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Name  Message
Abbott Dennis  Arrival Date: 1967
Message: arrived in Akrotiri with 56 Squadron Lightnings which took over air defence from 29 Squadron Javelins. Was posted to 103 MU beginning of 1969 to when I left in April of that year.

Anderson Lynne Arrival Date: 1968- 1971
Message: my dad CPL George Anderson was in the RAF in the MT section and we lived in charles street and i went to ST Johns school. My name is Lynne and my sisters name are Pamela and Diane  and my brother is David. my dad helped with the building of the go cart track. i would love to chat to anyone who remembers us as i have a lot of happy memories  of living in cyprus, some of the names i remember are Phillip, John and Audrey Stocks, Ken Lane, John Middleton and exspecial Janet Stabler

Annesley Mike Arrival Date: 1966 - 1973
Message: As a Flight Engineer on Argosy and Britannia aircraft I became very familiar with Akrotiri although never stationed there. I found the site, passed to me by a friend, very interesting, however there doesn't seem to be a picture of a Britannia in the banner on your home page and no mention of it in the right ups. That's a bit sad.

Bell Bryan Arrival Date: 1968
Message: I served on 70 Sqdn "the whispering wheelbarows", Argosies to all the uninitiated.  I see Rob Currie has posted. I remember him well.  Ernie Luckham was my Ch Tech at that time.

Boyd Bill Arrival Date: 1969-1972
Message: I was the Base RAF Police Criminal Investigator living in MQs at Alexander Hill. Together with my wife, Peggy and Roger and Ann Knapp we also ran the Akrotiri Boys Club. Best posting we ever had.

Brooks Peter James Arrival Date: 1966-1968
Message: Hello, my dad was stationed at RAF AK 66 - 68 and always tells us of the fun he had - Am trying to put him in touch with anyone who might remember him as I know he has many a fond memory of the 3 years he spent there. Sarah and Jon

Bush Jack Arrival Date: 1967
Message: Arrived to find I was allotted to Strike Wing, I really don't have much to say about that experience other than the fact that the guys were great and the aircraft were great. Funny really, I was advised that I should beware of being stuck on one particular wing, before arriving in Cyprus.
Two of the best years I spent in the RAF were when I moved to Aircraft Scheduling and Planning, Chief Tech Wiltshire was the boss and he was a real gentleman.
I was demobed after this tour and my wife, daughter and I flew back to Lyneham arriving on a cold and frosty evening at around 23:00 hours, only to be told that there was nowhere to put us up overnight and we were then dumped on the street of Swindon and after calling around ended up at the old Railway Hotel, frozen stiff and we all slept in our clothes under the blankets of a damp hotel room bed. Fond memories indeed!
I trust today that our service men and families are treated in a more humane manner.

Burston Keith Arrival Date: 1968
Message: Arrived at Akrotiri as a 19 year old in the May of 1968 what a fantastic experiance arrived as a boy left as a man! have been back 4 times since,going again in 2 days,love the country and the people just wish they could get their act together.

Cooper Ken  I worked on 103MU Radio servicing flight (GRSF) 

Currie  Robert I served on 70 Squadron as an L.Mech.AC. for 2 1/2 years, billeted as a L.I.P. at Akrotiri. C/O was Squadron Leader Fish. I remember the Whirlwind in the late 60's and the arrival of a U2 on a Sunday. Arrival Date: 1968

Cutler Aileen and Peter Arrival Date: 1969
Message: What a wonderful posting this was. At first we lived behind the ETKO factory in Limassol and then in MQ Akrotiri. Niazzis,  Brittania, Mahmouds, Arifs, Chris's Riverside restaurant up the Nicosia rd. The Cave Du Rois and Chez Nous. Used to swim at frenchmans cove. Have been back a few times still love it but it is not as good now.

Darbyshire Des Arrival Date: 1967
Message: Arrived at Akrotiri in October , posted to 103 mu as a aerial rigger.
Left in  1970 having had the best three years of my life, lived in Limassol in a great bungalow with my wife in londino street which was filled with a mix of army and RAF people.
Very fond memories of the time.

Day Barry  Arrival Date: 1966
Message: On a 12 month detachment to 33 SU, Salt Flats Akrotiri from RAF Pergamos.
I had a wonderful time met and worked with some fantastic people.
The best posting I ever had!

Doolin Hugh (Paddy)  Arrival Date: 1969--->1972
Message: Was dropped "as a young Paddy" into Engineering Records to ensure that the guys in there had something to smile about and of course to add a bit of culture. Where are you now Brian Guest and that good looking Trevor Rozario? My one enduring memory was the cheese and pickle rolls for tea break......

