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Allain Adrian Arrival Date: 1963
Message: I arrived at Nicosia by Britannia with my wife and 3 children in July 1963.
Three happy years as an Air Traffic Controller in the tower at Akrotiri. Lived in Limassol up the road behind Mario's Clinic.
Have many colour slides of our tour.
Left with wife and 4 children in July 66 in a 70 Sqn Hastings to Luqa, Malta, via El Adem, Libya.

Anderson Andy DL Message: Back in the 'dark ages' I worked in ASF then moved to 73 Squadron, where I remained till tour end in 1964. Also helped build original Fighter Support Section. Would love to hear from anyone who served at Akrotiri Dec 61-June 64, or who travelled with me on HMT Devonshire, an experience never to be forgotten. A very interesting site. I shall visit often in the hope I might come across some of the people who served during my time there, i.e. Dec 1961-June 1964.
Keep up the already high standard.

Andrew Ian Arrival Date: 1962

Message: Arrived, with wife of 4 months, Oct 62. In the midst of the Cuban Missile Crises. A Cpl/Tech Air Radar Fitter. I worked in the Minor Electronics Centre, Air Radar Bay, I had the Green Satin bench for two years.
We lived in Limassol, I commuted on a 150cc ISO scooter.
My claim to fame; I was Orderly Cpl the Saturday before Xmas 1963, the day the Greeks & Turks started shooting at each other. It was the night of the Cpl's Club Xmas Dance and Draw and I had to close it down early so that all of the living out people could get home before midnight.

Andrews Michael and Martin Arrival Date: Born In Akoritiri in 1963
Message: Hello, my father Sydney Arthur Andrews arrived in Akoritiri in 1962 and was part of 5001 Airfield Construction Squadron. Does anyone remember him?? Myself and my twin brother Martin were born at Akoritiri Hospital on 31 January 1963. We left Akoritiri later that year to go to Singapore. We recently visited Akoritiri to see where we were born and it was a really emotional trip to see the place we were born. We have a couple of photos that we have passed on to the Museum so have a look to see if you can reognise anyone. 

Message for Brian leonard from 5001 squadron, Hi Brian, do you remember my dad Syd Andrews who was also in 5001 runway construction and was in Akrotiri from 1962 to late 1963. Myself and my twin brother were born on the base in january 1963 and have just revisited for the first time in 50 years. My dad sadly passed away in July last year but I know he would have loved to have come back with us and if he were still with us would have been looking on this site with interst to see if he knew anyone posting on here. I would very much like to hear from you if you can get in touch Bill Cundell has my details and I am happy for him to pass them on.


Berwick  Julia (Jeans) Arrival Date: 1964
I remember the super bars that the airmen did at Christmas. Each bar had a different theme. They were really good. I remember one , you entered by a very dark passage and you were walking on thick springy horsehair covered with heavy canvas. You felt drunk before you'd had a drink. It was great going from bar to bar.
I worked in the General office and then the Post room.
Married Tom (Jock) Berwick on camp in 1966 and have just had our 40th wedding anniversary, and they all said it wouldn't last. Tom was 34 sqn. Regt.
Our years at Akrotiri were the best and we made some long life friends. 

Bidmead Tony Arrival Date: 1963
Message: Arrived at Akrotiri April 1963 , Joined C. Flt 27 Sqn.Had a great time with the L70 gun detatchment,we won the Best detachment Trophy for 1963.Later joined The N.E.A.F Para rescue force as SST consultant, the
highlight being a water jump in Limmasol harbour on a
demonstration. We lived in Limmasol in a super bungalow and my daughter went to the local RAF school.
We often visited Buttons Bay on the camp and, of course, Ladies Mile, together with Episkopi beach some
weekends. Supported RAF Nicosia during the uprising between the Greeks and Turks Christmas 1963, the Sqn stayed there for a few months then returned to IS duties back at Akrotiri. My wife and I often speak about the tour in Cyprus, probably the best we had out of my 22 years service, (could write a book about it). 

