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Bull Amy & Andy Arrival Date: 11th October 2001
Message: Just found this website and it has reminded me how much I miss Cyprus! It will always be a special posting because we had our beautiful daughter Leighann at TPMH on 7th January 2001. 

Cameron Lynsey Arrival Date: 2001
Message: Hi. I lived in queens street from 2001 till 2004. I had also lived there as a child, when my dad was a Sgt on 84 sqn. I really loved my time out there, happy days.

Goodfellow Antony and Jane Arrival Date: 2002
Message: Arrived January 2002 and went straight onto 84 Sqn with the Wessex til their sad demise and then on to VAHS for 3 years. Great times and lots of friends made, especially at the Angling Club. Returned in 2011 to see new housing being built at last!!! Great to see so many old names etc on the website, please keep it up. Tony G


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Hello saw your website and thought it needed some modern pics.
I spent three years on VAHS between 2002 and 2005 i have loads of photos but these are the only ones I've got on my computer at the moment.
Both pictures were taken on bravo dispersal in 2004. The C5 galaxy had called in for a visit and the HS 125 was just a refuel.
Glad to see somebody is taking the time to document the history of a great place.
Keep up the good work,





Arrival Date: October 2003
Message: Hello not long home from Cyprus, and yes missing the social life a bit i'Im enjoying the cold weather for now. Got some good memories of Cyprus and photos too, made a lot of good mates as well

Rahaman Andy Arrival Date: 2002 - 2004
Message: My wife Sandra and children Cheryse & Arron had 2 great years at Akrotiri. Very fond memories of eating and drinking far too much with very good friends. 
Stn Adjt