Dyas Phil Arrival Date: 1967
Message: My Dad , Chf Tech Sam Dyas ( Decd '79)  worked mainly at the TASF end of the runway from 67 through to 70. We arrived in Sept 67 and after a brief stay in the Astir in Limassol lived in Evdimou Panteli street up from the outdoor cinema ( 1st April St ) As is the case for most forces kids these remain the best life experiences with St Johns Episkopi the heart of it all. Ive seen Phil Kingbury's comment below and remember him and his brother Mark from the school bus , as we lived round the corner on Barnett Road.
Still searching for the Barrington brothers from Berengaria, Gerald Attwood , Kirk Toner , Alison Ross, Claire Weedon, Gill Kidd, Myra Gibbons ( best gril footballer ever seen ) and her brother ( Elgin ?)  Was captain of football and remember Mr Lowe.  Anyone out there remember the Tween Club -  we weren't allowed in the Youth Club so met in the Church Hall by the NAAFI on a Friday.
Would be great to hear from anyone there at the same time.  Still brings a smile when I remember those years.   

Farmer Colin Arrival Date: 1967
Message: Served here and Episkopi with 261 Signals Squadron (Royal Signals). Many photos on Friends Reunited, St Johns School of people I knew through the youth club at Episkopi.  Need names for some of the pics if anybody goes looking.
Best three years of my life spent on the island, have been back twice on holiday in recent years. Wife now understands my obsession with the place still trying to find people from those times, Chris Biddlecombe, Bobby Hogg.

Fisher Dave Arrival Date: 1969

Message: Amazing what you find on Google. Spent a great 3 years on 103 MU (FRSF to be precise). After a couple of months in Limassol with my then wife, decamped to 14 Kings Road for the remainder.

Spent many a night at the Row Folk Club as a performer, or working backstage at the Drama Club luvvy.

Just before we left in September 72, helped produce the 4th Annual Folk Festival at Curium.

As of June this year (2008) now semi retired to Cyprus (living in Kissonerga) and still doing the music scene, in fact, did a beach party at Curium (Kourion) for Limassol Legion a few weeks back. Talk about full circle!!

Used to sing with Neil McKenzie and Gill? Saw a shout on another site from Jill that she has a CD of our Curium set. If you find me on here Gill......get in touch.

Flynn Christine Arrival Date: 1968
Message: moved to Akrotiri in 1968 when I was six.  We lived in Lowe Crescent then Lowe Avenue.  My Father was a doctor at Princess Mary's and he used to walk to work across the cliffs!  I remember it all vividly despite my youth.  I went back about 4 years ago and went to Platres and Troodos and even remembered where the Royal Oak used to be (although no derelict - just a sign.)  Stayed in Limassol and located the old yellow House (still a cafe but different name.)  Great meals at Niazzi's (went back to Kyrenia on last visit to have the full kebab and it's still fantastic.) My parents used to let us drink the Kokinelli (sp?) - very irresponsible! Great memories of Fassouri, school trips to Limassol, someone dropping a "dud" bomb during Scottish dancing lessons and me running home across the Bondu being chased by MP officers....was friends for a while with CO Stacey's daughter Fiona and made to wash the road when someone wrote obscenities on the road outside his house...Living in Akrotiri was the best time of my life and I still yearn for it.  Would love to hear from anyone my age who lived there at this time.

Flynn John Arrival Date: 1967
Message: I was posted to 103 MU in Dec '67. I spent 2 1/2 happy years in Cyprus on my final tour before leaving the mob in '71.

Fryer Sue

No Email address


Arrival Date: 1970
Message: We arrived in Cyprus in 1970, lived in a luxury (to us!) on the By-pass in Limassol, for our first few months. Will never forget sitting on the balcony in the April sun, with my Mum, eating oranges with the leaves still on!
We moved to Akrotiri in 71, lived on Hawker Drive. My younger siblings went to the primary school, the rest of us to St John's Episkopi. I was in 6th form, with a wonder Headmaster called Mr Healey (?). Sadly, my Dad, Sgt Fryer (now deceased, 2006) was invalided out of the RAF for health reasons & we returned, with very short notice, to a horrible transit camp in Lancs (?) in freezing snowy, miserable UK, in Feb 72. We all had a terrible couple of  months before settling in Suffolk. I've been back to Cyprus a couple of times; so sad that it's now a divided island, wasn't when we lived there.