Billingham Mike Arrival Date: February 1964
Message: On arrival it was colder and wetter than England but that soon changed, I was a Ground Wireless Mech attached to 3 LAA Wing, but spent most of my time at the Base Broadcasting Service. Best Man to John 'Jasper' and Vera Coote in 65/6

Bracking Colin Arrival Date: 1962Message: Being a lowly SAC and then unmarried I spent much of time at St Andrews Church then under the ministry of Rev Padre Wallace (Church of Scotland) to whom I owe much.  I ran his film club for young people every Saturday night and again for families on Tuesday evenings.  I have many happy memories of those times.  I send good wishes to all who were there between 1962 and '64.  I worked in Station Headquarters for most of my tour.

Brown  Peter Arrived Feb 1963.
I joined GRU on 103mu.I also spent most of my spare time on BBS,I have a few photos of the crew at that time which are attached.
Would be very pleased to hear from anybody from that era.
I live in Portugal now,I have tried to contact you through outlook express but have had no luck.
Regards Pete Brown. Att. No 14 hockey team ,15 Football team
bbs akrotiri0015.jpg (225707 bytes) bbs akrotiri0014.jpg (233051 bytes)

Bryant Mike Arrival Date: 1963
Message: Served on 34 Sqn RAF Regiment, on the green line Nicosia, and went on a detachment to Khormaksar (Aden). Loved every minute, made some good mates, and often remember the good times!

Carnell David Arrival Date: 1961
Message: I arrived at 280su march 1961,as a ADO, lived in tent lines until moving up to Troodos, stayed there for 18 months. On moving back to cape gata,280 living had moved to Akrotiri camp., left in July 63 for posting to RAF  JURBY.
I had a wonderful time, and would loved to return.


Douglas 1961-2 / 64 & 65-68
27 laa Sqdn B Flt, WO Uddy & Flt/Sgt Dunn where there at the time, arrived to late to live on the tent lines but still used old compound, in same room with SAC Fred Rolf
coats.jpg (46695 bytes) (went on to make Sgt) only found that out two days ago, went to Nicosia to 26 Laa then spent 64 in Singapore at Telok Packu by the sea . 65-68 back to 27Laa in new compound by main gate, our block was 0pposite  the WRAF  block (Christmas & Birthday all at once). Email

Connell Bob Arrival Date: 1964
Message: Arrived at Nicosia then by RAF bus to Akrotiri July 1964 until Feb 1967  worked is stores 103MU great experience loved ladys mile beach drove the beach wagon most days remember fondly Tom & Audry Black, Bill Robertson we had been at St Athan together. Ron & Jill Holden and my boss W.O. Binyon great guy to work for and many more who all made it a wonderful experience

Crawley Peter Arrival Date: 1965
Message: I was in the RAFP and posted here after stints at Pergamos and Herakalis. Lots of memories although most clouded by age, Keo and brandy sours. Been back to Cyprus many times since - lovely place.Are there any more ex RAFP's from that era out there ?
No Email address supplied

Cullen Sean Email:

Arrival Date: 1961

Message: Born on the 19th April 1961 at BMH Akrotiri, My Father Tommy Cullen was serving on 249 Gold Coast Sqn accompanied with my Mother Moira Cullen.

Davidson  Joe I have attached copy of Wing Club Mural. Can you recognise anyone.
27Sqn (June 1960 - October 1962) More from Joe in the Archives Section

27murial.jpg (86843 bytes)

Dawnay Richard  Message: According to my log book, I arrived at RAF Akrotiri at 1845hrs on 7 January 1965 having flown in an Argosy C1 from RAF Geilenkirchen via Nice and Luqa (Malta), and stayed until 28 January when I departed on board a Britannia en-route back the "Geilers". The reason for the trip was is support of 3 Squadron Canberra B(I)8 detachment for range practice. An enjoyable, if not very wet, stay in the "Med" which also gve a chance to fly twice in the T21 Glider (NEJSA 5) on the 9th & 10 January. I bet a lot has changed in those 40 years! 

Duce Grenville Arrival Date: 1961
Message: In 1961, I was a young boy aged 12 and went to the Berengaria High School.  However, I rode horses at the Akrotiri Riding Club.  I would therefore like to hear from anyone who might have ridden and competed in events during this period. Thanks Boys & Girls. 
PS:  Now aged 61 and living in Australia.

