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Found your site while hunting the web pages and thought I would send some of my photographic memories. 
I spent most of my time in the No1 Airmen's Mess as a cook but did move on to the Sergeants Mess later. (hence the photo's)
Most of the first year we were confined to camp due to the EOKA problems.
We did escort ration runs to Troodos which were quite hairy!!! going through the villages at speed.
We formed a cycle club when some frames and bits and pieces came on the camp from North Africa (Buckshee Wheelers) Inchy a PTI (don't know his real name) asked around for any interest and it was not long before we were holding Time Trials & Road Races round the camp. The word soon got around and we were joined by the army cyclists, also people were bringing there bikes out with them.
The biggest events for the catering section were the 'Battle of Britain Balls' in the Officers Mess. One year the bars were done out as film sets Bridge on the River Kwei, Moby Dick, Ivanhoe etc. 

Beaumont Michael (Ned) Arrival Date: 1959
Message: 280SU Cape Gata from Aug'58-Jan'61. Tent E4. Electrician on tech section. Captain of unit cricket team and in winning 280 hockey team of Station inter unit cup beating the old enemy 103MU. Come on where are all you old 'Wheels & Wasters'? 

Boam Gordon Read about me here


Click for photos

Bernard Arrival Date: May 1959
Message: hello Akrotians my name is Bernard Browne, found the site whilst browsing in a nostalgic state. On enlisting in May 1958 I took the three year option instead of N.S. training at Bridgnorth and trade training at Innsworth then posted to C.F.E.RAF West Raynham and from May 1959 to June 1961 Akrotiri.  We arrived by the troopship Empire Fowey disembarking onto the pontoons in the Limassol old harbour, my destination being Akrotiri SHQ Registry at that time under the guidance of Sqn Ldr Tagg and Sgt Marlow. We were very fortunate as our accommodation was recently built, 'T' shaped airman's blocks which from memory had a veranda along the front with a central passage to the rear for the ablutions and laundry rooms etc. each side along the front of the passage were three rooms each containing eight airmen and at each end a single room for a corporal, this being sheer luxury as many airmen at that time were still billeted under canvas, the odd mobile or shed! etc.    Within days of arriving the Padre Sqn Ldr Ian Macloed somehow discovered I had been a stonemason and persuaded, he was not a person to take no as an answer, that I should be introduced to the airman church members in the process of building the St. Andrews PMUB church hall and I found myself put to work in my spare time, block laying, roofing, plastering and painting etc. the ultimate DIY. The hall entirely built by airmen in there spare time, as was the St. Andrews PMUB previously, the hall was opened, I believe in Oct 1959, by The Cmdr in Chief MEAF A.M. MacDonald and the C.O. Group Capt A.H. Humphrey. Are these buildings still in use?.  A few days after my contact with the Padre the Education Officer Flt Lt Ferenzy? and SAC Tony Lett approached whilst I was swimming at Ladies Mile informing me that they had received information from the Scout Association UK I was a scout leader in m y home town and RAF West Raynham,n eedless to say I was soon introduced to the 58th Cyprus Akrotiri scouts it being a thriving group of some 80 members all sons of Akrotiri personal, plus a large team of RAF personal scout leaders. From my meeting meetings with the Padre and scout leaders the two most happy and eventful years at Akrotiri, being my new home, began and between my RAF duties I was very fortunate to take part in the camp social life. Scouting included camping, hiking and skiing at Mount Troodos, athletics and swimming galas. Scout gang show in the school hall where we built the stage, made the lighting, scenery and curtains etc all from recycled material retrieved from the camp rubbish tip. We sailed and swam at Ladies Mile and took part in numerous other activities. In Jan 1961 the scout group officially took over the old 194 Sqn site (French camp) as a campsite and training area with the intention of building their own headquarters. Did this happen and does the scout group still exist. For St. Andrews PMUB church members there were family days, picnics, socials and dances, conventions and trips all over the Island and above all a great Christian fellowship.    But I still had my RAF duties to perform and being in the SHQ registry dealt with the mail, signals, operational and SRO's etc. and on the side a member of SHQ kids sitting club for the Officers and  NCO's who were in married quarters, and we minded their offspring, my most memorable, when I was taught how to bottle feed a four month old prior to their departure to dance the night away in the officers mess, then being woken in the morning with a cup of tea and breakfast. From SHQ I had an overall view and insight to how such a large RAF station operates and as a young working class chap the RAF gave me the opportunity and encouragement to take part and at that time Akrotiri certainly excelled in that.     During that period I made many friends Tony Lett, Dave Roberts, Brian Moore, George Nichol, Danny Holland, Brian Morris  (still in contact), and many more  to numerous to mention and now all in their 70s to them and those 8/14 year old scouts now in their 50/60s I send my best wishes.

Cadman Tony Arrival Date: 1958
Message: RAF Akrotiri Met Office 1958/9 Anybody out there who was billeted in Block 74 (I think it was)? Lance Barber, Russell Taylor, Howard George... It's hard to remember all the names after 50 years... 

Cannon Roger Arrival Date: 1958
Message: Arrived Nicosia late 1958,served at Sector Operation Centre as a Radar Operator until posted to 280SU early 1959 where I stayed until 1961.Looking back I had a great time there amongst good mates.My last year I spent helping to build the new cinema,when I left it was not quite finished,if anyone has pictures of it completed I would love to see them.