Gardiner Bob I was stationed at 280 SU 1966-1969

Gee  Brian Arrival Date: May 1968
Message: I was at 103MU on Ground Radar from May 68 to 71. Best three years of my life with the Water Ski Club, Berengaria Players, tennis at Berengaria. Met some wonderful people and got to see Malta, The Gulf, Libya while working.

Glendinning Ian I arrived at Akrotiri just before Christmas 1970 when my father was posted to 9 sqn as an AEO. Probably the happiest period of my life, not a care in the world and spending every waking hour during the summer at the Western Cyprus Services Water Ski Club.

Grimshaw Bill Arrival Date: 1966 Worked in Radio Repair Flight (RRF )Had a great tour. Would like to hear from old associates 

Guy Lorraine Arrival Date: 1967 - 1970
Message: Arrived in 1967 with my two sister & two brothers, Alison, Deborah, Christoper & Malcolm,. My dad served with the RAF, based in Episkopi. My years at SJS where no doubt the best years. Dad died in 1981, though mum is still alive. Best friend Linda Dyson, still in touch and see her couple of times a year, we have been best friends since we where 14. Been back a few times, still love Cyprus, met up with Colin Farmer few years back, still the same.  Would love to know where Bobby and Andrea Hogg are now.  If anyone can help, let either Colin or myself know. Take care all old SJS pupils and ex pats.

Halvey Tom Arrival Date: 1966
Message: Our family arrived April 6 and lived in Limassol near Kolokidi flats and I think it was Bamos stores and attended one of the primary schools in limassol. Our landlord was a fisherman and he took us out on his boat a couple of times on a Sunday morning (5 oclock). we then moved onto Akrotiri,Princess street and attended the primary school and then St Johns in Episkopi.. The thing that brought me to your site was I carried out a search for Buttons bay. I arrived at the following page
and was absolutly shocked to see a photo of Laurie Daly who was a family friend who used to spend a lot of time around our house. There are so many meories,I was a member of the Air scouts at Akrotiri,at some stage someone from the scouts in the UK came to visit and filmed us for the Scout archives in the UK. The UN troops based in Cyprus used to frequently come to the base for R&R and stay with families. Then there were the floods where everything along princess street was a foot plus under water, the Astra cinema, The families club etc.. I went on oard HMS Hermese when she visited Akrotiri. That must have made a big impression on me because I joined the Fleet Air Arm. Aircraft and Royal Navy,what a mix.The thing with being a forces brat is you can never settle down. I've travelled the world,lived in SE Asia for many years,Aus NZ etc.. Yet Cyprus and the time there still has a special place in my heart. I wish we had been there longer. 3 years was not long enough

Hardingham Russ Arrival Date: 1969
Message: Moved to Cyprus in 1969 when my father [Neil Hardingham] was posted with 70sqdn. He was a loadmaster and eventually M/ALM W/O Examiner on Hercules [previously on the Hasting, Beverly and Argosy]. We initially lived in a hiring in Limassol [when the tornado's came through - either side of our house!]. Moved onto Akrotiri base, first to Barnet Rd and then to 2 Verity Close. Left in 1972. Too many good memories to list!
2verityclose.jpg (55939 bytes) Our_car_2_Verity_Close_1971.jpg (169905 bytes)
hard3.jpg (94185 bytes) hard4.jpg (101648 bytes)

Hayes Mick Arrival Date: 1969
Message: Spent 2 1/2 years as a singly at RAF Akrotiri. Worked in Air Traffic Control and played soccer for RAF Cyprus and NEAF. Excellent memories of downtown Limassol with Andy Cap Bar, Cest La Vie, Green Rock, Britannia, Niazzis and Pops Soup Kitchen being some of the more memorable. Returning to Limassol on holiday this September whilst the wine festival is on to try and revive some of those wonderful memories. Cyprus will always be a special place.

Chris Arrival Date: Oct 1970
Message: worked on P.O.L. (liquid stores) 1970 -73.son born RAF hospital 1972.good memories of the darts league in limassol (loftis bar ruled) .I played for the stars bar with Tommy cairns as captain. Owing to a family crisis in the UK, He couldn't collect me and mine from the Troodos leave centre as we'd arranged. My Flt Sgt, Don Davies, did the honours; you didn't trust taxi drivers on the seven sisters! that trip to Troodos in July 72,was a nightmare, nearly freezing, but only officers could have heating, no diversity in those days, still,we did get tea in bed every day.

