G.E.F. with Geoff Bewick, Chalky White, Ron Lowden, Nobby Dickinson, was bar member for Sub-Aqua club, Wife and son evacuated August 74 lived in Tenos st Limassol. last visited Big "A" 2004. Still have copies of Flamingo from evacuation period.

Gaunt Terry Terry Gaunt arrived with Family in 1974 a member of 9 Sqn and an airframe fitter lived at 13 Barnet Road, what a super posting and still spoke by our 3 daughters who loved every minute.

Gibbs Christopher Arrival Date: 1974
Message: Just found your web page and read through it and brought back memories. I was moved to Akrotiri during the 74 troubles with 26 Sqn RAF Regiment and spent time in Akrotiri and Troodos radar station. This is just to say a excellent site.

Gibson John Arrival Date: 1974
Message: LO to Stan Mathews, Good to hear you remember the lake,love to hear from you Stan regards John.

Gleeson Jim  Arrival Date: 1972
Message: Hi to anyone who remembers me. I was a young rockape on 27 Sqn. Great times! Al Denton & Taff Griffiths were my DC's. Steve Chapman. Taff Knight, Jack Auld,'Fink' Falla, Kenny Betts, Ron Barnes to name but a few. Once we had finished firing our BOFORS 40/70's,at Dreamers Bay, it was back to the 'gun club' for a few 'special' cokes. When the Turks came knocking in 74, 34 Sqn. had mains power laid on to their deployed gun sites, allowing them to have luxuries like fridges, freezers and TV (remember The Magic Rounabout in greek? ). Us ruffy tuffies on 27 had no such luck. PER ARDUA

Gray Peter Arrival Date: 1972
Message: My first visit to Akrotiri was in 1969 when I played soccer for Raf El Adem and we came over to Cyprus for the NEAF championships, eventually I was posted to Akkers in 1972 and had 3 very enjoyable years, my eldest daughter was born at PMRAFH in 1973, she is now a Police officer in the South Australian Police force, I competed in the 1973 Cyprus Rally, I remember when Chris Karmiotis or was it Kirmitsis got killed in the Fassouri hill climb. I played for the station against the Cypriot National team on the Akrotiri stadium pitch, it was a warm up game for them prior to playing England, we drew 2-2  and England could only beat them 1-0 in Limassol. after the evacuation I " thumbed " a lift in a VC10 with Prince Charles to Australia to visit my wife and daughter who had gone there to be with her parents after the trouble in 74 I flew back from the RAAF Edinburgh base in a Comet with Air Marshal Sir John Aiken the whole return indulgence trip cost me $12, it was good being a cook, Police, stores and air movements were easily " bribed "   Came back to the UK in 2005 ( I migrated to Australia in 1979 after demob ) and had a week in Paphos and got a vip tour of Akrotiri, very emotional, and so sad to see that the Number 1 airmens mess where I worked had been demolished, lady Lampson club still standing though, Hope to visit again in September this year when I am over in the UK and Cyprus again, but this time with my wife.

Harcourt Richard (Dick) Interesting site now added to favourites. Will be visiting Cyprus again in 2006 so will definitely be in touch.
Posted to 103MU from 840SU RAF Siggiewi, Malta following first pull out. Had great time at Akrotiri, lived at St Annes Close. Unit photographer often getting under the skin of the Photo Section at Akrotiri. Technical Advisor to Curium Music Society for concerts at Curium and St Andrews Church and member of EpiSoc.
Now Chairman of the 103MU Reunion Group - RAF Aboukir and RAF Akrotiri with regular Newsletter and Annual Reunion at Birmingham.  