Carpenter Stanley Robert Message: Posted to 32Sqdn and roughing it in married quarters (Kings Road), I thought I'd fallen asleep and awoke in heaven, Joined the Station Sub Aqua Club before we decided to become legal and join as a special branch of the BSAC...Jack Simms, Paddy Taylor, Tony Pepperal, Phil (our equipment Guy) Life was good especially during the summer months. I'd like to make some contacts with either Sqdn Members or the Sub Aqua Club I was an Armourer on 32 with B2 and B15 Canberras and still attend Sqdn reunions yearly...So where are you 32 members...Spring to it. Stan (Chippy) Carpenter

Castle Brian Arrival Date: 1956
I travelled to Cyprus on the HMS Empire Clyde, it took 11 days by sea, the first 3 days were the worst. I soon found my sea legs. I arrived about the 15th of April 1956. I made friends with Tony Stokes while on board ship. We both ended up in the same billet at Akrotiri -72b- a Cawood near the married quarters. We weren't there very long before we were moved down to the SMT billet - Cawood 68 - room 5. These are some of the lads who lived in room 5 .Ron Shaw from Brum. Hugh Nunn from Diss, Norfolk. David (Fritz) Warren, Cheshire. Alan Heslop (Geordie). Ron Lawry, Plymouth. Don Hughes, London. Marty, London. Pete Grubb, Padstowe. Taff Ingram, Cardiff. Three more very good friends from AIS Section were Barrie Ward. Spike Jones and Mack. There was one more pal I would like to meet. His name was Eric Kitchener. He was a really a good cricketer - on par with Freddy Flittoff. I was a fast bowler in my younger days but I could not get Eric out - he was an all rounder. Give me a call if anyone can relate to any of this letter. I was with these lads for about 2 years 6 months and missed them all when demobbed.
I have 2 photo albums full of Akrotiri memories, I will send many of these photographs for the museum at Akrotiri - all these memories will be there.
The RAF taught me to drive all vehicles and operate all machines. It taught me respect and how to be a man. I enjoyed my time in the ROYAL AIR FORCE and I will never forget those 3 years.

Fifty years this year I went back to RAF AKROTIRI. I was escorted around the camp, with my wife by a great guy named BILL CUNDALL - EX RAF, of course. He did us proud and brought back memories that have been in my head for fifty years. Thank you Bill for your time and effort. I shall never forget that day. Keep on Rocking Bill.

Best wishes to EVERYONE who WAS, and IS involved in RAF AKROTIRI.
Hoping to hear something in the near future,

Chillmaid Eddie (Edgar)  I was (I think) one of the last national service personel in Cyprus. Attatched to No 73 Squadron Canberras B2s and B15s.As a wireless /Radar fitter
 I have some black and White photos of the the Squadron and Living Quarters When I look them out I will send them to you . 

Charlwood David Arrival Date: 1956
Message: Arrived in Cyprus and joined 246 SU at Kato Kividhes in May 1956.  Transferred to 280 SU at Cape Gata in July 1956.  Although trained at Middle Wallop as a Fighter Plotter, spent 18 months as a Radar Operator during the EOKA troubles and Operation Musketeer.


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Arrival Date: 1957
Message: Arrived Akrotiri from Credenhill trade training early in '57. In 103 MU Electrical and Instruments. Based in Cawood 22A and ultimately in Block 64. Several mates' names spring to mind: Ray Webb, Brian Harben, Geoff Walker, Terry Lyle, Eric Ball, Pete Dinsdale, Ted Perry, Ian Crabb etc. Saw a number of "crises" whilst on guard duty and in Limassol night clubs! Where are you now? 

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John Arrival Date: 1956
Message: I joined MEAF  Comm Sqdn as Eng Mec at RAF Nicosia and
was there till Sqdn moved to RAF Akrotiri. I have some photos and am writing some stories. I would be pleased to hear from or about any others. will send as soon as poss.

Coombes Cyril    Message: Arrived Cyprus Sept 1958 ,went to Cape Kormakiti till summer of 59 then went to Mt Olympus till Jan 1960 then down to Cape Gata till Feb 1960 then went home to RAF Neatishead  ,demobbed in Oct 1960. I do remember a Keith Durrant at Cape Gata he mentions a Sdr Ldr Mcdonald at Mt Olympus who was  really an eccentric man .Pity I was not there when Ginger Lacey was there as he was a well known Battle of Britain pilot . I had some good friends at Olypus ,Terry Wise Dick Corthine  Phil Wakelin  Ted Vivash Phil Williams  Taffy Williams  Sid Mincin to name a few I would love to see or hear from Terry Wise one more time as we were together again at RAF  Neatishead in 1960 and he was a great friend 

Cullen Tommy Arrival Date: 1960
Message: Joined 249 Squadron Nov 11 1960 tourex May 1963 as a Radar Mech. Son Sean born on Squadron and subsequently served 22 in the RAF.
249 have a very stong association, Hon Sec Terry Gill See 249 Squadron Association Web Site. The 2 and a half years I served at Akrotiri were most probably the best of my life. I served the best and served with the best.

Crisp Vic Email:

arrival Date: 1958

Message: Arrived on HM troopship Dilwara. Worked on 32 squadron as an instrument mechanic. In 1959 moved with wife into limasol. Eldest son born in June 1959 at the RAF hospital on Akrotiri. Loved my time there.

