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Bishop Leslie Message: Served at HQ P&SS from 1980 to 1983 when Sqn Ldr Jackson was the boss. Had the best time of my RAF career at Akrotiri. old names come back, Harry Lucas, JD Drake, Algy Martin, John McGuiness to name a few. Now with Humberside Police as a Scenes of crime Officer. To those at Akrotiri now, enjoy and have a great tour. 

Blake (nee Jenkins) Nikki  Arrival Date: 1977
Message: My dad was in the raf (corporal hugh jenkins). We were there till 1980. My mum is called Linda, and I have a sister called chris and a brother called paul. We lived at 2 hawker drive therer was a cat called simon thet belonged with the house.
Mr Apps and Mr Barrington were head and deputy head. I also remember Princess anne but dont remember pans people. Didnt sir edmund hilary come to the school as well?
Ian Mills I think I remember the school trip you have shown a photo of, on a boat to watch the rescue helicopter?
Other teachers were Miss Ritchie, Mrs Pleasants, Mrs Sanderson and Miss Holland. There was a caretaker as well called 'mr louie'. Other people I remember are Mark Trotter, Melanie Scott, Steven and Paul Kelly, Kirsty Gray, Gary Williams, Wendy Cleeton, and loads others who I can't put a name to. I also loved Buttons Bay and Dreamers Bay. Also the park was good. My dad sometimes took us to the police dogs traininmg place as well. Loved going up to the water tower but can't remember what was so great now! Also used to love cycling up devils hill then back down again! It was great being in Akrotiri there was so much to do and it was generally a safe place to hang out.

Bridgman Geoff  I was based at the Station between 1980 and 1982, working in Supply. We I was involved with both the Church, Flamingo Theatre club and have many memories. Name: Geoff Bridgman
Message: I was interested in looking at the photo of the yellow whirlwind
being towed. I being one of those Supplier fraternity who worked in Forward
Delivery in supply and used to deliver all the goods around the station,
and if Tom Crosby reads this, yes we used to go for a bacon butty at lady
L`s hide the van around the corner. I remember the CANBERRA Crashing on take off, and other incidents, my main reason for contacting you again with memories, is the end of the Whirlwinds, and the arrival of the Wessex
aircraft, happened on a Friday late, the aircraft being flown out all the
way from Benson, and not going wrong once, the Hercules true to form did.
On the Sunday us band of Suppliers, put right what the movers could not put
all the spares away safely, if you had seen the Condec and how things ere on there, wow, H@S would have a field day now. When the Whirlwinds came out of use they were stored in hangar 85, later they had to be moved, and yes you guessed it , we were involved again, with help from 84sqdn, MT, and us suppliers, we moved all the aircraft to the old NAAFI hangar, by the Police
section, we asked for Police Help BUT NONE GIVEN TILL LAST BUT ONE AIRCRAFT HAD BEEN TOWED UP, THEY SUDDENLY WUNDERED WHY TRAFFIC WAS BUILDING UP OUTSIDE THERE HQ, good old snowdrops suddenly found time to help us, better late than never. Well could go on with many stories, on a later tour as a mountain man, had to undergo a test to be able to grunt properly. am happy to submit many more stories if you require them.I am now involved with RAFA as chairman of the City of Bristol Branch. 

Cain David  Email:

Arrival Date: 1976

Message: served with 84 Sqdn. as an engineer from 1976 - 1979, when I was cas-evaced back to UK after a motorcycle accident. Learnt to dive with Dive 107 on the beach and spent much time there, including a period as 'Captain of Boats' which entailed much mending them after certain people ran them aground (the Dive Office at the time being a main culprit!). I have now just returned to live in Cyprus, after many holidays and would love to hear from any old contacts from 84 Sqdn or Dive 107. Also pleased to hear from anyone interested in any history and photo's of Akrotiri, the Dive club and Cyprus generally at that time.

Coe Frank  Message: Served as WO JSMTSS Feb78 toFeb82. Keen water-ski member. Very happy days, four years was not long enough! Any contemparies out there?

