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Tel:   25934104
Free Soft Drinks for the Driver.
A free Drink for all Parties of 8 and over.
Bring your Acoustic Guitar and play for us.


Welcome, you have arrived at Michael's Tavern in Erimi. You might ask yourself whether you have stepped back in time? In many respects you have! The first thing you notice is that the Taverna is like a museum. 


At Michael's Tavern our aim is to keep the old style Cyprus Tavern alive and the prices moderate. We want to show people that this was, and still is, the most hospitable and welcoming country in the world.  During your visit our friendly staff will attend to your needs.  We serve a 7 course Meze and also provide a Take-Away service. 


Our customers come back time and time again.  We have many British Expats who use the Taverna just to have a social drink and a chat, or to get a little help with their Greek from our staff and local customers.


Oh yes, and from time to time some evenings after 10pm, when all the customers have been served, Michael plays live Bouzouki music for your enjoyment.