Dare (Dan) Christopher Robin Arrived as a bran new Aerial Erector from training at Digby Arrived on or about 21 Dec 1960, Posted to 103 MU GWF as a newly trained Aerial Erector our Sergeant was Paddy Harper our Clp Ken Ramsden I think that I was one of three National Servicemen on the Unit.  Many happy days spent around the Island at that time you were able to traverse the complete Island, a short trip to Libya ensued on my return I was repatriated back to the UK & subsequently demobbed, I look back at my time spent in the RAF with a certain pleasure more so now as the years are passing far to quickly

Davies Owen (Taff) Arrival Date: 1958
Message: Left the UK RAF Felixstow for Cyprus in a Beverley-with 194 sqd. RAF-Regiment. landed at Nicosia-then by road to Akrotiri.[Top camp--French Camp] did 2-1/2  yrs there fencing main camp guard duties-patrols in town

Driver Richard Arrival Date: OCT 1959

Dunning Mike Arrival Date: 1958
Message: What a pleasant surprise to find the RAF Akrotiri web site.
Having spent a wonderful 3 years at Akrotiri, it was a real trip down memory lane for me, looking through all the information presented on the site.
An excellent site and I hope to add some history to it soon, as well as paying a hoped for visit later in the year.
Regards to all.
1930470 Mike Dunning. Aircraft Fitter Airframes.

Durrant (Taff) Keith Message: Started my tour in Cyprus in 1958 at Kormakiti. 7SU. Went to TACC Nicosia, Billeted at 113 MU. In the tent lines at the end of the site Tents regularly burnt down due to illicit tapping of the power lines with telephone cable and subsequent overloading. Wully Cambell. Gudge Mann. Johnnie Crouch Tent Mates. Tony Smith, ex Arbroath Goalie. and Paddy O'neil, Tony Murry in next one.
Posted to Cape Gata. Radar Op. after independence 1959. I remember your name Paddy Watson. I think...?
I have a Christmas 59 copy of the "Gata Gazette"
Too late tonight but I will look it up.for a later entry. 
Went up to Olympus in early 1960. Sqdn Leader McDonald C. O. Then Sqdn Ldr James (Ginger) Lacey DFM. Top scoring Battle of Britain Ace and a very fair decent officer. Loads of memories and names come to mind. But I've hit this site quite late tonight.
I will be back with photos and names etc later in the week. Who ever started this site. Thanks mate. Meanwhile, cheers to all you old bondu bashers out there.

ENSOR GORDON Arrival Date: 1960 to 1963
Message: Served my time on 6SQ as an Aicraft Electrician, have been back to Cyprus  a number of times will try and get on to the base for a tour next time im there if any one remembers me from those days get in touch would love to make contact.

Fell David Arrival Date: 1958
Message: Arrived Akrotiri, August 1958.A teleprinter operator, straight out of Compton Basset. Nic transit was full of Yanks en-route to the Lebonon. They were strutting about with two banderliers of ammo wrapped around their body. Was put in Hut 69, which was a joint armoury/mt billet. I remember Chris Panther, a contributor here, I was in with the armourors in a bed between Pete Dawson (station armoury) and Nobby Young(bomb dump).was godfather to Petes son Glenn and Nobby used to use my local, the Cross Keys, in Edmonton. Small world. If you remember, Chris, we had our Christmas Bar, `The Virge Inn` in our room, all made out of bomb cases. Other guys in the room were Bob Couchman, Pete Mills, Gordon Dawes (MT) Jock Duffus(MT). Was transferred to the Signals billet, 71, in January 1959. Guys there were my mates Tubby James, Eric Williamson, Dod Campbell, Dougie Redpath, Tam Lees, to name just a few. All the guys in 71 will remember Tony Metcalfe, whose sister was an officer in Epi, and her boyfriend Bill. Tony would regail his week-ends up Troodos with his sister, who would bring a junior officer for him. Lucky so and so. Met Dave Avery on the RiverBoat shuffle down the Thames in 1960. Signals traffic was in a caravan just behind the `Met Office` which was behind Air Traffic Control. Lovely evenings baby sitting for the married guys, it was a nice change to be in a real home. Tried to get into AK in June 2008 but was not allowed with the security at that time. There was always agro between the rock-apes and the army signals. Groupie Lowe went down the ape line, peeled off his jacket and said` if you want a fight, fight me`. Quite a guy. The rock-apes were alway throwing tin cans on the Astra roof, making a hell of a din. Was on 48 hour guard on the MU compound. We split up going round the hanger when a shot whisled past my ear, followed by `Halt, Stamata, Dur.` Lucky he was not a marksman. Its amazing no one else heard the shot. Nice to see the photos of the cooks who tried to poison us. The xmas ones took me back. In Tech Wing we had a very young Pilot Officer. As we waited outside the mess, the officers and NCO`s (waiters for the day) went inside. The young P/O was serenaded with `Baby Face, Youve got the Cutest Little Baby Face`. The other officers and NCO`s could not stop laughing. I remember the first time a Vulcan flew in, painted in the anti-flash white, quite a sight, banking, with the Troodos as a back drop. Cyprus radio was always an important part of our lives. Once a month( i think) there was a link up with the UK, with Cliff Mitchelmore and I think her name was Kay Donelly. Hoots of laughter rang out acroos the bondu when some erk with white knees sent a request home to his girl, usually pat Boone `I`ll be home my darling`. Still 2 years and 5 months to go. Then there was the worthwhile Wireless for the Blind, where you could pledge a certain sum for a request. Although we did not much time for the `zobbits` there was always one for Groupie Lowe and his wife. The delectable Peggy Lee singing `The Folks who Lived on the Hill. Once a week there was hospital requests. A firm favourite was Jerry Lee Lewis with `Great Balls of Fire` I often wondered what these guys were in for. There was also a competition for a couple of free tickets for the Astra. I won it once, and across the bondu, one sultry night, my ex room mates from Hut 69 called out  `you jammy b-----d.  
Sigs Traffic 1958.jpg (169602 bytes)
Hi Bill, The high-tec building was Sigs Traffic in 1958-1960. The two guys were Dave Avery on the left and Taffy Redwood on the right. The tent on the left was the head office of 249squardron (i think).
Cheers. 3153118 SAC David Fell GSM and brown knees.