Duncan Jim Arrival Date: 1962
Message: Airframe fitter on ASF from 1962-1964. Lived in a tin hut (Twynham) behind Block 71 for a year or so, before moving into the relative luxury of a Cpls bunk. Enjoyed the NAAFI, Keo, and visits to Heroes Square in Limassol! Also did three months with 13Sqn on Muharraq.
Returned to Ak from the UK in 1965 for a three month stint on 1563 Flt Air Sea Rescue choppers.

Farrow Tim Email:

Arrival Date: 1961

Message: 6 sqdn from 1961 to 1963, radar mechanic, member of WCSWSC, Western Cyprus Services Water Ski Club for three summers.
Great time even in Eros Square.
Visited again in 2003 oh dear what a change

Fathers Colin John Name: Martin Fathers
Arrival Date: 1960 - 1963
Message: G'Day to all readers. My father Colin John Fathers, was stationed in Akrotiri for three years from 1960 after leaving RAF Geilenkirchen in Germany. He was an Instrument Fitter and I believe he was in 249 Squad. I have wonderful memories of my three years in Cyprus paricularly spending time with my friends in the bondu and going to Ladies Mile to the water skiing club. My father has passed on but I am keen to find out more about his role and responsibilities while stationed in Akrotiri. It would be great if anyone who knew Dad could contact me. I currently live in Melbourne, Australia. Thank you for a wonderful Website I particularly liked the Back In 62 information pamphlet. Regards to all - Martin

Fisher Peter John lArrival Date: 1963/4
Message: My Father W/O Mr J F Fisher(Jack)was initially stationed at Pergamos and then transfered to Akrotiri with 103MU.  The family joined him at Pergamos and I went to school initially in KRS then on moving to Akrotiri went to Berengaria school.  I was in the scouts (Kingfisher patrol)and my father was GSL of the Akrotiri group being one of the driving forces behind the new scout hut.  My sister Penny married on the base and had the reception at the Pen Club.  Memories are faded but a happy time was had and if their is anyone who remembers those days you could try to jog my mind.

Fober Jeff Stationed at GRF 103MU from July 1962 to Sept 1964

Fletcher Bruce Arrival Date: 1965
Message: I was a Cpl Teleg in Akrotiri commcen 1965-67 (On Sgt Norman Kerr's watch). Being single I spent far too much time in the Cpl's Club but enjoyed my 2.5 year tour especially the Sunday coach trips organised by Cpl's Club. Posted to Commcen AM London (sorry, MOD Commcen) on tourex.

Goude Peter Arrival Date: 1963
Message: I arrived in May '63 with my wife and baby daughter
I was a cpl/tech inst fitter on 32 sqdn for two years then, on promotion to sgt, I was posted to asf for final year. In spite of 'the troubles' we enjoyed our time in Cyprus. Our favourite beach was Governer's Bay. I did many detachments with 32, from Malta to Singapore. Quite an adventurous time.
We lived in Limmasol for a year or so then Berengaria, which was very pleasant. Our second daughter was born there in Feb '64

( Ben) Gunn Fraser Arrival Date: 1961
Message: Arrived at 280 SU in April 1961 having been posted from RAF Neatishead ( when it closed for refit) could not believe we were having to live in tents!!! the first summer was something else, very hot, but got used to it very quickly, soon getting rid of my "Mooney" image. As a young 19 year old it was one big holiday, Thursday nights in Hero's Square!!!!!!it got even better when they moved us into Akrotiri and had decent living quarters, and then the WRAF's arrived!!! more partying.The best three years of my life. Went back in 1988, a lot of changes and much more developed, not for the better I am afraid. Still you can't change memories. Greetings to all out there who shared the same experiences.