A short message to say thank you to Bill Cundall for showing my wife and I around Akrotiri during our holiday in November 2006. So many changes that it was hard to recognise some areas. Our bungalow at Annes Close hasn't changed except for the addition of a garden shed. Bill has now kindly added the 103MU section to the website along with a selection of photos from the 103MU Reunion Group archives. Rather than take up more of the limited space on the Akrotiri site I will look at creating a site from this end to include a greater selection of photos from my own collection and the 103MU Reunion Group archives, along with other exotic postings such as Butterworth, Singapore, Malta, Muharraq, Masirah, Salalah and Gan. This will of course take time but will post a notice when it is up and running.
Not much of 103MU remains on the ground. The HQ building has gone along with QAS. Air Radio is now a new "Anderson shelter" but Ground Radio is still intact though my little BUHF Section building has gone.
One thing that remains is the loading ramp on which the "103 Noddy train" was parked (there is a photo of me "guarding" it during a TACEVAL in 1973 in the gallery).

Our visit to the Akrotiri Museum was most interesting especially reading ones "obituary" on leaving 103MU for return to the UK and published in "Flamingo" after we had left!!!!!!!!!!! 

Many thanks again to RAFA and especially Bill and his wife for looking after us.

Hawgood Des  Arrival Date: 1972
Message: Worked in Weapons Engineering for the 3 years. We had a married quarter on Duke Street. Spent most of our spare time as members of the water Ski Club where I finished up as Chief Engineer. During 1974 we lived through the Turkish invasion and eventually came home in the November.

Higgs Barry Arrival Date: 1975

Message: Posted here February 1975,on a nine month unaccompanied.  Worked in catering flight, Officers' Mess then when the new in-flight building was opened was transferred to there.  Had many happy times in Cyprus.  This is where I became a cricket umpire.  Remember Mick Stead, Pete Meadows (TASF)at ABC Broadcasting.  Also Jimmy Campbell (MT), Sue Darwin & Matt Hodd, catering.  Would love to hear from any of you.  Loved Cyprus so much that we have now retired over here & are members of RAFA who meet at Akrotiri every month!

Jackson Ken Arrival Date: 1971
Message: Arrived at Akrotiri as a newly wed young SAC. Posted to 56 sqdn. what a life - came home with a beautiful young baby girl. We lived in limassol at 12a papanicoli st in the st johns area . loved every minute of my tour, good times at the angling club .. (this doubled up as the squadron's second crew room , the worst thing to happen there was the installation of a telephone.great nights at the Britania down town . arifs magic bar , les's bar the san remo. squash at Berengaria. great memories of the rugby club and what a time was had in those block Christmas bars that never seemed to close. Happy days.

(nee Jones) Jacky Reid Arrival Date: 1975-77.
Message: I was actually stationed at Epi but got transferred with the rest of the WRAF's.  Had a fantastic time and would like to hear off anyone else who was there at the time.  Used to be a regular at the Rugby Club. Went back a couple of years ago and it has changed so much but memories are exactly the same. 

Kearney Vince Arrival Date: 1972
Message: Hi to all that knew me or can remember me.  I arrived at Akrotiri in Aug'72.  I was an MT Man (Paddy-Irish) and posted to 280SU Cape Gata.  Little did I know that this was the start of such a fantastic period in my life. I did enjoy every second and could be classed as young and wild during this time.  To anyone who can recall me please get in contact.  I had a great time with all the Scopies at 280 and I hope I looked after all their transport needs well. I left Akrotiri in 1975 with deep sadness.  Stayed in the RAF untill 1998 and now run my own business in N. Ireland.  Don't hesitate to call.   Vince.

Kelly Mervyn Arrival Date: 1972
Message: Posted to Akrotiri onto 70 Sqdn.As the last of 6 airframe sergeants posted in, I was told you will go to the role equipment section-no choice.That was the best job I was ever given.Gave me the chance to work every morning and water-ski every afternoon.The sea,sun and ski-ing gave me the best 3 years of my RAF career.No-one joining the RAF now will ever experience the life I had.