Greig Martin C D Arrival Date: 1958
Message: Happy memories! Just found your site and have enjoyed going thro' the various pages. Was stationed at 280SU until mid 1959 when the emergency came to an end. Out from UK on Devonshire and back by air via Malta. Happy times at Cape Gata in Tent Line 'D'. The French airforce were also in tents above Akrotiri, tho' a friend from home was in one of those 'cushy' billets on the main station! Any old friends from 280 please make contact, especially Roger (Graham) Walsh, one of my tent-mates. Have plenty of photos of both Akrotiri and Cape Gata.
Thanks for just being there!!

Passed through to '280SU' to begin a very happy stay at 'Hell on the Hill'.   Have now finished the history of '280' from its start in 1956 until 2009, together with all the other convoy radar units that operated in Cyprus - fascinating!!   Over fifty lads helped in bringing the info to print, but any others interested can get in touch with me if they wish.   Happy days!

Hellewell Ted  I've forgotten what 'Acra Semper Acria' means and if this was the same in 1960? Also, I'd be interested to hear from any member of the RAFP Association. My service was 1956 to 1978. 

Hill Brian Arrival Date: 1960
I worked in EPAS in the Equipment section
I attained the rank of corporal and was demobbed in 1961 

Hill David Arrival Date: Sept. 1955
Message: I was with the first group of RAF personnel to leave Egypt and start up the new base. The runway was still under construction and the only A/C was a Harvard. We lived in what was to be married quarters and that Christmas we got hit with a Tornado. If you where there get in touch, cheers, Dave hill J/T 

Hopkins "Hoppy"

Stan  Hi all, I served at Akrotiri from Feb 57 with the Fire Section on domestic and Airfield crash duties and was posted back to UK August 1959, at Swinderby until demob May 1960. Currently I am planning a move to Cyprus where I have a deposit on a property about 5 miles from Limassol Exellent web site hope I spot some of my old buddies as word gets around. Email: 

Hunt David (PeeWee) Arrival Date: 1959
Message: Hi there. Found the site when I typed in "RAF Akrotiri" Have spent the last half hour or more reminiscing and sending an e-mail.
I arrived Akrotiri about Sept 1959 and left for demob in Jan 1960. I was a driver in the MU section, and was one of the two regular "Queen Mary" drivers, besides the other vehicle classes. I drove coaches to two funerals, one with the mourners of "Jake" a motor-cyclist who had been killed, and the "Firing Squad" for a salute to a lad who I believe had died after drinking the contents of a fire extinguisher after becoming sloshed beyond comprehension. Both vey sad occasions. Both were buried at the Military cemetery in Nicosia.

I was billeted in Hut 69 with other lads, but should really have been in with the MU section chaps, but was told to move billets, but never told when to go, so I didn't !! I remember Paul Watkins, a refueller driver. "Keith "Bomber" Wells, my oppo' on the Queen Mary's, and Tony Shead, who moved to Bristol in 1960-61-ish and met up with me once. I wanted to get back home, so never appreciated to chance I had had, until years later. Kind regards to anyone who may remember me. I have tried on several sites to locate folk but with no success. .  

Update Dec 2009

I looked at this site and left a message some time ago, and this past week, have been looking again.  I find it very interesting and nostalgic.  

I note a picture of the Saddle Club, and believe I brought the first horses to Akrotiri when they wanted to start the Saddle Club.  I have photographs of the vehicle I drove to collect the eight animals.  First off was to drive a Queen Mary, with 12ft 6in curtains up, and with a Pilot Officer plus an ordinary Airman, to Wayne's Keep Army Camp just oputsite Nicosia.  We picked up a pony named "Punch",  and his cart.  We then travelled to RAF Lakatamia, on the other side of Nicosia, where we loaded six horses.  Then, with the Airman "back on duty" sat on the Swan Neck of the trailer, who was to keep a watch out for any frights the horses may display, we set off on the return journey.  Part way back, the Officer asked me to stop, and he then took a turn on the Swan Neck to give the lad a break.  I thought this to be a very nice gesture on His part. We stopped at Moni Police Station to pick up our last passenger, which was another pony donated by the Police there.  We then completed the trip, and had no problems with any of the animals at all.   Next day, with curtains removed, we went back to Lakatamia for some of the by now dismantled stables.  We picked up some timber and Asdic Radio Equipment for return to base. The two trips were on Monday 4th, and Tuesday 5th, January, 1960.  Wednesday saw me on my regular Famagusta Docks run, with another Queen Mary taking personal kit (deep sea boxes for the lads being demobbed, and the Thursday, yet another QM, and taking the shell of a minibus from the old salvage compound to the new one, and this was my last job as the Friday saw me clearing camp for my own demob.  I flew home on Hunting Clan's Bristol Britannia G-APNA). I would be very pleased to hear from anyone who may remember me at any of the camps I served on. West Kirby (SB), Weeton (Driving course), then main postings to Stafford, Colerne, Nicosia (AMWD), and finally Akrotiri.     I was known as "PeeWee" Hunt, and was one of the two Queen Mary drivers at Akrotiri.    Kind regards.   Dave Hunt.

JACKSON ACE  Arrival Date: 1959  april
Message: 27 Sqn 3wing,hq flight Co,s driver for over 2 years. sqn Ldr Barnard, and then Sqn Jock Stewart. In touch with a lot of the old 27 sqnd lads, we meet up at Blackpool every Year. Regards to all old rock apes. Ace Jackson.

Johnstone Tom  Arrival Date: 1958
Message: 194 field sqdn. raf regiment. Based at Top Camp or French Camp.  Witness to mutiny ,June/July 1958.