Hawkes Ken  Arrival Date: 1963
Message: I arrived at Akrotiri in April 1963, just after one of the worst ever winters in Kent, and was immediately assigned to 13 Squadron, which was in those days situated way out on the airfield. Sqn. Ldr. John Daly was the C.O. and Flight Lieutenant O'Mahoney was 2 I/C. The man in charge however was Warrant Officer Pat Hyland! 13 was flying PR9 Canberras in those days and my task was to remove and install the Green Satin radar located in the rear hatch; a dauntless task in those high temperatures. In June I joined the detachment to Bahrain for a month, which was very enjoyable; the squadron members there were restoring a big and beautiful old American limosine! The next couple of years back at Akrotiri were just wonderful, consisting mainly of a little work and a lot of barbecueing and swimming. My great friend at that time was Eric Daniel.Unfortunately, my tour was cut short after an accident on my Honda with a Fiat 1100 and I was returned to the UK for surgery, but my days with 13 will never be forgotten.
While I was on duty there back in 1965 I sustained a very serious fracture of my femur in Limassol thanks to a local gentleman who drove his Fiat 1200 into me while I was on a Honda 90. I understand that a call went out over the station tannoy for a volunteer to give blood for my surgery on the night of the accident, which was 12th Januuary 1965, and someone did oblige.
I never had a chance to thank the person responsible as I was whisked away soon after that back to the UK (and subsequently out of the RAF). Is is possible for you to find out, or advertise to find this person so that I may thank him at this late hour, as thanks to him I was able to recover from the surgery.
13sqn.JPG (60760 bytes) valiant.JPG (24772 bytes)
amqs.JPG (66071 bytes) bypass.jpg (49495 bytes)
govenors beach.JPG (63899 bytes) st andrews st.JPG (78538 bytes)

Head Eddie Arrival Date: August 1963
Message: Helped to set up the Exiles Hockey Club, with Bob Marshall, Rodney Essie, James Scully and Mick D'Souza.
Living in Warwickshire.
Would love to hear with any of the Exiles.

(nee Riley)
Richard and Yvonne Arrival Date: 1962
Message: Richard worked on 32 Squadron from Sept 1962 to Sept 1965 and Yvonne was WRAF Photog from Oct 1962 to August 1963.  We have looked through the list and only know Peter GOUDE - do you remember me Peter?  One little question for Hugh WYLLIE - are you the person responsible for removing my teeth when I was pregnant in 1963/64??

Hinchliffe Ken Arrival Date: 1963
Message: Hello, do any of your members remember my father, Joe Hinchliffe, who severed in Akrotiri in the early 60's. I was born on the base in 1963 

Holt Keryl  Arrival Date: 1961/ 1964
Message: My father Stanley William Holt was based at Akrotiri 1961-64 we were evacuated from Limossol in 1964. My father passed away October 2005 if anybody knew him we would like to hear from you. 

Holyer John Arrival Date: 1962
Message: My name is John Holyer. I served on Akrotiri with the RAF from June 1962 till December 1964. I spent my spare time as an announcer on BBS. In truth I spent most of my time there; and good job too because  they were some of the happiest years of my life. I would love to hear from my contemporaries and hopefully see their photos.

Horner Frederick Arrival Date: 1961
Message: Arrived at Akrotri late 61,Was crew chief at Fire section, and was in charge of First attendance at Offices Mess fire in Dec 62(lightning strike) In Married quarters. Janet, Linda, Robin attended the primary school. My youngest daughter Caroline was born at the RAF Hospital, on Aug 30th 63 shortly before we returned to the UK. I retired after 23 years in 66

Johnson Terry Arrival Date: 1965
Message: I arrived at Akrotiri 280SU but was quickly sent up the hill to Troodos.  After 7 months I went back to the UK to train on new equipment, then back to Troodos until March 1968.  It was a small unit but on one peculiar day I travelled to the Ops site in a Landrover with Five Terrys and five Johnsons, with me as the common factor.  I guess it is a bit different these days.

Johnson Michael 'Johnnie' Arrival Date: 1964
Message: Arrived just before Christmas 1964 with my Mum, six months after my Father due to 'the troubles'. Dad (Edward 'Johnny' Johnson) was in the civilian Aeronautical Inspection Service (AIS)103MU. We lived for a time in Limassol and then moved to Barnet Road Akrotiri for three years. My sister Chris and I went to St. John's in Episkopi which was a brilliant school - but I didn't appreciate that fact until we moved to South Wales in 1968! Unfortunately my father died in 1997. Happy to hear from anyone who remembers those times. My friends included Ian Thorp, John Tucker, Richard Williams, Trevor Sampson and others. The thing that really sticks in my mind (other than the sea, food, heat and Youth Club) was bus racing to school! Kids screaming 'leora' at the driver to urge him to overtake other buses full of equally screaming kids. Mad but exciting stuff!

