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Barton Peter (Dick) Hi everyone, I served in the Air Traffic Control tower between June 86 to Dec 1988. I had a great tour, met some terrific friends but as a civvie now you tend to lose touch. I had a reputation as a bit of a singer & did my bit on several occasions at the PS Bar & the Rock Apes club (nicknamed Dickie & the Do Wops, I think that's how you spell it)! I'd love to hear from others, including Stu Statham (a "mover"), JJ the Rock Ape, Shirley Bevan & Sue Lomax from TPMH, Dave Bullimore, my sergeant at the time and anyone else who remembers me. The website is an excellent idea, well done.

(Nee Coxon)
Arrival Date: 1988
Message: Worked at TPMH in Dispensary & Medical Supplies. Was a member of the Flamingo Theatre Club and Akrotiri Scout Group. I have many fond memories of my time there and would love to hear from anyone who remembers me. 

(nee Steele)
Jenny  Arrival Date: 1986
Message: Hi - Does anyone remember me - Jenny Steele (that was). I was stationed at Akrotiri with my father between 1986 to 1988. I mostly hung out with my mates at the Peninsula Club. We did the usual things most 17 year olds got up to. Please contact me if you remember me at all. There are so many people, I cannot remember all their names. My Dad was an Air Traffic Controller. The 2 years I was at Akrotiri were the most memorable years of my life. We had brilliant times.

Borley Chris Arrival Date: 1989
Message: Hi folks, I was an SAC at the Ground Engineering Section from 89-92, went from being a "singly" to married, my son was born at TPMH, I had a bad car crash, and Leeds won the championship - quite an interesting tour all in all!!

Brown Garry Arrival Date: 1989 - 1992
Message: Great memories, involved in operation Granby. Recently visited Akrotiri again after 17 yrs, like a ghost town now compared to what it was like during 34 sqn's service. A great thanks to Bill the ex pat who gave me the tour. I would recommend it. Thanks Bill really brought back many memories.

Emery Adrian ( Dick ) Arrival Date: 1988
Message: Arrived in September 1988. Worked in Supply Squadron firstly in Bldg L87 then in 666 next to Regiment Club !!
Spent most of my time out of work in the bar , Cpl's Club or Families Club ! Great times and happy memories !!
No Email Supplied

Fragel Nick Arrival Date: 1986
Message: Hello fellow Akrotirians: great to find this site. OC GD Flt at the base from 86-88. Still in touch with Tim Housley, and would love to know where Nick Cato is these days. Happy happy days we had back then. Can it already be 20 years ago?
Great website - thank you!

Grigg Lee Arrival Date: 1989
Message: Arrived in Jan 89, had the most fantastic 3 years in Akrotiri, i would definately say i would call that home. My daughter was born 8 weeks prior to us returning back to England. Miss everything about Cyprus, met some fantastic people. If i could do it all again i most definately would.

Miller Jerry Arrival Date: 1987
I had the honour of being with the U. S. Army's Eagle Flight at RAF Akrotiri between 1987 and 1989. I was their test pilot and was part of the evacuation of the U. S. Embassy in Beirut in 1988. Your folks always treated us as if we were part of their group, not outsiders. One of your warrant officers even invited a number of us to his home for a "Thanksgiving" dinner which was very special to us. Thanks to everyone there for treating us as if we were "one of the group". You can check out link BAB for some or our pictures of that time. God Bless, Jerry Miller, U. S. Army Retired

Minary Fred Arrival Date: 1990
Message: Served on 34 Sqn from 1990 until 1996. When the Sqn moved back to Leeming I drove back which was great fun. Had great times in Cyprus and Akrotiri was a superb place to be stationed. I spent a lot of my spare time at Kingsfield in Dhekelia where I was Chief Flying Instructor of the Crusaders Gliding Club. Not a bad role for an SAC Rock Ape. Yassas :-)

Morgan Bob & Pat  Arrival Date: 1983
Message: We arrived in June 1983 and left end of October 1987. We lived firstly in Albion Street then Worrall Avenue and our 2 sons were both born at TPMH whilst there.  Bob worked for PSA/DOE as Quantity Surveyor and also played football for Med Services and also RAF Akrotiri plus represented the station at Squash.  Very happy times, great friends and fond memories!

