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Bromfield Marie Arrival Date: April 1997
Message: I was not in the RAF but worked as a civilian dental nurse in the dental department, my hubby was in the Army based at Episkopi... i loved working there and the guys i worked with were great, shame we all lose  touch when we leave, i have lots of fond memories,,, i dont miss the hot summers though LOL (far to hot for me)

Chalmers Liam & Alison Arrival Date: 2000
Message: Served in SES 84 Sqn 12/2000-12/2003. Loved our time there, a lucky guy to have 3 yrs on that lovely island. Just wish I'd really made the most of our time but can't regret.....happy memories. Now ex-RAF living in Suffolk after 21 yrs service, terminated by redundancy.

Cram David Arrival Date: 1996
Message: Fond memories of Cyprus and especially the Kart Club .A good three years in GEF CEU.

Eden Mark Arrival Date: 1997
Message: My family (Tracy, Alex, Shannon and Brooke) had a fantastic 3 years on the station. I was the civilian senior finance officer and worked to the respective station commanders David Williams and Ian Milne both of whom went on to bigger things. Extremely fond memories of making many RAF friends and emptying many a fridge!

Fraser Neil & Carol  If anyone remembers our family please get in touch on the email address given thanks XX

Gillett Lee Arrival Date: 1996
Message: I arrived with my family Pat (dad), Chris (Mum) & Damien (Brother) in the summer of 1996. In March 1997 I left to join the RAF my self and was subsequntly posted straight back to Akrotiri straight out of traing in March 1998, where I did 2 and a half years at 33SU Det (Salt Lake). Many great memories especially from the bowling alley & angling club.

Gregson Amy Arrival Date: 1996

Message: Hi my dad was stationed at RAF Akrotiti from 1996-1999. I went to Akrotiri primary school.  Best years of my life without a doubt. Went back in 2005 to visit my old street Andrew Crescent, could let believe how much had changed. Would still defiantly go out to live again if I had the chance. If anyone remembers me my name was Amy .

Harriss Harry ( Damian ) Arrival Date: December 1999
Message: Hi to all at Supply Squadron Imports (cssu) myself and family had a cracking 3 years.... please get in touch

Howe Joanne  Arrival Date: 1998-2001
Message: hi there if there is anyone out there who remembers me or my family and want to get in contact with us feel free to email me

McGrath Emma  Arrival Date: 1998
If anybody remembers me or the rest of the McGrath family, please don't hesitate to get in touch. xxx

Mcquillan Gavin  Is there anyone that was there at this time who remembers me?

Pedro Arrival Date: 1998
Message: I wasn't in the RAF I was working for a contractor who was renewing the runway and taxi ways. I was working there for just over six months and must say it was the best time of my life , great people and a very happy atmosphere. I was the guy who drove a road sweeper across Europe to Cyprus and back to do the job and was commented many time on the radio by Mario and Chris cording.

Pickford Clive Hi all, Had a great time there, and can't believe how quickly it all went by. Please feel free to get in touch......