Keane Michael Arrival Date: 1956
Message: I arrived at R.A.F. Akrotiri in May 1956 and worked in the station armoury until November 1957, the armourers were all billeted in the married quarters, not far from the cliff tops, until the Cawoods were built. I have quite a few photos taken on the camp including some of aircraft, French and British, taken during the Suez crisis, I'll send you some at a later date. 
The bar the station armourers built at Christmas 1956 Picture of armourers taken at about 11.30 a.m. on Christmas Day 1956.

Mike Fitzgerald, can't remember the name of the lad on top, and me.


Mike Keane outside the Cawood we used to share with the Firemen

King Brian E  5001 (Airfield Construction) Squadron November 58 - June 1960
be pleased to make contact with folk remembering that time

Knox B.E.M Fred  Arrival Date: 1957
Message: I was an armourer on 249 Sqn, what a time we all had out there, swimming fisherman cove, all the activates under the "sun". Remember Lady Lampsons our Sqn billet was next to the club house. Happy Days !!! EX WEB, if any armourer on 249 or any of the other Sqn's get in touch. You have an entry ref our Sqn get together's, if you are a "249er" why don't you come along for a pint and a chat. 

Mable Reg Hi to all ex-Akrotirians.
Just found your site. I was on 249 Canberra Sqdn. from 1958-62. A 
great posting. I'm still in touch with about a dozen people who were out 
there at that period. We have a reunion once a year at various places in the U.K. and they get better each year. I was a rigger I ended up back on Vulcans at Waddington where I got demobed.
Been back to Cyprus about three times now and have even got back onto 
the camp It's certainly changed but there's still quite a bit that brought 
back memories. Hope to hear from some names from the past.

Maskrey Peter  I was posted to RAF Akrotiri in January 1960, after basic training at Bridgnorth and trade training at RAF Credenhill, Hereford during Oct-Dec 1959.I was a steward in the Officers Mess and the Catering Officer was a wonderful boss called Sqn/Ldr Richardson, firm but fair, who set very high standards. I was 19 when I arrived. After 6 months I was posted to the Bush Camp at Paramali above Happy Valley at Episkopi. I became a batman to AVM Moore and Gp Capt Jackson. While at Akrotiri I drew cartoons for the camp magazine and did bomb dump guard duty. I also remember doing firing classification on the top of the cliffs shooting a bren gun at a rocky outcrop in the sea 750 yards or so from the beach. It was a great place to be although EOKA were still active then. I believe Cyprus achieved independence in June 1960 while I was still at Akrotiri.
I finished my Cyprus service at the RAF Sergeants Mess at Episkopi and, after a year's training, became a German Linguist in Berlin after my return to the UK. I left the RAF in 1968 as a corporal (acting Sgt). 

May David Arrival Date: 1955
Message: I was in the mobile dental surgery at Akrotiri from 1955 to 1957 on National Service and would like to hear from anyone who knew me at that time. 

Morgan David (taff)  Arrival Date: 1957
Message: Hi there, I was MTD at Akrotiri and I was in transit at Nicosia when the ASF hangar was bombed at Akrotiri.
When I arrived at the MT section I was immediately put on detachment back to Nicosia as a driver for the ASF team to be re-housed in a hangar there. My posting was for the duration of the unit known as LCSU (Levant Canberra Servicing Unit) and when I was posted home my final job was to assist in the units return to Akrotiri where a new hangar had been built to replace the damaged one. I remember some people involved in this unit and also some of the aircraft sent to us for servicing among these was a white Canberra B2 WD988 which is shown on this site, it was famous for flying through the A Bomb tests on Christmas Island, however it was more notorious for being a "nightmare aircraft to service" how many times did I tow this one into the hangar, by the way that hangar has been dismantled now I still bear the scars from the steel doors that never moved without a hefty shove from any spare bods hanging around at the time. Sadly one of the team died close to those doors and I often think of him his name was Mick Meins a J/t rigger who was electrocuted and fell from a tailplane, I have never used a Bridges Drill since. If anyone who was there would like to chat feel free to contact me. All this was over 50 years ago so maybe people are scattered (I found one in Australia) and some may not be with us now. A sergant engine basher there became my father in law, he died along with his wife and daughter so here's hoping some are still left to shoot the line.
Regards to all
Dave (taff)

Mullings George  With 103 MU 1959-1963

Muscroft Geordie Arrival Date: 1956
Message: I arrived at Akrotiri December 1st 1956 and left May 1958. Was an SAC and served as a Signaller in 28 Squadron 5 LAA Wing Lived in a tent so did not have the luxury some of you had. Always remember the night patrol in the Troodos mountains and small villages and constant duty. My mates were Jake Gillon from Glasgow and Maurice who was a professional golfer. Nigel Rouse was from Birmingham and I beleive lives in Australia now. Feel free to email me if you know me Always known as Geordie Muscroft

Norris Ron Arrival Date: 1956
Message: Hi  I arrived 103MU Akrotiri late 1956 till May 1959.
 I was SAC elecmech/air
spent some time at Akrotiri but a lot of time on detachment at RAF Nicosia.
I remember the J/T being electrocuted, also worked on the 2 Beverleys that collided had tail damage.
 As you all remember many times confined to barracks with Eoka on the prowl. Anyone remember doing up the nissen huts for christmas

Panter Chris Arrival Date: N ov 57
Message: just thought id look and see if there was any bods from akrotiri in ere found photo probably courtesy of Ron Thorn as he did most of my snaps and i still have some of them.Saw a photo of i think Paul Leon wondering if he is still twirling his old man

Parry Ken Arrival Date: 1960 January
Message: Teleprinter operator at Akrotiri Jan 1960 until Jan 1962 followed by 6 months at Ayios Nikolaos . Sailed out of Southampton on the DUNERA 01/01/60 and arrived Limassol ten days later....   For at least 6-9 months the signals traffic unit consisted of a tin roofed shed.... and it was absolute bliss to move into the new air conditioned operations block,it must have been either late 60 or early 61.
Lots of memories including hundreds of hours wasted swimming and sunbathing.   Excellent accommodation i think it was block 72 ... Anyone out there from Signals ?
Best Regards.. 