Kerr Suzanne Arrival Date: 1972
Message: Fond memories of Cyprus, my dad Dave Kerr was posted there in 71... could have been 72, along with my mum Pat, myself and brother Andrew. Initially we lived in Limassol and where there during the first disruptions, after which we were given a quarter at Episkopi. I spent most of my time in Happy Valley at the stables and still regard this time as the happiest of my life. Still have an old booking sheet with the names of all of the horses on. I Remember the youth club, the outdoor cinema, Lady's Mile, trips up Troodos and to Yamasouya dam, lots of good times and fond memories. Mum and Dad must have struggled given all the folks who were crammed into our 2 bed home on the camp when the evacuations started! Lost Mum a few years ago but Dad is still with us and we often sit and chat about the good times in Cyprus, Dad's memory is not so good now but I would love to hear from anyone who knew him, Mum or myself or brother

Laird Tony Arrival Date: 1971-75
Message: My father was stationed at RAF Akrotiri in the second half of the sixties, we lived in Limassol for three years. I don't have very clear memories as I was six years old when we left. My older brother Tom Laird joined the RAF when he left school, he was also stationed in Cyprus. He was in bomb disposal. He was killed in a car crash and buried just after the Turkish invasion, I was 12 at the time. If anyone new him. I would really like to hear from you. He is still sorely missed. I will be going to Cyprus for the first time since 1968 this summer. I'm sure it will be a bitter sweet trip. 

Langford David  Arrival Date: 1974
Message: Arrived just in time for the trouble, lived in limassol then moved up to base ,wife went home ,then returned 6 months later, finished a full tour, I worked in various places in Supply Sqdn

Magee Jon Arrival Date: 1973
Message: I arrived in Cyprus in June 1973, soon after getting married, and my wife joined me some 3 months later. Worked at TASF initially, and then in the bay. Joan left in 1974, evacuated out on the "stork special" at 7 months during the troubles of that year, whilst I followed in 1975

Matthews Stan Arrival Date: 1974
Message: I served at 33SU Detachment at Salt Lake and spent some good single years stationed at RAF Akrotiri. Arriving just after the Turkish invasion and spending some 2 1/2 years at Akrotiri. I have some fond memories of all the times spent with some good friends. John Richardson who worked at Ground Radio RAF Akrotiri I fondly remember. We were good friends and experienced some great times together. Not forgetting Shaun Conroy either the gen tech at 33SU det who was a good drinking partner along with Paddy and of course Butch Vincent. Fond memories of a wonderful period in RAF Akrotiri's past life. May good times be had by all RAF personnel who serve there. Stan Matthews

Medina Katryn Ruth My father (Ian James Medina) served in Akrotiri on the search and rescue helicopters. He died when I was only ten and was wondered if anyone visiting this site remembered working with him.  I was born in 1974 whilst he was serving out there. Think he did 3 years 71 - 74

Mcgrory Jane Arrival Date: 1971
Message: Just wondered if anyone would remember my dad, Bill McGrory, who served at 280SU from 1971-1973? He actually moved from Episkopi and we originally arrived in Cyprus in 1969. We lived in Limassol. Another great friend of ours also at Akrotiri at that time was Richard Byfield.

Melville Jerry Arrival Date: 1972
Message: Hi to all my mates on 70 Squadron, 1972-1975 I was a SAC radar mech working on the Hercules. I could normally be seen riding my red Bultaco trails bike, generally going way too fast on its back wheel being chased by a snowdrop!

Milgate Russ Arrival Date: 1973
Message: Posted to 280SU Cape Gata as a scopie, spent my second week in Cyprus in the regional detention centre (Akrotiri Guardroom) for a week having got caught in the WRAF block....oops
Had a great time out there. The Turks invaded in 74, spent the time at 280SU on Olympus living on ration packs, still enjoyed it. I remember doing guard duty on the Vulcan pad, during the day we kept underneath the planes to keep cool. Great days

Russ Milgate

Morgan Chris Arrival Date: 1972
Message: Only recently came across this site whilst 'browsing'. I was stationed at RAF Episkopi from May 1972 until Nov 1974.It was with nostalgia that I read the article about the 'coup' and Turkish invasion. Part of the article talks about 'RAF Policemen, their faces has white as their hats' confronting the National Guard on the M1, I was one of those policemen and after some 33 years I remember it so well, very scary for a young 20 year old. It brought back some bitter/sweet memories. 