Hewlett Tim Arrival Date: 1968
Message: Arrived in May and had the best 3 years of my young life, lived in Limassol, went to Berengaria, then St Johns. Enjoyed the island and its people at its best. Spoke reasonable greek, many Greek friends and revisited some in 2003. very emotional reunions with some wonderful people. I wish my kids could have had such a magical experience. Nisi beach before it was developed. Governors beach when it was deserted, and Amathus beach when it was miles from Limassol and remains of the ancient city could still be seen.
A magical island, wonderful people and memories for life.

No Email Address supplied.

Hulme Peter Arrival Date: 1969
Message: Arrived 1969, one month in Limassol before moving to Cornwall Avenue, remember the Renault 4 and Susan Sleight and Georges Crisps and lots of happy memories. My Dad (sadly deceased) was education officer, editor of flamingo for a year or two. Hi to all 69-72 people

Judge Geraldine Arrival Date: 1968
Message: Best years of my life.

Kingsbury Phil Arrival Date: 1968
Message: Arrived in Cyprus in November 1967. Lived in Limassol then moved to Barnet Road, RAF Akrotiri in Feb '68. Father (still alive) was a flight engineer on 70 Squadron (HS Argosy C Mk1). I have a good friend who was stationed at Akrotiri about this time: Clive Richardson (aka 'Chalky'). School chums were Julian Day, John Fisher, and Iain Bannigan (who followed us from RAF Benson). Schooled at RAF Episkopi. Returned to Blighty, July 1970.
Best years of my life!!!!!
You may wish to put this photo of the Vulcans on dispersal at RAF Akrotiri circa 1969. My father took this photo when he was stationed next door at the 70 Squadron pan. I am sure the 30-year rule will allow this now to be published!
I have some p
hotos of a Battle of Britian 'mock rescue' with a Canberra (B2?) front fuselage and hovering Westland Whirlwind (B&W) if you are interested (taken on a Brownie 127 and processed via Teleradio, most likely Sept 1969).
In the two  ATC photos attached 'yours truly' is the cadet in the front row, second from the right (Akrotiri Summer Camp at Luqa 69) and in the back row third from the left (Akrotiri_Summer Camp@Luqa70), if you ignore our
CO, Flt Lt Parnell. Flying Officer Moore (a navigator on 70 Sqdn) standing at the other end. Interestingly, he is (was?) a Rhodesian and our ATC squadron adjutant. Astra program from August '69.
Phil Kingsbury
(ex-ATC No. 1 Overseas Squadron, RAF Akrotiri)
kingsbury7.JPG (141441 bytes) kingsbury6.JPG (146919 bytes)
kingsbury2.JPG (89510 bytes) kingsbury3.JPG (92484 bytes)
kingsbury4.JPG (84024 bytes)

kingsbury1.JPG (162128 bytes)

kingsbury5.JPG (88765 bytes)

Kirk Ken  Arrival Date: 1969 Psychiatric Nurse at TPMH. Wife Eileen, daughters Carol and Susan, son Michael, also have another son, James, born after we left Cyprus. 

Lamb Reg Arrival Date: 1966
Message: Posted to Akrotiri in 1966 with my wife and children lived in Limassol. Was on the Mounted Police at Akrotiri then posted to Raf Nicosia on 24 PD Det.

Lewis Bob Arrival Date: 1969
Message: posted to 103mu arrived nov 69 worked in the bofors section for 18 month until found out i shouldn't have been there (typical) so was posted to the station bomb dump for my last 12 months many happy memories including the parachute club with gary beasley and nick fry and weekend trips to raf nicosia to visit long standing friends jim and anna rae does anybody remember these people I would be very gratful for information on any of these people 

Lodge Steve Arrival Date: 1969
Message: For the first 18 months 'we' lived in Idaliou Street in Limassol after a brief stay in Kolakides Flats (now Barclays Bank) on the big roundabout near to the Zoo. I, like my siblings, attended St Johns for the 3 years and like a great many people have fond memories. Upon moving to Akrotiri we lived near to the NAAFI and our neighbours were the Whites' and the Greatrexs'.  My first true love, a year older than me, lived nearby and we were all part of a large circle friends.  As a member of the Tadpoles I was the boy's captain (Sue Ogden was the girl's).  Several of us formed a football team called ASBAY (too easy I know) and we challenged the guys from Epi.  The Epi side was captained by my then best friend, Allan Evans, who went on to captain Aston Villa and play for Scotland.  We left Cyprus in April 72 and were stationed at Gaydon in Warks.  Sadly, after 5 weeks there my father [Sgt Tom Lodge, 280SU] died and we then 'chose' (and I use the term loosely) to settle in Carterton.  I was a proverbial round peg in a square hole; not fitting in with the village lads at all. Over the years I have tried to trace old friends from the time spent on Cyprus but the traditional web sites (FR etc) have drawn a blank.