Pease Brian Arrival Date: 1956

Message: I lived in hot 83 and took great pride in keeping the garden tidy - a few rocks and earth, no flowers! Worked in the Officers Mess as a cook, and then became personal cook to the Station Copmmander - Gp Cpt G D Lowe and his wonderful family. Happy days.

Powell Mike Arrival Date: Episkopi 1969
Message: Served at NEOC 69-72.
Regularly visit Cyprus on holiday

Pease Brian Arrival Date: 1956

Message: I lived in hot 83 and took great pride in keeping the garden tidy - a few rocks and earth, no flowers! Worked in the Officers Mess as a cook, and then became personal cook to the Station Copmmander - Gp Cpt G D Lowe and his wonderful family. Happy days.

Quelch Mike ( Taff) Message: I arrived at RAF Nicosia Airport feb1960 07.00,hrs I was on A Flt 34 Sqdn LAA. So it was a good walk up to the "Caywoods" then when Nicosia had their independence we moved to Akrotiri in the summer of 1960. I was well known on the station as I used to Play a large Black & White Double Bass for the band I was in. Many a good session was had in the NAAFI. I played Rugby for the station team, I also helped to clear "Fishermans cove" of a few tons of rock to make it better for swimming in. After work in the summer, I was a lifeguard on "Ladies mile" Beach. I got to know a girl call Rachel Paten, from the married Qtrs, Her Dad was Sgt Bob Paten who used to work in the stores( I Think) but like everything else you loose touch when you go back to Blighty. If anyone knows me, give me a call on my E-Mail address. or if they can throw any light on what happened to RACHEL!

Radford Frank Arrival Date: 1955
Message: I was part of the founding GEF 103 MU Flt Lt Pepper was its CO Sometime in the not to distant future I want to visit

Rance Clive Arrival Date: 1956
Message: I spent some 18 months at Cape Gata Akrotiri from '56 to early '58. I believe I was amongst the first arrivals to 280 SU on the Cape  - spending most of my early time their erecting tents, digging latrines and setting up mobile radar units.
I have some old black and white picture which I would like to share with anyone interested. Maybe i can get them uploaded to this site but if not they are available to view on Flickr.

Randall Brian  Arrival Date: 1956
Message: I served at 280 Signals Unit, RAF Cape Gata, then part of RAF Akrotiri for approx 14 months before returning to the UK in November 1957.

Reed Earl  Arrival Date: 1958
Message: Just found site and on looking through museum photos saw myself eating a home grown melon outside base sick quarters with four other guys the only one whose name I remember was Peter Judson. I am second from the left Peter is fifth in line. I will have to dig out some old photo's and send them

Richards Dave Arrival Date: 1960
Message: Actually, my first arrival in 1960 was just a detachment with 617 squadron (Vulcan Mk 1's at the time) operating sorties to the El Adam Range.   I returned again in 1961 and first worked at the Bomb Dump then moved to the Armament Squadron spending time in Ground Equipment, Fighter Support and the Carrier Bay before moving to what was called SITF, later becoming VASF and then TASF.   Great fun !   I was fortunate to have a second tour at Akrotiri; will make a separate post on that !

Scourfield (Taffy) T. J. Colin  Arrival Date: 1955
Message: Came to Cyprus from the Canal Zone with No 1 RECC Lived in married quarters whilst the camp was being built. Remember seeing a whirlwind taking off the roof of a row of married quarter houses and throwing a Snowdrop,s jeep into the air. Started playing rugby for the camp, once set up, after playing for the Raf Middle East and also the Combined Services. Best friend - Murdo Macdonald from Stornaway, Isle of Lewis. Great memories despite Eoka!

Sewrey Reg Arrival Date: 1957
Message: Hello to all those who were in Akrotiri in the late 50s
I was in Air Traffic Control as am SAC in an old tin building.
I remember the Met Office alongside us in a large tented accommodation.
Us Ops Clerks were a fairly privileged bunch as having to work around the clock we were mostly excused drill, parades etc.
I thoroughly enjoyed my two and a half years in Cyprus, it was a great place to serve.
Being confined to camp a lot of the time due to the EOKA crisis we spent a great deal of the time swimming on our exclusive stretch of beach, although you had to scramble down a rocky cliff path to get there, over the Akrotiri peninsular.
Who can forget the KEO beer and the cigarettes at a shilling a pack of 20 from the Naffi, and we always had a constant supply of coke and soft drinks in our cooler boxes on the veranda of our billet.
It was usually pretty hot and stuffy in our billet and the ceiling fans did little to cool things down.
I remember also having to check your bedding constantly on the lookout for those wretched bed bugs.
We had two tier bunkbeds then and I shared with my best mate Kevin.
If anyone who was in Air Traffic, and remembers me I would love to hear from them names like my pal Kevin Earnshaw from Rochdale, Corporal Eric Cox, and little "Geordie" the Corporal whose Surname escapes me.
Others were SAC Fyzackerley "Fizzer", Lou Rodwell and his pal Bernie, and many others.
I have a few photos which I will try and get posted sometime.
When I left Cyprus for Demob at RAF Innsworth I contemplated a career in Air Traffic Control but opted for a less stressful life and became a Flight Operations Officer with KLM Royal Dutch Airlines and served 34 years at Heathrow the worlds busiest airport, finishing up as their Station manager  and retired in 1995.
I now live in Australia, and often think back to my 4 years in the RAF
Best wishes to you all.