Morgan Dave Email:

arrival Date: 1971

Message: I suffered for two and a half years at RAF Akrotiri (Ha Ha) had a great time there and made many friends (unfortunately time as taken its toll and I cannot remember many names)Dave Saxon was my room mate. I worked in the commcen, shift work. We used to finish nights, have breakfast, then straight down the beach (I think we used to call it Banana Bay, but not sure) Drinking Keo and Brandy (50p a bottle) in Jack's Bar Episkopi village (every bit of the walls had someones name carved into it) All nighters in the Prison disco then Pops Soup Kitchen for a bowl of goulash straight from the pot, which if I remember correctly had about an inch or two of grease around it. Posted back to Blighty in 1973.
Great times, fondly remembered. 

Morris Brian Arrival Date: 1969
Message: Served as a rigger from 1969 to 1972 - memories of the water ski club (runner up western Cyprus water ski championships to Rick Rock 1972) friends "amongst many" were Roy Wallace, (Scouse) Paul Melling, Bev Charman, Jane Roberts, Rick Rock and "Kewi" Hunter. 

Napier Martin (Nap)  Arrival Date: 1973
Message: Some great times were had at Akrotiri. I was the loony cook on a 350 Yamaha with a furry backrest! (it seemed a good idea at the time!)
In touch with Jerry Melville and John Willoughby, and I remember you young Mr walsh. Happy days.

O'Grady Marilyn Arrival Date: 1973

Message: Arrived April 1973 and met my future husband (Craftsman Phillip Houghton) 2 weeks later.  We were engaged within a month and now heading for our 36th wedding anniversary.  I worked as a teleop in Commcen and the lads I worked with couldn't understand why I would prefer 'a pongo' to them.

We had great times and especially remember the dusk till dawn beach parties, (that's where Phillip proposed) the Old Romantic Kebab House, Britannia, Scotties Steak House, Buttons Bay, Fig Tree Bay (which was just a bay with a fig tree and a wooden hut, its now Protarus) and the Pen Club.

I remember Shirley Johnson who married Graham Hare, Lynn Cordier, Eunice Walker, Val Knightly (Tonker), Janice Coupe, Ann Cline who married Kevin Burston, Wendy Gurmin who married Bruce Bagnall, Bill Beech, Al Turner and Steve McGrady to name but a few.

Does anyone know if that Wraf Admin Corporal was really German or was it a put on accent? 

I helped out in the departure lounge during the conflict and almost got locked into the stork flight after helping out on board.  Just managed to get off before take off then I illegally went into Limassol to collect my wedding dress from my dressmaker in Turkey town.  It was a bit scary and I would have been in serious trouble if I had been caught.  It was worth it though.

We have been back loads of times since, in fact Phillip was there for a six month UN tour with the Swedes as Mr Landrover in 86.  Me and the kids visited him and we were able to go everywhere on the Island because we had a UN vehicle.  It was very sad to see the state of our old haunts.  The Pen Club hadn't changed though.

It's our dream to retire out there even though it's completely changed and Phillip will probably be  pushing me around in a bath chair.

Osborn David "Ozzy"  Arrival Date: 1972Message: Arrival Date: 1972
Some of the best years of my life especially 103 MU, Noddy-Land. I also did a stint in the Engine-Bay and at VSF, Vulcan Servicing Flight.  I was also a member of the NEAFPMRT, Near East Air Force Parachute Medical Rescue Team. I was one of Flt. Sgt. Rocks crazy guys that used to jump from the Hercules over Ladies Mile beach onto the salt-flats on a Wednesday morning. I did it for the extra money, 49p a day extra.  I have been back a few times but as everything else its changed. Still great though!