Keenan John Arrival Date: 1961-1963
Message: Arrived at Famagusta on board the Devonshire. coach down to Akrotiri stopping at half way house with its well known hole in floor toilets. Had marvellous time working in the equipment section and spending lots of time down hospital beach. Met future wife on camp, she was a civy working in same section, her dad was on 103 mu. Her maiden name was Cheryle Williams. It would be nice to hear from anyone who knew either of us.



Eric what is your email address??

Eric Arrival Date: 1962
I arrived on the last flight out of UK before snow closed everything down shortly before Christmas 1962 . Most of my time spent at 280 SU working out of the Guardroom as a Snowdrop. Many memories of athletics meetings, soccer and rugby. Great teams came out of 280 during 62-65. Joe Pratt ran the rugby team. Great day when I won the Long Jump against the RAF team from UK. There was a great Akrotiri camp radio team where I spent some time.
 The 280 CO was Wg Com Gardener.
Brilliant swimimg off the cape, interesting caves, a good new cinema. Cpl Martin Jackson later became my Best Man. So many great guys and girls- pity they haven't found this site.

Leonard Brian I arrived at Akrotiri from El Adem with 5001 sqdn I have found your web page most interesting and look forward keeping in touch.
All The Best Brian 

(Now Walton)
Barbara Arrival Date: 1964
Message: How nice to read memories of times in Cyprus
My late husband John Mackay was based at 103 mu  and we lived in Limassol for three years with or young son who is now 47 and living in New Zealand.
Wonderful days at Ladies mile beach trips in the Troodos mountains Famagusta and much much more wonderful memories albeit with the troubles and checkpoints of the time

Medworth Yvette  I am Yvette Medworth, John's daughter. Our family lived in Berengaria, Limassol for 2 1/2 years somewhere around 1961 - 1964, Mum (Wyn) and Dad are now deceased and I am greatly regretting not looking at all the slides Dad took while they were alive.  I was then aged 8-10, my sister Julia was 3 years older (also deceased). I have no-one to share the memories with now. I recognise some of Troodos, and have a picture of the sun deck at the top of the Ladies' Mile clubhouse (attached, Mum on left) but I don't know where many were taken or who is in the photos.  I am sorting the slides (slowly) into piles of my family members/places I recognise and want to show nephews/slides I don't want. The other attached, group photo has my Dad right of centre and Mum on the left. I would be very glad to pass on copies or slides if they are of interest. Perhaps it is far too late for the people involved but maybe of general interest and for the settings and scenery? 
I haven't been back to Cyprus to have a look. I hear it has greatly changed. 
Best wishes to all, Yvette
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Moncrieff Barry  Arrival Date: 1961

Message: I worked in my spare time (Plenty of that) on BBS - it was me that crawled in all the lofts linkg Load Speakers to the Studio - Trying to contact people from that stage in my life - Visit my BBS Blog at .....
See how this goes !!!   Barry

Murray Don Arrival Date: Nov 1964
Message: I was a member of airfield troop,261 Signals Squadron, Royal Signals for three years at Akrotiri.I arrived at seven o'clock in the morning and couldn't believe how warm it was as it had been freezing when we left England the previous night. After spending a couple of days at our Sqn hq in Episkopi, i was posted back to Akrotiri for the next three years, two of which I spent helping to maintain the pabx and all the telephone lines on camp, and my third year at 280 S.U.. It was the first time I had been abroad and three years of sunshine gave me an abiding love of hot climates. Our troop accommodation was in I believe block 73 where we could sit outside on a warm evening and have a glass or two of Panteleimon. Christmas was something else again with each block having its own bar, the four skins springs to mind, where you could go from block to block, having a drink in each bar. at a shilling a drink, a pound was more than enough to last the day. A good three years. This Photograph of my time there. It is of Members of Airfield Troop, 261 Sig Sqn, Royal Signals enjoying a glass or two of lemonade in the Cpls Club in the old Naafi in 1967. The Barman there Solly, I don't know if that was his real name or not made the best brandy sour that I have ever tasted.

murry.JPG (133532 bytes)

Murphy  Mike Arrival Date: 1964
Message: Pete Brown, John Holyer, Mick Billingham, John Waters, Lofty, and the rest of that slightly crazy team who kept us sane in the early sixties at BSB. GREETINGS. I only have to hear the sig tune of 633 Sqd. and I am transported through a haze of nostalgia and brandy sours to another age. It would be great to hear from you all after all these years. We were the best!!!!

