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Name Message
Aspery Pete Arrival Date: 1985

Message: 1985 - 1988 Supply Squadron. First overseas tour and absolutely loved it! First son born at TPMH. Had some great times and met some wonderful people! a time when the RAF was a way of life not just a job!!

BAILLIE CALUM Arrival Date: 1985

Bridgman Geoff  Arrival Date: 1985-1988 I was actually based at 280 su, but was involved with the Flamingo Theatre club, also the C of E church in the choir, and as a supplier came down on stores runs to main supply.  I was also a cricket umpire and umpired many games down here. 
Someone is looking for Julie Grayson, heard she left the RAF early 90`s believe she married, she was our Supply officer connection with Troodos. 

Caddy Phil Arrival Date: 1981
Message: Worked in the Comms Bay (part of Airfields Squadron) between 1981-1984. Lived in Philip Rd Akrotiri with my wife Glynis and children Stephen and Helen. Best times of our life. Worked with Don Finlayson, Tom Morrison, Phil Spacey. Remember Dave Jack, Joe Wright (scuba club), Dolly Finlayson. Ladies mile, Mahmouts and Rendezvous, Cyprus walkabout, squash. Would be good to hear from anyone who knew us. We are all now living in Sydney Australia.

Chatham Martin Arrival Date: 1984
Message: Isn't it amazing how many people say their time in Cyprus was the best time of their lives? I couldn't agree more! Spent 3 happy years on 84 Sqn. Loved the kebabs at Achilles and Sylvanas, and the steaks were fantastic too. I remember you could have a t-bone steak meal with a bottle of Kokkinelli and it was cú3 - a bargain! I won't mention the food fights we had at Achilles!!

Cooper Harry  Arrival Date: 1972-75, 1985-88
Message: Two great tours, lived in Limassol on first tour, which was interrupted due to Turkish invasion! still loved it. Lived at Akrotiri on 2nd tour

Craig Neil & Heather  1985 to 1988 We were lucky enough to return to Akrotiri for a second tour with DOE \ PSA this time bringing a daughter Yvonne and having a second child Sian who was born at TPMH. Once again we were involved with the 4Y Club and all the sports on offer in Cyprus. On this occasion we lived at 49 Barnet Road and once again made many good friends and have lots of memories it is great to reminisce.
Our MQ 49 Barnet Road The Kids enjoying Cyprus Life
Akrotiri Ladies Hockey Team 85-86 A Typical 4Y Party Night Aug 1987

Davies Alan  (Taff ) Arrival Date: 1985
Message: on 34 sqn sw flt then hq down in mt any one out there then get in touch .

Griffin Louise Arrival Date: 1981
Message: I spent 3 happy years with my husband in Cyprus based in Akrotiri, i have very fond memories of kokinelli and halloumi and lunza sandwiches oh and of course the famous mezes! looking for anyone who served in Air Operations 81 - 84 who knew or worked with Chris Holland. I remember Bill and Kathy Reid, noticed entry in visitors book,.

Irving Dougie Arrival Date: 1984
Message: was posted into Tasf at akrotiri for the best 3 years of my service career. like many to young to realise what a privilige i had been handed. spent a year on camp and then 2years in a hiring on lorentzu mavili street off curium round about. the wife and i still miss pambos's the swan and the phucket! oh for an egg haloumi lunza .

Jenkins Stu Arrival Date: 1982
Message: I arrived from Wittering on the 18th February 1982, I worked in Supply POL aviation and ground fuels, I was met off the VC10 by a group of the POL guys and basically taken straight to the Pen Club, I think i left 2 years later! I remember swimming playing football and drinking, I think we did some work occasionaly, driving up to Nissi for weekends, going to Egypt and Israel, remember listening to the reports of the Falklands War on BFBS, kebabs in the swan restaurant in the centre of Akrotiri village, names I remember; Glyn Lloyd, John Buchanan, Paul Grey, Vince Taylor we were the mischeif makers from hell, mostly instigated by me I'm sorry to say, special memory mention goes to WO Alan Ferguson who helped me stand when I was on my knees. I was lucky enough to go back for a couple of years 97-99 it was good and an opportunity for me to exorcise a few ghosts, but in my opinion all this joint service stuff ruined it, it was a true gem when it was truly RAF Akrotiri. For those that are interested I came good in the end, I left the RAF in 2005 and emigrated to Australia I'm now the General Manager of a Registered Training Organisation and make regular trips to the middle east and UK training Australian Defence personnel in various High Commissions, amazing really considering what an ass I was! 