Potter Gordon Arrival Date: Arrival 1971
Message: We came out with my father Flight Sgt Peter Potter. I was only 4 years old then but still have great memorise of the place, school was fun only going half days, and going to the beach. Then the war broke out and we had to have several families living with us while they waited for the flights home, living on those rations and tinned sweets. If any one remembers him, he as the football and cricket manager please let me know.

Puckett Dick Arrival Date: May 1971

Message: Saw Pete Todd and David Barker on the list and that brought back a few memories of a great tour on 56sqn. I remember the rented cottage in Kyrenia as well as some pretty rowdy nights in Limassol. Met up with Doug Treadwell at Kinloss where he was a Master Eng. on the Nimrods and I was looking after the comms bay. Some others who where around at the time were Al Warrender, Derek Harper, Fred Thompson and Curly Jellis.  Couldn't have wished for a better posting. My brother now lives in Limassol but he reckons it's not as good as it used to be since the Turkish invasion.

Regan Tony Came with the first change of Vulcan Crew Chiefs.
Lived at Hawker Drive, Akrotiri. 

Rhodes John 'Dusty'  Arrival Date: 1975
Message: I was given my posting to Akrotiri as 1 April 75, & yes I thought it was an April fools trick. However on the appointed date I left BZ for what was to be the best years of my life. I was posted to C Flt 34 Sqn, then a Field Sqn & came in to contact with some fantastic people. I was also a 'DJ' on the ABC radio station which bought me in to contact with 'non Rocks' something that didn't happen at Catterick; what a great time. I could regale you with many funny stories of my time on the Sqn and on the social scene in particular but I don't think I have enough room here. What do I remember though (as a singly)- WRAFs - England V Cyprus - Xmas block bars - Bring in the New Year around the world - Scuba Club - Demi Johns - food fight mezzis - Traffic Disco - Sqn runs @ 06.30 - Have change from a fiver after a night out - Brandy Sours - Flt beach landing on Ladies Mile & the Flt Cdr still had his Pipe in his mouth and lit! Oh dear all this is almost drink related! There are many many memories, hopefully I shall re-visit one day, very happy days. 

Reid Bill Arrival Date: 1972
Message: worked at 280 SU Cape Gata as a scopie learnt to ride a motorbike out there and used to go and watch Gerry Melville trials riding. Good tour even when the Turks invaded Northern Cyprus and us singlies got thrown out of our accom. so that the wives could stay there, we of course lived at the section having to take showers under a hose pipe. Great life.

Roberts Owen Arrival Date: April 13 1973
Message: brings back MANY happy memories, my father was a Chief Tech on 56 Sqn, we lived at 18 Barnet Rd until Sept 17 1974,when we were flown home to not so sunny RAF Wattisham, was at St John's school and enjoyed it. After all these years I still miss it. When I retire, I will sell up and move back to Cyprus and hopefully help out somewhere on the station.

Samuels Leslie Arrival Date: Feb 74
Message: I was posted to Visiting Aircraft servicing Flight at Akrotiri as an aircraft serving specialist. Cyprus is a lovely place but it was marred by the invasion.The nicest memory I have is driving to work at blossom time, with the windows wound down the perfume was so beautiful. I was on the flight line  when Edward Wood boarded the Hercules aircraft bound for UK. He later sent an autographed photo to me. My wife and son were evacuated.  and I followed later.

Skuse Graham Although I am not ex RAF I was in the Army 47 AD from Lyneham. my Mrs was looking on the internet and found this site, its brought back lots of memories happy ones at that! especially the mole.

