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I was stationed at Akrotiri from March 1967-70 in the Station Photo Section and was responsible for servicing the cameras on the Strike Wing Canberras and later the Vulcans.
I have attached some JPEGs which may be of interest.
I also have a spare copy of the 249 Squadron 50th Anniversary programme if you (or 249 Sqn) would like an original.
The 'converted Triumph sports car was done by 103 MU but for what reason now escapes me! (Driver was Don Madge)
The aircraft photos were of 249 disbandment parade, 2 of the flying canberras are WH970 and WH948 but the one on the extreme left I cannot read. There is also a visiting Victor and I think a Hercules of the Israeli Air Force.
Hope these are of some use to you,
Chris Pettman (ex Sgt Photo 'G') now retired and living in Shropshire.
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