Norbury Phil Arrival Date: 1987
Message: Had a wonderful 2 years there in the RAOC as a warrant officer, the family had a ball, so many great memories

Oliver Katie Arrival Date: 1990
Message: My dad - David Oliver served in the REME at Akrotiri. I was born there in  Dec 1991. Would be nice to here from anyone who rememebered my Dad or Mum - Janice Oliver.

Packham Steve Arrival Date: 1988
Message: I was at RAF Akrotiri between 1988 and 1991 serving at Ground Radio. We had a great section with loads of banter but... work was work and a necessary evil being a means to an end. What made Akrotiri really great was the weather and the resulting social life. Kebabs to celebrate just about anything! Keo, Brandy-Coke, cheap cigars! That was the life. My main area of interest was the (sadly now gone) Flamingo Theatre club of which I became Chairman during 1990 to 1991. Wow, they were great times with so many great friends made. Still in touch with some but others have faded away. My son was born at TPMH right at the end of my tour and he timed his arrival just right to extend my tour by 3 months - good lad! If you remember me please get in touch, it would be great to hear from you! Steve.

Pine Kylie-Ann I just wanted to check out the site, maybe find out a bit more about the base as i was born there in '87.I know this is probably a really big long-shot but I've got to try. I was born to Andrew and Isabella Pine on the Akrotiri Base in 1987 in the 
Princess 'something' hospital (I think it may have been 'Elizabeth' (TPMH)). I was 
born with an underactive thyroid and was looked after amazingly by a certain 
Doctor. I have no idea who he is but would absolutely love to find out if he is 
still serving or if I could possibly get in contact with him and thank him.
If you can help me in anyway I would love you forever.
Kylie-Ann xxx
(Come on TPMH Staff Lets Help Kylie)

Potter Steve Arrival Date: Jan 1986
Message: As Sgt RAFP served in investigations on P&SS (Cyprus). Lived in 4 Horsley Road. Had a wonderful 3 year tour and enjoyed Cyprus so very much. My kids just loved the island and we spent many happy days at the Sailing Club. Can remember the terrorist attack quite clearly, we had just left the club and thankfully missed the events - frightening time for families. A sad day when we left - my wife even had a tear in her eye. Great site and looking through the photo's brought back some good memories of happy days. Keep up the good work.

Rampey Michael 1988: I would like to locate Julie Grayson, who was a good friend of mine at RAF Akrotiri in the late 1980's. does anyone know what has become of her?

Rudderham Jacqueline Arrival Date: 1986
Message: I lived at RAF Akrotiri from June 1986 to April 1989. My husband worked on 34 Squadron during our three year tour. It was the happiest three years of our lives.

Scholes Trudie Arrival Date: 1988

Message: PSF 1988 to 1992 and then as wife 1998 to 2000.  I would love to hear from anyone who knew Ian and I.  We visit friends out there most years.

Shannon Neil Arrival Date: 1987
Message: worked in avionics bay,nice an airconditioned would love to go back remember mr soutiris if he is still around and many others that were part of eef  email

Taylor Frank Arrival Date: 1990
Message: Hi and how are you folks doing?
A Whilst I admire the work done on the web site can I ask a small but important q? Why are no Army units featured on the web site?
I can only assume that the site originated as a look to the past for the RAF, but I think the Army also, and still does play and important part at Akrotiri.
I was the Recovery Sgt at Force Workshop Joint Main Unit (JMU) Mar 1990-Oct1992 My CO was Wg Comdr Roger Bent. Most Armu support Corp/regts were represented at Akrotiri in one form or another
One thing that did arise from all the Joint units was an appreciation of and a respect for each other
kindest regards
Frank Taylor

Thompson Keith Arrival Date: 1987 to 1989
Message: Best years of my life.

Williams Natalie Arrival Date: 1987
Message: What a fantastic site this is, well done all. I was stationed in Akrotiri back in 1987 for two and half years and enjoyed every minute of it. I became a brownie leader for my time and had great pack holidays with them. Keep the good work up.