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I was stationed at Akrotiri between 1979 and 1981 and worked on TASF. During that period I painted two large pictures for the section display boards. One was a Hercules and another was a VC10. They were nothing special and were just painted with acrylic paint to tart up the boards. 
I returned to the station in 1992 with the Red Arrows and was pleasantly surprised to find both were still there. The VC10 was behind the bar of Station Flight’s (as TASF later became known) social room. The Hercules was in their crew room adorned by many signatures of personnel that had passed through the station during Op Desert Storm. I am anxious to know whether the boards, those paintings and the signatures survive in 2006.
Emlyn Owen

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Emlyn and Flg Sgt Pete Gibson
with the paintings.
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1979 Whirlwinds of No 84 Sqn in close formation over Akrotiri airfield. Formation leader was Sqn Ldr Mike Chapple, the Squadron 'Boss'.

1979 Celebrating the 30th Anniversary of Canberra Service in the Royal Air Force. The Air Officer Commanding, Air Cdre Williams and the Stn Cdr Akrotiri, Gp Capt Gray were taken on a flight by members of the lOO Sqn detachment. The toast to the venerable Canberra was later drunk in the inimitable Cyprus wine. . . . Kokinelli !

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Lightning on APC

1980 The Squadron Commander's aircraft XR72S BA sits on the Akrotiri flight line ready to be re-armed for another air-to-air gunnery sortie. Each round is dipped into a coloured paint so that you knew which bullet holes belonged to you when the banner returned. Lying next to the bullets, upside down, is the brake parachute pack which fitted beneath the tail.

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