Craig Neil & Heather  Arrival Date: 1979
1979 to 1982. I worked as a Civilian Electrician for DOE \ PSA and Heather worked for Admin at 48 Command Workshops. We were allocated a married quarter which was one of the newly converted Barrack Blocks which became 7 The Oval. We were both active members of the 4Y Social Club and took part in nearly every sporting event Cyprus had to offer. People may remember me through Football with Civvies FC or Med Services FC and Heather as a member of the Akrotiri Ladies Hockey Team. We made many good friends during our tour and were lucky enough to return for a second tour in 1985 if anybody would like to catch up please email. We would like to make contact with our old next door neighbours at 8 The Oval Ian and Anne Gray he use to work at the MET Office if anybody could assist.
 4Y Social Football Team
Newly converted barrack that became our MQ 7, The Oval
Akrotiri Ladies Hockey Team 1982
4Y Club Stall at Akrotiri Open Day 1980

Davies Glyn  Message: The airhead, whether either arriving on posting or APC Det, flying through to Bahrain or as in 2000 arriving on our last tour before semi-retiring in Cyprus.
My father served here in 1961 - '63, and two of my brothers were serving here in the 1980's, one a "Rock", the other an Eng Officer.
I did a Det here, but served for 2 years as a "Mountain Man" 1976 - '78, happy days

Dixon David  Arrival Date: 1979
Message: Forgive the memory but reviewing your site many names sound familiar. Regrettably I have very poor memory of names but can be good on occasions and faces!

I was a member of 84 Squadron from 79 -82 and single, playing Rugby and mostly Water Skiing. Short periods with the Kart Club, Sub Aqua, Athletics, Karate, Water Polo, Troodos snow skiing and hospital visits! In fact anything fun!! Especially if drinking and Kebab eating involved! Brandy sours by the pint invented by me! I latterly joined 100 Squadron Canberra at RAF Wyton and returned on detachments two to three times a year from 82-85. Best years of my career. Currently living in Witney, Oxfordshire. Would like to reminisce with friend or foe from the past?

Dykes Don Chief Clerk 1977 to 1980 and expat 1984 to 1994. Miss all the many friends in the General Office, Rambling Club, Theatre Club, Tadpoles Swimming Club and many others and the Aphrodite Brach RAFA  . 

Elliott Phil  Arrival Date: 1978
Message: I was the armourer on 84 Sqn B Flt at Nicosia during the late 70's. We used to spend a lot of time at Akrotiri on our days off and I well remember the Pegasus & Cpls clubs as well as the various beach clubs. Probably the best tour of my service life and the 84 Sqn Association is the only one I have ever joined. I'll be posting a few photos when I have them scanned. Glad to hear from anyone from this period, and I'm back in touch with a few others from this time. Best wishes to all.

Farmer Cliff  Arrival Date: 1978
Message: Many fond memories of Akrotiri though I was stationed at EPI(Cpl,later Sgt Pers Admin with 12SU Sat Comms Flt May 78 - May 81. Angie and I spent loads of time at the Rowing Club where I sweated many hard hours in training (though replaced a fair bit with Carlsberg!) Had several trips back to the UK representing Akrotiri and picked up a few trophies. I think Mark Leigh (message on this site)and I probably rowed together and other noteable names include, Leigh Matthews, Chris Sheffield, H Firth to name but a few. Great crowd of people. Loved everthing about those years. Will be back in Cyprus in a few weeks and will have to wistfully gaze at the Rowing Club, but this time from the other side of the wire on Ladies Mile - pity we couldn't have life membership! Oh to turn back the clock! Regards to anyone who knew Angie and me.

Farrer Brian Arrival Date: 1978
Message: On 84sqn 78-81 waterski club all of tour.Club champ in '80. Belong 84 reunion association. In Cyprus 1st 2 weeks May 2012 for reunion. Hello Frank, Dave,Phil

Freedman Ian  Arrival Date: 1979
Message: Worked at 33SU DET SALT time of my life....great mates including Ash Cooper, Bob Pierce, Baz Sullivan, Kevin Pirie, not forgetting the biggest nutter of them all Steve Mcdermott,a legend in his own lunchtime!!!!!.....anyone else I cant think of get in touch!!!