Smith Colin and Nancy  Arrival Date: 1972
Message: We were with 13 Sqdn and arrived from Malta after Mr Mintoff told us to `go!`, very late in 1971!
I soon changed with an Akrotiri armourer (I liked the look of Cyprus and wanted to stay) and took over the 30mm Aden Gun Bay. Memories of Akrotiri are good. Lived in 3 Hirings in Limassol and then at 24 Philip Road on camp from November 1973. Thus avoided the `Nasties` down town when the Greek Cypriots caused all that trouble in '74. Sport was excellent and played football with Flt Lt Malcolm Pledger. Name ring a bell - he ended up as ACM Sir Malcom! Didn't he do well? The Armament Sqn there was about 160 people strong and had the most excellent set of officers I ever worked with. Ted Tout and Ted Bullock especially. Best standard of living we ever had. Great having visitors out from UK. Good friends there too, notably Geoff and Helen Collingwood and Alan and Chris Steele and Roland and Janet Hall who organised entertainments when all the families were moved up to camp during the troubles in 1974. What a great posting that was! Thank you, Mr Mintoff!

kidslightning.jpg (105423 bytes)

Smith John Arrival Date: 1971
Message: Got to Akrotiri 1971,worked on airfield M.T.,or Tanker Pool if you prefer,
Had some great times at the Pen Club, Aly's Bar Epi, Hero Square Limasol, and many other bars down town, also the famous Helen's bar in Nicosia 
Had a suit made the famous tailors Karianys, it took very many fittings and after every fitting it was a well earned booze up in town.
Miss the Kebab nights at Alils and the Britania kebab houses.
Also used to love the days we sat outside the bar at Polemedia lights and watch the Cypriot drivers who could not wait for the lights to change, what nutters. 
Done a detachments to Troodos and Masirah while there also detached to RAF Valley with 56 SQDN .
Made trips to Turkey and Israel.
Hard to believe the camp is so quiet now, had a look on google earth not many aircraft on the pans these days. 
Left in October 1973

Stead Mick Arrived at Akrotiri 12th December 1973 as a SAC rigger and worked at T.A.S.F. My SNCOS were Les Brown, Eric Daish, and a ginger geordie called bill.My fellow rigger was Pete (racasan dan) meadows. I have happy memories of my tour, the Brittania, old romantic and a few more eating and drinking houses. As a singley it was great. I was a DJ on the camps own radio station (hard wired round the camp). Met lots of nice nurses.

Stodart Anne Arrival Date: 1973
Message: I arrived at Akrotiri to work at 280 SU.  I spent almost 2 years and the last 6 months during the Turkish Invasion.  I have very fond memories of my time there and met loads of people.  I have never been back but have a wee hankering to do so if only to hanker over the good old days.

Thomas Roy (Plum) Arrival Date: 1974
Message: I was sent to Akrotiri about 6 weeks after the invasion with 26 Squadron and we were put up in number 3 mess,sort of tented cubicles inside the building. Memories include guarding the BBCs radio relay station, a stint up Troodos, dug in on the sovereign base borders as a checkpoint, shopping? in limossol and meeting up with a Royal Signals type I went to school with and from my village. Have strong memories of a possible attack by insurgents through the village towards one of the Bofors guns, I was scout on an instant readiness patrol and just before we went in it was aborted the army was on exercise. It was the only posting I recall where I did not get charged. Only bug bearer was that a GSM was not awarded unless you wore the blue berit of the UN (French Canadians I think). Anyone who has memories of me good or bad I can take it, like Flt Sgt Smith and Twizzle. 

Thomas Kelly Anyone remember my dad Thomas Kelly ? we arrived in Cyprus in 1971 and left in 1974.  He was married to Lynda with 2 kids, me Karen and my brother Gary.  if anyone remembers dad please get in contact.

Thompson Gill Email:

Arrival Date: 1972

Message: I met my husband Alan Thompson, a Sgt working on Bomber wing, in August '72 while on holiday staying with Bill & Jean Rogers and family. Got married in Oct '73 and spent one long honeymoon there! Evacuated in '74 sadly.  What a great place, spent a lot of time at the water-ski club and travelling round the island with our tent.  Had some great nights out in Limassol, particularly remembering the Cest la Vie nighclub and picnics while watching performances at Curium.  Went back to the north and enjoyed reminiscing in Kyrenia a few years back but haven't been back to the south yet.