Nagle Stuart Arrival Date: 1964
Message: Went to The Yellow House, our old haunt in Limassol, and suprised it was still there... had lunch, but missed out on my Chocolate Milkshake.... ah memories...

Nicholas Pat & Jenny Arrival Date: 1962-65
Attended Akrotiri Primary School age 8 -11, 

Odell Michael Arrival Date: 1961-1964
Message: What a great place to spend 3yrs of ones life.
32sqdn & all around the middle east. Sub Aqua club, gliding club & all those beaches the life of a playboy.
Rude awakening at tourex though. Nice to read all the other memories. I'm still looking for Stan & Renee Poole who were teachers out there. Can anyone help?

Paton Frank Arrival Date: 1963 ish
Message: magic - bbs   - I recognised some faces... especially Vic Morton

Ramrayka Peter Arrival Date: 23 May 1963

Message: I worked at RAF Hospital Cape Zevgari then moved to SSQ at RAF Nicosia on 13 August 1963. I am particularly interested in getting in touch with anyone who worked with me and I belive 23 Para Field Ambulance during the Greek/Turkish uprising. In answer to  MIKE SPEAK. Yes I knew SACW Jacqui Baxter who was also stationed at RAF Nicosia

Pryar Gareth Arrival Date: 1961
Message: I was born 21st March 1961 in the RAF hospital on RAF Akrotiri, I have the honour of being the 1000th military baby born on the island of Cyprus and I am very proud of that fact. Revisited in 2004 for the first time since leaving with my parents in 1963. My mum arranged a tour for me as a special surprise it was a brilliant day out. My father Eric was a chef on the camp from 1960 until 1963 and he passed away in 1995, my mother passed away in April 2007. I loved the Island the people were so nice.
Kind Regards to all

Rate Philip Arrival Date: 1963: Use to live at ! Andrews Crescent, dont suppose it is still there now, my Father was Sgt John Rate and was with 249 Sqd as an instrument fitter. Do U remember him?

Roberts (now Cox) Diane Arrival Date: 1962
Message: Hi It was good to view your site and see the messages and I only recognised one John Holyer. I worked in SHQ and did the occasional stint in BBS - what fun! You probably will not recognise me John but you will recall one Dave Cox. I have wonderful memories of the time on Akrotiri - inbetween the "troubles" we were free to tour the island at its best perhaps. I recall working in the mornings then across the bondu and down to Submarine Point for a swim. No tide so we threw our drinks in the water to keep cool. We enjoyed the Christmas bars, the barbeques on the beaches, the various sports clubs. It was magic!

Rogers Carl  Arrival Date: 1961
Message: I arrived mid January off Troopship Dunera and was posted to 6 Squadron at Akrotiri as instrument fitter on Canberras. Dragged out of bed one night as a blood donor to a lady delivering a baby and losing blood. From AK went to El Adem twice, Teheran and Peshawar. Also got a lift on a Britania that was passing through to go home for a birthday (back to AK a few days later). Super two and a half years swimming, playing rugby (Akrotiri Flamingos) and drinking KEO beer.

Stevenson "Steve" Arrival Date: 1965
Message: I served as junior tech, in 103MU Akrotiri, though I left early(67) to retrain as a flight engineer. I was a member of the Crusaders Gliding club ,jumped with the NEAF Para Rescue Team, Played basketball for the station, played guitar with a number of bands/groups, and, I suppose, squeezed in some work at the Radio repair section. I remember Bill Grimshaw and Amy, well. Somewhere on the net, I have seen a fine photograph of us all, standing in front of 103MU RRF. I recognise lots of my old friends and colleagues, and often wonder what happened to them all. I continued to fly with the RAF and British airways until retirement, and now live in Devon. I don't play basketball any more, but i still play guitar. Would love to hear from any of my old friends.
                        Regards "Steve" Stevenson.