Finch Steve Arrival Date: 1980-1983

Message: My Dad, Mick Finch (CPL), was posted to Akrotiri from Brize Norton in 1980-83. We lived at 7 Hawker Drive (looks the same in Google maps!) and my brother Paul and I went to Akrotiri Primary. We were both members of the Tadpoles swim club - Buttons Bay and Dreamers Bay were our second home! Loved Cyprus - such great memories. The curries at the Shalamar, the Meze at the Lakeside in Akrotiri Village. The Red Arrows training overhead. The Saturday Matinee at the Cinema. Playing golf at TPMH. Finishing school at 1.30pm!! Some of the best years of my childhood and hope to go back and visit soon. Hope it hasn't changed too much!

Gardner Chris Message: Stay cool, drink LOX. I was a Cpl on the Gas Plant in 1974,a Sgt on the Gas Plant 1977-1980 and finally Chief Tech 1987-1990. Did waterskiing 1977-1980 and boardsailing at ARABS 1987-!990. Also flew model aircraft on the salt lake nearly every Sunday morning. Wonder if anyone remembers me.

Graves Jan Arrival Date: 1980
Message: Not sure whether I am entitled to use this website, my husband was actually a serving member of the Army. We were stationed in RAF Akrotiri till 1983 we had lots of friends in the RAF. My husband Tony played football for RAF Akrotiri in the A team. We have just purchased a villa in Souni Village just outside Limassol with a view to retiring here in 5 years time. Cyprus is very dear to my heart and I cannot wait til I return for good.

Graves Michael  Arrival Date: 1980
Message: HI, I am looking to contact anybody who remembers me and my family, the Graves clan. my father is Tony Graves RAOC. i am his oldest son mike, i would have been 9 at the time of my arrival, i also had a younger brother Andy, we lived at 20 Princess street. my father was involved in football to a very high standard representing the army, the combined forces team, united nations and the logs of Akrotiri. my brother Andy and i were also involved in football, both of us representing Akrotiri Primary School, i would like to get in touch with anybody who remembers my family. just looking through the photos of Akrotiri brings back so many good memories, it was the best time of my life, the people i met the experiences i had, they were the best three years of my life. 

Green Roger  AFMT. Wonderful site look forward to seeing more will try to get back over there for another look keep the photos coming. 

Kirkbride Charles  Arrival Date: 1980
Message: Posted to 84 sqd Akrotiri and spent a year at Nicosia on UN.  Left Cyprus in 1984.  Played the bagpipes at many functions etc  best times in Cyprus..

Leigh Mark Message: First came to Cyprus en-route to Salalah in 1974, then later on detachment with 15 Sqn as part of 19 Air Portable Brigade at the time of the Turkish invasion. Was stationed with 34 Sqn RAF Regiment (OC "B" Flight) Early '76 through to the end of '79. Many great times and fond memories - especially of the Akrotiri Rowing Club that once ruled the inter-services tournaments back in the UK (as well as having an excellent bar!)

Mead Angela Arrival Date: July 1979
Message: To all the friends I made when my dad was stationed their would love to get in contact with any of you between 1979 - 1982 at school in Episkopi and at the Saddle club in Akrotiri I was a groom to Blue Jeans and loved every horse there.  

Mills Ian  I am the son of Graham Mills,  Editor of The Flamingo Magazine who served in ATC from about 1976-1979. Have many good memories of good friends and colleagues and am delighted to still be in touch with many of them. Mother Gwen is happy and well, living in Hampshire. mills4.JPG (30599 bytes)
Good to see some images of Flamingo on the page too - dad would be proud and delighted to see his work being enjoyed 25 years on.
Would be delighted to hear from anyone who remembers me or my family. 
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Mockford Derf  Arrival Date: 1979
Message: Really enjoyed my time in Akrotiri at 33SU from 1979 to 1984. Great to see pictures from those years. Wife was Chrissy. Paul was 5 years old when we arrived & Fay was born in the hospital in December 1979. Rowing club, ski club and the kart club...  ah, fond memories