Todd  Peter Arrival Date: August 1971
Message: Posted to 56 Sqdn on arrival at Akrotiri, survived two and a half fun filled years as a Lightning engine fitter. Was present when 56 lost it's Mk3 Lightnings and took over 74's Mk 6's. One of which, "B" promptly ended up in the sea with an engine fire. Fond memories of the Old Romantic, Mamhouts, the Square, Buttons Bay and a rented cottage in Kyrenia. Left in February 1974.
Names to remember, Rick Pike, Brummy Dalton, Mick Norris, Bob Binge, Doug Treadwell, Phil Britton, Grant Ross, Dave Townsend, Bill Peel and Len Casement. Barrack Block 160.

Townsend Malcolm Arrival Date: 1971 - 1974
Message: I spent 3 great years at RAF Akrotiri...I saw Dave Barker's name and remember his radio show - and his theme music "Man of Action". I also remember Paul Mannacourt(part of the cross country team) and Michael Lestrade.  Great days - I'd love to revisit them. Cyprus was good then before it became really popular with the tourists. I was on 3 Wing.

Vale Tony Arrival Date: 1974
Message: Arrived in Cyprus May 1974 worked in the commcen as a teleprinter operator would love to hear from anyone there at the same time.. Paul Barber, Derek Jones, Caz Lawson Brian Taylor, where are you all ??

Walsh Harry Arrival Date: 1972 &1991
Message: Remember Jerry Melville well, used to knock around with him and Nap Napier on motor bikes.   Jerry was a true loon on his bike

(Wheatley) Anne Brannagan Arrival Date: 1972
Message: Arrived in Cyprus in 1972 with my Father Sgt Pete Wheatley and my Mum Margaret. We lived for a while in Limassol before moving to married quarter's on Akrotiri, I attended St Barnabas Primary in Limassol and then Akrotiri Primary and then St Johns for 2 years. I remember well the evacuation of the families in 1974 and having 2 families stay with us in our 2 bed house , great fun for someone my age. Sadly both my parents are now dead and I would love to hear from anyone who remember's the family as my son is fascinated by his Grandpa's time in the RAF.

Whitty Alan Arrival Date: 1973
Message: Was with Army - Airfield troop 261 Signal Sqn, had a fantastic 2.5 years there - what a great place

Wisson Des Arrival Date: 1963 - 1965 and 1973 - 1975

Message: My Father was John Wisson, an armourer. He was stationed at Akrotiri on two occasions and loved every minute of it. Our first stint, we had a house in Limassol.. many stories to be told about that. Second stint, we lived in Queens St. Akrotiri.. I still have the scars on my shins from falling into the drainage ditch outside the house on my first nights arrival. I was a young child on the first visit and a teenager on the second. Both times we were caught in the conflict between the Greeks and Turks. Sadly, my dad has passed away now.. but he made
sure his family enjoyed as much as possible when there. We loved to visit ladies mile as much as poss.
He was enthusiastic about me being a member of the Kart club .. which drained his wallet on more than a few occasions. He was also chairman of the Angling club for a while, purely because he once caught a BIG fish !! I met and befriended a sailor from the Mole
which in turn influenced me to join the Royal Navy.
Many treasured memories from a truely wonderful place.
My fathers last trip he ever took was back to Cyprus.
I'm sure he wanted to relive and remember the good times we had. It was shortly after the trip that he passed away. I'm very glad he had the opportunity to see the place I know he loved so much.
I visited Akrotiri one more time during a Med trip with the Royal Navy.. The angling club still there as was the Kart track.. I would like to re-visit again sometime and spend some time enjoying the place.
Anyone who has lived there will know what I mean..
Warmest regards to all
Des Wisson