Roud Colin Arrival Date: 1965
Message: Forces brat....lived 65'-68' in Limassol then again from '69 until May 1971, my Dad was stationed at RAF AK. Started senior school at St John's Epi but remember only a few names, Kim Woodcock, Harry (surname Harris...cant remember forename), Dianne Waterfall, Joy Lewis. My brother Jim also went to St Johns Epi but left '67. School finished 1pm then straight to Ladys Mile....Had a great time playing in Limassol darts league even though I was well underage :-), played with Andy Capp bar #1 then later with Sky Bar together with Terry O'Halloran, Ozzy, Terry Cameron etc. Top team were Loftis with Al Green and big Dave (forget surname but great player). Other teams Silver Fish (Bob Salmon etc), Robin Hood, Green Door, Black Horse, Wheatsheaf, Rose & Crown etc etc. Great times and great memories, anyone who remembers me welcome to contact.

Spann Paul Arrival Date: 1965
Message: I was Born 23rd March 1965 at the RAF Akrotiri Hospital to John & Joan Spann, trying to find out just what it was my old man did whilst serving at Akrotiri. I believe he was armaments on vulcans at the time anyone remember him?
I'm now involved in the return to flight of Vulcan XH558 (

Smith Eric W Arrival Date: 1961

Message: Many happy memories of my 2 years+ at 103M.U. and particularly my time with the great gang at B.B.S. John Holyer, Ivan, Pat Groves,etc.,etc.   

Speake Mike Arrival Date: 1964
Message: I was posted with the NEAF Mountain Rescue Team (MRT) from RAF Nicosia to Akrotiri in 1964. My primary duty was as a photographer, and I worked in the Station Ground Photo Section, where my job was very varied and enjoyable. As a member of the MRT I was lucky to travel to many off-the-beaten track places in Cyprus, like the Kyrenia Mountains, etc., To this day I have so many wonderful memories of that beautiful island, its culture and long history, so I have booked myself a trip back there in a couple of weeks time to see the sights again after 48 years. Friends have warned me that things have changed, but you can't alter the sight of Bellapais Abbey, St Hilarian Castle, Pentadactyllis, Troodos, etc.,
Afternoons were great at Akrotiri; after lunch we used to walk over to the western side of the peninsula and climb down to the rocky beaches there for a swim, or get on the motorbike and zoom off down to Limassol and beyond to Amethus beach. Evenings in Limassol were great, especially the By-pass bars full of young people and good groups banging out the songs of the time. And of course the skies around Akrotiri were full of aircraft, from Lightnings roaring vertically up into the blue, trusty Canberras quietly getting aloft, dodgy old Javelins noisily wobbling off the runway getting airborne with both burners lit, to the occasional Hastings gracefully landing on one of the many runways!
Wonderful days. Weren't we all lucky to be posted there?
Lastly, anyone ever know SACW Jaquie Baxter from RAF Nicosia? If you do, let me know.

Thompson Dave Arrival Date: 1962
HI, I've got fond memories of Akrotiri.I was a Corporal at Cape Gata and played Rugby for the station. I remember Fishermans Cove as I was a keen swimmer as well. My boss was Flt Sgt Woods with Wing Commander Gash being our M.U C.O. Cheers to anyone who remembers me, Dave 

Thorp Ian,
Arrival Date: 1963-64
Message: Father was Ch/tech Thorp and worked in the station workshops, Iian attended St Johns at Episkopi, Martyn and myself went to Akrotiri primary school, I have wonderful memories of this time, buttons bay, ladies mile, endless sunny days, hiding in the bondu. Father has passed away anyone remember him? we lived in Albion St

Warrener Dave Arrival Date: Born 1965/8
Message: My family and I lived in Akrotiri for a number of years. Iwas the last of 6 children, Oddette, Jeanette, Jean, Jaqueline, James and David. My parent were James and Marjorie Warrener. Anyone who can remember any of us please feel free to contact me. I often holiday in Cyprus which feels more like home to me then the UK.

Wells Marion Email:

Arrival Date: 1965/66

Message: Limassol/Episkopi.  We (mom/dad/brother) arrived in Limassol from El Adam having lived in Tobruk for about 10 months prior to Cyprus.  I don't recall the address of the hiring in Limassol but a new clinic was built nearby just before we moved to a quarter in Episkopi.

