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Boyle Dave Arrival Date: 1967 then 1993 with BFBS
Message: My dad was stationed at Akrotiri from 67-70,I visited several times while in the RAF, I joined BFBS in 1986 posted to Dhekelia, but visited Akrotiri regularly during my tour1986-89, I was posted to Hong Kong, dropped into Akrotiri on my way to Op Granby, then posted back to Cyprus in 93,this time to Akrotiri, until 95. I went to primary school in Berengaria and then onto secondary school in Episkopi at St. Johns.

Carcas Tracey Message: Arrived at RAF Akrotiri in Sept 1994 and hated it!3years away from home and with 2 small kids and pale skin even the sun couldn't sway me. Then i met Toni James and Maureen Butter and things changed. We became firm friends and had a ball. My sons were 6 and 2 and we had a baby girl at TPMH in 1995.My eldest is now 18 and at Uni! Doesn't time fly? When i look back now i really miss the place. Looking at pics from present day on website it has changed a bit. Been home now for 10 years but i can still remember walking to the shops at 8am to escape the mid day heat. Hope anyone reading this who remembers us (Steve, Tracey, Adam, Danial and Ellie) gets in touch.cya

Coghill Ray Arrival Date: 1995
Message: Some of my best years in the Royal Air force, were spent at Akrotiri. I worked in GEF, mainly in the lifting tackle bay. Is our club still known as "The Eng Inn" I lived at 51 Barnet Road. I was a member of the families club, and a projectionist at the Astra cinema. 

Colhoun Steve  MTD. Worked in AFMT looking after the aircraft refuelling, in-flight catering truck and the airfield sweepers. An enjoyable 3 years, i would go back anytime! 

Eden John Arrival Date: 1992
Message: Served at RAF Akrotiri from 1992 to 1995.  Was a Flight Sergeant who worked in PSF.  The Chief Clerk at the time was WO Sandy Leslie.  I also used to run the station cinema.  My wife, Judy used to work at the local school in the remedial class.  We had a good tour and will always have fond memories of the Station.  Now retired, I live in Sigglesthorne East Yorkshire

Gutsellvahs95.JPG (89047 bytes) Laurie and Rosie Arrival Date: 1995
Message: Work on VAHS. Had the time of our lives there. Lived next door to Ray. Ran the Saddle Club Bar. Have returned for the past 3 years on hols, can't keep away.

James Kev Arrival Date: 1979 -1982 then 1991 -1994
Message: 34 Squadron RAF Regiment 2 tours 79 -82 and 91 -94, second tour spent at the western Cyprus services water ski club. otherwise know as WCSWSC. Great mems, will get round to trying to get photos on net one day.

Kernoghan Debbie Arrival Date: 1994
Message: Hi to anyone who remembers me! I arrived in 1994 for 2 years and went to St Johns School. My dad is Eddie Kernoghan who was heavily involved at the rugby club and water ski club. If anyone does remember me and wants to catch up on old times it would be great to hear from you. x

Parsons Richard  It was the best tour in my career. I would return any day if I could. We are looking at becoming an Ex pat over there.

Pegg Abigail  Arrival 1992 I was only little when my da was posted to Akrotiri but can still remember it. I lived on Princes Street with lots of other kids my age, and was in yellow teddies with Mrs Disney! Any one remember me???

Thomas Pete Arrival Date: 1991
Message: Arrived in Jan probably at the best time of year as it gave me chance to acclimatise with the gradual build up of heat. I remember going out one morning to my gizzit and having to scrape frost off the windscreen with my 1250! Worked (if you could call it that) on TASAF then VAHS when we stopped fixing Hercs & VC10's and just parked them up. Cannot think where I was when the section photo was taken in Laurie's message but recognise many of the faces there, where are you all now?

Whittaker John Hi i'm whitty I was in MT section at akrotiri from 1993-1996 best years of my carear I was their with wife Maggie three sons Liam Gary Ashley, anyone who knows me, feel free to contact me