Joshua Rick Arrival Date: 1981
Message: I arrived at Akrotiri at the age of ten with my younger brother, and our father Sgt. Noel Joshua was based at Supply Sqn. Like many others here I can easily say that the three years at Akrotiri were highlights in my life, from the impromptu football matches on the bondu behind our house (Princes Street) to the visits to Buttons Bay, the Yacht Club and the Tadpoles Swimming Club.

I was at Akrotiri Primary in 1981-82, before going on to St. John's in Episkopi.

Kilcullen Ken Arrival Date: 1984 & 1992

Message: First posted to Cyprus 1984-88 as PSA/DOE Regional Architect with an island-wide role to improve the 'amenity' of all the bases including the very run down Akrotiri. Based at HQ Episkopi but got stuck in to everything social as well as work. Cyprus Services Rambling Club, Shakespeare at Curium, Epi Theatre Club, Civvies FC, Kilingerie Club, Darts, Lemmings, Member of the Officers Messes and Honorary Member of the Sgts Messes etc. Had the most fantastic time of my life and fell in love with Cyprus and its people. Daughter Keri Kilcullen (now Duffy) and son Sean had a great time & education at Epi Primary (and later St John's).
Returned to Cyprus 1992-98 straight from Rheindahlen as Establishment Works Consultant, Episkopi Garrison for Defence Estates and carried on with the social side where we'd left off in '88 with Keri and Sean going to St John's.
Met Kath (Groves) SSAFA Social Work Coordinator & Social Worker, Akrotiri (1995-1997) in Feb 1997 at a Rambling Club Valentine's Weekend away at Paphos! We were married in December 2000 (eloped from our posts in Gutersloh and Rheindahlen to a secret wedding at Gretna Green, Scotland!).
Final posting was 2002-2007 as British Works Consultant, BATUS, Canada.
Will never forget (or forgive for the endless Keo, kokinelli, zivania & brandy hangovers!) the many, many, fantastic RAF Akrotiri friends and colleagues from the C S Rambling Club, Flamingo Theatre Club, Akrotiri FC, SSAFA, DOE/PSA District Office, Defence Estates and the Messes for being our 'extended family' spanning both tours. R-E-S-P-E-C-T !
Now retired to Bonnie Scotland. As always, our door is always open to our 'real' friends.

Ken & Kath

Haynes Toby Arrival Date: 1984
Message: I was part of 259 airfield troop army Royal .Signals MT. I hope to re-visit in July. Played cricket 4 WSBA v ESBA RAF joint team at Aiyous Nicolious ex 9 sig regt (spelling?) army team v raf 1985 happy valley ,played football for RAF Akrotiri had many good friends was a great posting met lots of mates .I wrote to c.o. asking permission to visit base between 4 -11 July 09 I hope I get reply 1994 -1996 signalman Haynes MT. section 259 airfield troop

Hunt Matt & Pam  Arrival Date: 1984
Message: Best posting ever had some great nights out at the pickled onion club we lived in Princess street from 1984-1987 now living in Canada 

Hunt Phil Arrival Date: July 1984

Message: best 3 of my time in the raf, loved every minute while out there.

Kumela Zoe Arrival Date: 1984
Message: TO GLENN LLEWELLYN AND OTHERS! I'm Jon and Wendy's youngest daughter, you may remember me as Vern-an-Glenn-Milo-Castle Kumela, my older sister was FB?! Can't believe it's you and would love to hear from you, same goes for anyone who remembers my folks from 84' squadron, late 1985 to '86. Zo xx

Llewellyn Glenn 84 Squadron from 83 - 86!  Always look back to those years as some of the best I've had.  I still keep in contact with quite a few people, but lost touch with others so hopefully this site will help me find a few old mates?
I'm married to Kirstin and living in Basingstoke with 3 children; Say hello and catch up.  Glenn. 

McLaughlin Terry Arrival Date: 1981
Message: Served as trade training co-ordinator at RAF Akrotiri 1981-84.  Lived in MQs at the Oval.  Fantastic posting and made many friends (both service and civilian).

Orlebar Grayhame Arrival Date: 1983
Message: Served with the RAF at 12SU Jan 1983 - Sep 1985 at Systems, with a 6 month det to Rxers in 1984

Parker Matt Arrival Date: 1983
Message: Definitely the best 3 years of my life, loved every minute of it! I went to Akrotiri Primary first then on to St Johns at Epi. My old man was Chief Tech on 84 Sqn, Dick Parker. He now lives in Canada but often goes back to Cyprus to see old friends.