Sinott Patrick Arrival Date: 1959
Message: I arrived from from UK in Dec 1959 on HMT Devonshire - Joined 103 MU in the radio repair section - Spent winter 1960 as ski instructor at Troodos Camp with mate Jim Conyers  - Spent 4 months seconded to Iranian Air Force  with 103 MU radio repair team ( AN/GRC27 ) -  Get well exercise(1960)
Spent winter time with Chief Tech Owen ( AID Inspector ) rebuilding a glider ( funds from Nuffielld Trust ) - This formed the start of gliding from RAF Akrotiri - Then to 280 Troodos to help  look after Microwave Comms system - Great mates / great days / happy times.

Smith Jack  Arrived 12th December 1955. Initially served as Elec Mech in Battery Charging Room before transfer to MT Section. Left on Demob in May 1957. Main memory of early days is the regular guard duties  sometimes three per week. Not many bods on site then.

(nee Swain) Barbara Webb Arrival Date: 1960
Message: Hi, I arrived in Akrotiri in 1960 and was there until 1963. I was Barbara Swain before my marriage to Alan Webb who was the singer with the Whirlwinds around this time. My father was the Headmaster of the Primary School between 1960-1966. I went to Episkopi and Berengaria schools before returning to UK. We now live in Western Australia since 1970 but often talk about the good times back then.

(Flash) Spencer  John Arrival Date: November 1958
Message: Hi all,
Arrived in Nicosia at lunchtime November 6th 1958, very warm and we had 'best blue' on and carried our greatcoats. Ye gods, it was very warm.  The transit camp was rather basic and the NAFFI had recently been blown up by EOKA.  Welcome to Cyprus the said! Lunch on greasy tin plates was on the menu!
We travelled to Akrotiri by bus and arrived to find accommodation was scarce.  We had to find our way to the tent lines and spent a few weeks 'camping out'. I was posted to 13 Squadron Photographic section, which was a collection of WW2 mobile photographic section trailers surrounded by barbed wire.   When the space was available we were allowed to have a bed in Station Flight block and were there during Christmas 1958. After a few months I managed to get a bed in 249 Squadron block along with Michael (Squire) Barry.  We must have spent the next year there. After a year or so I eventually managed to get a bed in 13 Squadron block with the other photographers. For the first few months we were on guard duty, my name appeared on every list that was published.  I even spent several weeks guarding school children in a Limassol school. The photo section work was not very exciting and mainly air surveys of North and East Africa. After almost three years  I eventually decided to go home 'overland' and made the trip with Norman Hindmarch in the spring of 1961. I have several group photographs that I can send to anyone interested in 13 Squadron or its photographic staff.

John (Flash) spencer

Spittlehouse Brian Arrival Date: 1957
Message: RAF Akrotiri was my last posting before demob in 1958, after just 3 years service. Her Majesty had very kindly given me an extended holiday in such exotic places as RAF Luqa, Abyad, El Adem, Mafraq, Habbaniya and finally Akrotiri. I was trained as a VHF/DF Op but wherever I arrived eventually I found myself to be 'unwanted' (redundant) but I kept busy by doing odd jobs like Bombing Range Controller (unpaid !) at the newly "opened" range many miles south of El Adem in the Sahara Desert, Station Cinema Manager (not sure where), site foreman responsible for the first telephone exchange at Akrotiri (with our expertise, skills and training, it probably fell down by about 1958). I have many memories of my time at Akrotiri including the massive hangar fire (massively expensive too) visible about 100 miles away to incoming aircraft. Have some photos of this if I can find them. Celebrated my 21st in Limassol with a mate, Mick Gibbs, who was also 21 on the same day. Have tried, in vain, to get in touch with him. He came from Chadwell Heath near Romford. Could reminisce lots more but will leave it at that for this time.

Taylor Derek Spencer "Paddy" Arrival Date: December 1959
Message: Survived basic at Bridgenorth  and Air Wireless at Yatesbury.   Arrived at 103MU as a bright shiny new AC1 after 14 days on troopship Dilwara and Bedford 3 ton truck trip from Famagusta.
After the wooden huts of Yatesbury, Block 66 was absolute luxury.   That was the start of the best two & a half years of my service career. 
W/O Jack Sims was my boss in the Radio Repair Flight and with his encouragement got me into diving.    Crazy days..... Aqualung on back, weight belt on waist, fins & mask on handlebars, cycling up to Cape Gata, scrambling down the cliffs, quick dive, back up again, sh.t, shower & shave in time for Astra.   No wonder I'm knackered 40 years later.    Even learnt to ski with 2Para on Mt. Olympus.   Couldn't afford the accommodation costs at Pine Tops leave camp so stayed illegally in 280SU billets and ate in the NAFFI.
Having discovered this site by accident and in consequence recalled many fond memories, I intend to look out my old photographs from '59 to '62 and hopefully remember some long forgotten names to get in touch with.    Cheers, everyone from that period,   "Paddy" or "Spanner" Taylor

Thomas Edward  "Taffy" Arrival Date: 1958
Message: I arrived at Limassol aboard the troop ship Oxfordshire in May 1958, and joined 249 Squadron working on Canberra B2's as an Air Wireless Mechanic.Fred Knox, whom I knew well, was an armourer, and Squadron driver like myself. In addition, Fred developed and printed our Photo's in the laundry room. Love to hear from you Fred if you are still amongst us.

Subsequent postings were Conningsby, Yatesbury, Conningsby, Edinburgh, and Ternhill. After demob in 1969, I lived in Alice Springs Australia for 28 years and now I am retired in Adelaide.