I attended Campbell School. The only names I can recall from that time are Mercedes Greeney (sp?) and Linda Plevin (sister, June), Simonetta Bailey, and a teacher - Miss Mason (she married in Cyprus). Funny, I can recall everything with great clarity except for names.  Life was full of sunshine, Ladies' Mile beach in the afternoon after school, shopping on the By-Pass, and at the NAAFI. My dad, now deceased, bought papers (Sally-Bash ?)near the Twiga Bar. We played on the bondo, checked out the caves for huge lizards, watched the herds of goats go by the bungalow, climbed trees and found odd spiders! Cyprus was a great time in my childhood.
In Epi., we lived just down the road (heading to Happy Valley) from Biggin Hill (can't recall the street name now) but a pathway lead from the back yard through the brush and over near the huge rock overlooking the valley.  We had swimming lessons at Tunnel Beach but as a family used the other, quieter beach around the headland. St. John's School was great - names I recall - Julie Dent, Janet Pryce (sp?), and I think it was Mr. Morton who was math teacher at the time. We'd walk up to the Epi. NAAFI, the open air cinema, shopped in Dodge City (I worked in the YMCA shop 10 years later for a few months with Vicky and Leah).
As a kid I remember the trucks coming up Happy Valley loaded with grapes with the juice squishing out - there was a warning sign about "Beware - Roads Slippery With Grape Juice".  We'd sit on the wall at the clifftop, opposite our quarter, looking toward Akrotiri and watch the Lightnings do their practice 'bombing' runs over the bay.  The school took us to Curium to see the forces theatre group do a Shakespeare play. I think St. John's even put on its own version of "Summer's Night" ....... so many good memories.
If anyone remembers me or more names from that time, or can suggest any other sites to visit, I'd love to hear from you.

Wisson Des Arrival Date: 1963 - 1965 and 1973 - 1975

Message: My Father was John Wisson, an armourer. He was stationed at Akrotiri on two occasions and loved every minute of it. Our first stint, we had a house in Limassol.. many stories to be told about that. Second stint, we lived in Queens St. Akrotiri.. I still have the scars on my shins from falling into the drainage ditch outside the house on my first nights arrival. I was a young child on the first visit and a teenager on the second. Both times we were caught in the conflict between the Greeks and Turks. Sadly, my dad has passed away now.. but he made
sure his family enjoyed as much as possible when there. We loved to visit ladies mile as much as poss.
He was enthusiastic about me being a member of the Kart club .. which drained his wallet on more than a
few occasions. He was also chairman of the Angling club for a while, purely because he once caught a BIG
fish !! I met and befriended a sailor from the Mole
which in turn influenced me to join the Royal Navy.
Many treasured memories from a truely wonderful place.
My fathers last trip he ever took was back to Cyprus.
I'm sure he wanted to relive and remember the good times we had. It was shortly after the trip that he passed away. I'm very glad he had the opportunity to see the place I know he loved so much.
I visited Akrotiri one more time during a Med trip with the Royal Navy.. The angling club still there as was the Kart track.. I would like to re-visit again 
sometime and spend some time enjoying the place.
Anyone who has lived there will know what I mean..
Warmest regards to all
Des Wisson

Whitworth Elena Arrival Date: May 1962
Message: hi there i was born on 13th may 1962 at Akrotiri Hospital My parents are Frank and Pamela Burke my dad was in accounts a cpl i think we returned to Cyprus for my nine th birthday in 1971 (we were stationed in Bahrain at the time) My dad died in 2002 but my mother is still alive does anyone remember them regards Elena

Wood Steve  Message: As a pioneering member of Padre Wallace's (Church of Scotland) Akrotiri Sub Aqua Club and Likewise Air Training Corps my memories of Akrotiri are extremely fond. It is encouraging to witness the ongoing development - I wish you well!

In response to Alan Webb's post.....I arrived Akrotiri with my Dad in 1962 at that time I was 14. I remember very well dancing each Thursday night away to the sounds of the "Whirlwinds" at the Akrotiri Families Club. I have never forgotten the band nor the pleasure it brought me on those nights. Not sure if you were the singer or not through 1963/4 but as I recall, the Whirlwinds always concluded the show with "Unchained Melody" which afforded us the opportunity to have a slow dance and the possibility to chat-up the partner of our choice. Perhaps this is a good opportunity to offer my thanks to you Alan for providing some everlasting memories and some of the very best live dance band music I have experienced then and now!  Thank You!

Wyllie Hugh I was a "dreaded" Dental Officer at Akrotiri and Families dental Centre Limassol 1962-65. Many happy memories.