Perry Chris  I did a 2 month stint at TPMH Pharmacy and Medical Stores in March/April 1984 

Prosser Stuart  Arrival Date: 1984
Message: I was at Akrotiri from 84-87 joined Akrotiri Primary and then went on to St Johns in 1985.
I can honestly say my time in Cyprus was the best years of my life without a doubt, i would love a posting there as a grown up!!

Prosser John Arrival Date: April1984
Message: Posted to 34 Sqdn RAF Regt as their "Supplier"in more ways than one Great tour lived in MQ in The Oval(5) ,Have met quite a few lads whilst teaching on GST.Now living in Forres working as civvy at kinloss,As does Don Gatt Anyone who wants can e-mail

Reid Bill Arrival Date: 1982
Message: Worked in Air Ops RAF Akrotiri got married out there and my wife and I will be celebrating our 25 th this year. Thoroughly enjoyed Akrotiri especially the Kart Club and the Road races. We must get back there sometime just to see the place.

Scotting Norman  Arrival Date: 1981-85
Message: I visited the station for 2 weeks every year as Team Leader of the Royal Air Force Road Safety Team, visiting all units and schools in Cyprus. My regards to all that remember me.
NG Scotting Flt Sgt ret

Stoker Davey (Andy) My father Andy Stoker was stationed on Akrotiri in 1982 and I was actually born on the base, spending my first six months there before he, my mother Sue and myself were transferred back to the U.K. I know they'd like to hear from any old friends and I'd also like to hear about the place of my birth so please get in touch

Thomas Dave and Brenda Arrival Date: 1984/87
Message: Lived at 21 Barnet road son aged 12 Darren, daughter Debbie aged 9,Dave worked in store R.A.O.C.we helped run the RAOC beach club,and was there when missiles where fired at the beach.Brenda was a bus escort.we also very good friends of Tom and Janis Kyle.

Thompson Phil I served in the Army at 10 Port SQN R.C.T. at Akrotiri Mole. I also played hockey for the Exiles hockey team during that time. I lived in 2 Duke Street with my wife Gaye and three children Craig,Stuart and Gemma. Craig is now serving in the RLC at CSSU BFPO58.

Walker Wayne Arrival Date: 22 July 1981
Message: Aged 16 arrived from brize Norton to Cyprus to start a 2 year posting with my family. Great memories of 9 weeks summer holidays (from Ireland) the best posting I can ever remember, have been back on holiday since and got back onto the camp saw where we used to live (22 Albion) but a lot had changed, not quite the same when you go back under different circumstances, but isn't that always the way. Loved my time there greatly no where else could have been so good.

Ward Stoo Arrival Date: 1982
Message: Bay support for 29 Sqn. C/T Don Finlynson in Comms Bay. Spent a lot of time at Buttons Bay when not called in. Easter grant at Ayia Napa, what a beach :-)
Remember heating 5 mil bits up in the Penn club (How cruel we were), eating lots of cheese and Ham toasties.
Keo and Cointrau. Remember coming back from the square with John Batty and announcing to the mess at breakfast that Mrs T had declared war on Agrentina. Flight home delayed. Monach airlines with captain Skidmoore at the controls. Great memories. Lost my mums present on the coach from Brize to Conningsby.

Wicks Andy  Arrival Date: 1985 - 1988
Message: Hi looking for anyone who may remember me served with RAF P&SS(c) on shift, thanks Andy

Willard Eugene Arrival Date: 1981
Message: I was a USAF MSgt when I was at RAF Akrotiri for a few months in early 1981.  I was assigned to the U2 outfit there.  I got a chance to meet many RAF members both permanently there and temporarily there from an RAF unit in Scotland.  I was made most welcome and spent much of my off duty time in the Sergeants Mess and the Anglers Club on base.  Had a great time.

Wood Pete  I had some marvellous times with my wife and family between January 1981 and June 1984. I also visited Cyprus with 100 Squadron in between 1976 and 1980. I was on the detachment in 1979 when the Canberra had reached it's thirtieth birthday, too much Kokenelli was consumed to have a full recollection of the party. I have some photos of the RCT open day in 1982 and of a visit paid to the USS Nimitz in 1983.