Turner Michael Arrival Date: 1956 Message: Served in Officers mess(old one) and No1 Airmans mess with Sgt Tarbuck  and WO woods. People I remeber are Taff O Connel, Hutchinson from Aberdeen and many more. Visited the station this year and found my cawood

Walker Ray Arrival Date: Sept.1957
Message: I was on 73 Sqdn, billet 86.Have numerous photo's of my tour there, guys, Canbera's.Was casevact back to UK Dec 58.Live in Adelaide, had knee replacement due to injury in Cyprus.

Please feel free to e-mail me. I was on 73 Sqdn for 16 months from Sept 57 to Dec 58. I was in Billet 86 as you can see. I was there for a 2 and a half year tour but was sent back to UK for a operation on my knee.
Behind the billet was another billet burnt to the ground by EOKA terrorists. It was a wonderful part of my life and I look back on it fondly. The guys were great and the photo of all the Sqdn pilots led by Sqdn Leader Smith is by the side of WD886 I believe.
I have lots of photo's taken on camp and the one of the RAF Regiments quarters was taken by me on the roof of Billet 86. I always felt sorry for the Rock Apes,as their quarters were right next to bb86, and look at the difference!

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Walsh Judson Peter Station Sick Quarters 1958
Nos 2 and 4 Duke Street in 1958 were SSQ Standby Crash Crew Peter please send me your email address Earl Reed is trying to contact you.


Wray Thomas  Attached are a few pics I still have left from my service as an airframe fitter at 103 MU at RAF Akrotiri and RAF Nicosia from 1957 to 1959.
A Junior Technican (ex Cosford/St.Athan Boy Entrant), I was posted from RAF Dishforth to 103 MU at RAF Akrotiri in 1957, working mainly on Hawker Hunters and English Electric Canberras. I was at Akrotiri for several months and then sent on detachment to RAF Nicosia, where I spent the rest of my time in Cyprus also working on Canberras (mainly modifications) and Hunters. Also did some rotor brake mods on Bristol Sycamore helicopters and helped assemble a Scottish Aviation Pioneer (probably XL703 of 230 squadron) that had been shipped partly dismantled to Cyprus in a Transport Command Beverley. Had some great times at both Akrotiri and Nicosia, but also some sad ones in those days of the EOKA troubles, 'Nicosia's murder mile' (Ledra Street), indiscrimate bombings (including the transit NAAFI at Nicosia and one of the hangars at Akrotiri - see pic), etc. Returning to the UK (RAF Odiham), I decided that the RAF wasn't for me and I bought myself out - 200 well spent. But still 'plane mad', I joined Hawker Siddeley Aviation, Brough, as a technical author, and worked for them for about 13 years. The excellent trade training the RAF gave me was not wasted. In the early 1970s I became a technical journalist in the seafood industry - completely unrelated to aviation, but I feel my RAF technical training also stood me in good stead there too.

1930012 Thomas Wray 
Aircraft Servicing Flight hangar goes up in smoke at RAF Akrotiri Nov 1957.jpg (79843 bytes) Junior Technician Tom Wray (left) & 'Paddy' sunbathing after a swim at Akrotiri.jpg (99683 bytes)
Junior Technician Tom Wray Airframe basher and Dhobi Wallah.jpg (69262 bytes) Junior Technician Tom Wray at 103 MU RAF Akrotiri in 1957.jpg (42047 bytes)
Junior Technician Tom Wray fretting at RAF Nicosia.jpg (57164 bytes)

Watson Paddy Arrival Date: 1959
Message: Played Rugby & Football for 280su Cape Gata also for Akrotiri & Command. I was in the tent line nearest the bogs.

Webb Alan Arrival Date: 1961
Message: I was a Medical Orderly at the Sick Quarters from 1961 -1963 and also a para-medic.  I was the singer with the group The Whirlwinds for all the time I was at Akrotiri and am in contact with Dave Hewitt one of the drummers who now lives in Melbourne. As you will see by my wifes message we have 3 sons and have lived in Perth, Western Australia for 39 years. We hope to visit Akrotiri later this year when we have a few days holiday in Cyprus.
Webb (formerly Swain) Barbara Arrival Date: 1960
Message: I lived in Cyprus with my sister Margaret and Parents Bill and Carrie Swain for 3 years.  My dad was the headmaster of Akrotiri Primary School for 6 years between 1960-1966. I went to school in Episkopi and finally did a typing and shorthand course at Berengaria. I met Alan Webb who was the singer with the Whirlwinds and we have been married since 1965 and have 3 sons. I would love to hear from anyone who remembers us.

Woolley Harry Arrival Date: 1957 (Jan)
Message: Does anyone recognise my name? I was with 103MU in the large hanger at the western end of the runway.
Billeted in Cawood no 62.I was an Airframe Mechanic.
I remember Cpl.Don Morse; Jock Johnson;
 Geordie Barr and more.
I have some photos.of friends and Canberras/Venoms plus a few on the cliffs including "Submarine Point"
I cannot send I haven't a scanner.
Went on detachment to El Adem in Libya for a month but stayed there for 9 months (trust the RAF).

Wynne John Served with 13 Sqdn, April 1957- October 1959 as a Photographer, operating out of Trailers which had been used in North Africa (WW11) suppose you could say we were the pioneers of the RAF Akrotiri as is today. Our C.O. was Sqdn/Ldr Creichton really nice guy, and our pilots were the salt of the earth. 

Yates Tommy Arrived R A F Akrotiri Dec 1959 attached to 73 Sqdn on Canberras B2s latter equipped to b15s . Remember going to RAF Sharhja during the first gulf problems with a Cpl electrician and a chap I only remember as windy. Took us nearly 3months to get back to Akrotiri.