Morris (doc) Dr Gordon Name:  
Arrival Date: 1980
Message: Arrived in 1980 as new JMO in medical centre with Wayne Robinson and John McKenzie and Ginge Trevaskis et al.  Best posting I could have wished.  Great station, operational flying, patients deserving and appreciating care abroad, wonderful culture and one of my sons was born in TPMH.  Have been back to do locums in 2006/7/8 and hope to return again before retirement. Will always go to Cyprus for holidays - it is in my blood now. New road from Akrotiri to Ladies Mile makes the trip much easier but maybe too many will get to know about it - Colin Birch beware.  Gordon Morris, Thurso

Morland Roy Sue & Neil  Arrival Date: 1980
Message: Posted to 84 Sqn, we spent some time in Limassol before moving into 14 Albion St. Had a fantastic tour, the best in 23 years and made a lot of good friends, Dot & Dennis cork lived next door. Did the Hovercraft & Canoe club ever get the Hovercraft working and who can forget the "Swan kebab house". I worked on XD184(current Gate guard) many times, it was used to kill the Mosquitos in the Salt Lake using a funny powder dropped from a hopper.

Murray Alison Email:

Arrival Date: Dec 1976

Message: Hi just wanted to let people know that ex WO Alan Murray (Jackie and Alan from the rowing club) passed away peacefully on 4th Jan 2012

Oconnell Roseann Arrival Date: July 1979
Message: Hi my name is roseann I lived in Harding avenue with my 2 daughters Donna and Cheryl Oconnell I also remember Princess Anne`s visit and Pans people. If there  is any one that remembers me or my daughters, would like to get in touch

(Scott) Melanie Holmes  Arrival Date: 1978
Message: Hi all, great to see all the old pictures of Akrotiri it brought
back a lot of memories of when me and my family were out there between
'78-'81.My Dad was Sgt. Cyril Scott and we lived at 5 Harding Avenue and my Mum Gill and Dad were keen golfers at TPMH golf club.Great memories of Happy Valley, Berengaria, Tadpoles swimming club,the Mole, Ladies Mile and Troodos  mountains. Attended Akrotiri Primary School and Mr.Apps was our headmaster.I even remember when we had a visit from Pans People and Princess Anne. Great days....

Smith Craig  Arrival Date: 1980
Message: Hi looking to find anybody who remembers the Smith's, Mal Smith at the time SGT catering I am the son Craig would of been 8, I remember Heaps of people but have trouble locating them, would be great to get in touch. I left Cyprus 1984, best time of my life, with the exception of getting married living in Nw Zealand and having our first child. Cheers Craig

Soane Paul Arrival Date: 1979-1982
I am the oldest son of Sgt speedy Soane. I went to Akrotiri primary school from 1979-1982. I would be interested in contacting any of the people I went to school with and was friends with. I have many photos of that time, they bring back many great memories. I remember the christmas play one year Snow white and the 77 dwarfs. Afternoons spent at the rowing club beach, learning to swim with the Akrotiri Tadpoles and many others. Some of the friends i remember include Craig Smith, Graeme Brown and his brother Alan, Nicholas Hill and the lovely Stephanie and Joanna French.

Whitfield Samantha Arrival Date: 1976 (I think)
Message: Hi, Not sure if anyone remembers me or my family (I would have been about 8 at the time) My father was Squadron Leader Tim Jones, mum Cindy, and I have 2 younger brothers Alex and Matt. I remember a training exercise with the the Royal Anglians (spelling wrong but I think that was them) we had a day off school and had to be rowdy villagers.  Great fun. I also remember playing the recorder at our street party for the Queens Silver Jubilee and presenting a bouquet of flowers to someone (although I cant remember who she was) when she arrived at the airport and while we were waiting being told that my shoelace was undone to look down and see I was wearing buckled shoes. Anyway, if anyone remembers us it would be lovely to say hi.