Lopeman Peter Arrival Date: 1967
Message: Three fabulous years of our childhoods (me and my two brothers) in RAF Akrotiri. We had a hiring in Limassol from 67-70. I was 6 - 9 years old. I went to Berengaria, and Campbell Road Junior. Those schools were great compared with the silly stuff I did in UK schools! My dad was a SGT in RAF Regiment and so we spent many afternoons in the Island Clun while parents chatted and drank Keo beer. Swam in Ladies Mile beach. Camped up in Troodos. Played footie with Cypriot kids on the bondoo (we not speaking any Greek and they not speaking any English - just the universal language of football!!). visited Curium and towns around Cyprus (I remember a little village called....Paphos) Larnaca, Kyrenia, Famagusta etc. We used to play on the anti-aircratf Bofors guns on the coast near Curium. We used to brim with pride watching our Dad march in his Regt Sqn on the tarmac at Akrotiri. I remember Father Christmas coming by helicoptor to the base for the RAF kids' Christmas party. Those were the days!

Longley Bill I was a loadmaster on Hastings with No 70 Sqdn.

Lloyd Jeff  Arrival Date: Jan 1970
Message: My wife Jeanette and I arrived on 16 Jan 1970 at 8am on the 'East Med' trooper from Lyneham (a Britannia) I worked at TASF on Bravo pan. This tour was the most memorable in my RAF career of 24 years. We loved it so much that when it came time to finish work and retire, we packed up in the UK and moved to live in Cyprus, Paphos district. There are three other ex TASF personnel living here from that era. Chf Tech Ginge Loxley, Allan Tweedie and Ian Rudge.....are there any others? We are still in touch with our 'old' Cypriot landlord, who still lives in the same house in Limassol.

Madge Don Arrival Date: 1967
Message: I was an MTD on 103 MU MT Flight from Jan 67 till Jan 70. Noddy Land was one of the best postings I had. We mainly collected vehicles from Famagusta docks and ran the NEAF crane course.
I would be very pleased to hear from anybody who remembers me.  

STAFF CAR PLUS The recent arrival of the CO's new Staff Car is thoroughly in keeping with 103's tradition for leading the field. Seen here with Fg Off Cantwell, the Unit MTO, and Cpl Madge of MT Flight, the TR is ideally suited to the Cyprus climate. Further negotiations with the Financial Adviser are in hand - it is hoped to obtain a DB6 for winter use.

Mcclean Martina Arrival Date: 1967

Message: arrived in akrotiri may 69 with my mum marcella and my dad john mcclean (ground crew) just hoped there was someone out there remembers my dad as it would make my mum so happy as she and dad had found memories of there time there and i have very young memories of ladys mile beach and remember being hurridly packed out in 1972

McCumiskey Con (Mac) Arrival Date: 1966
Message: I arrived at Akrotiri from Wyton at 7am on 23 Sept 1966 having been told to "Try to get up to Troodos", by one of my RAF Police section mates who had just been posted in from Troodos. Having taken the advice of the welcoming committee and given all of my KD's to the Turkish cleaner to be 'properly tailored' by his wife, I went to bed. "Don't worry", they all said, "He'll have them back at seven tomorrow". At 1pm (13.00), a rough shake and someone saying," Get into uniform, the C.O will see you at 14.00 at 3 Wing".   Whoops!    At 13.59pm, having found 3 Wing, I presented myself in civvies and was given the first of several lectures about the hanging offence of 'unauthorised alterations to service uniform', I was then passed up the chain of command and was eventually ushered into the Presence of the Wing co, who also expressed his displeasure and warned me that if I didn't shape up I WOULD FIND MYSELF AT TROODOS, which he made out to be some sort of punishment posting. Not trying to sound too eager I promptly volunteered, whereupon he said that as it happened there was a vacancy coming up and would I like to fill it, I accepted, all was forgiven and I set out to enjoy all that Akrotiri (and Limassol) had to give. After six weeks of being burnt to a frazzle on West Site and the local beaches and having survived my first Limassol Wine Festival, in early November I set out for Troodos in the back of a 3 tonner full of oil barrels, driven by Dimitri, Troodos Mt Section's answer to Jenson Button. En route the temperature dropped by about 20 degrees C and on 7th December the snows started and continued unabated until early March. Troodos at that time was the Wild West of the RAF and entering into the spirit of the Mountain Men I had what was without doubt the best tour of my 22 years.  In March 1967 my twin brother John arrived at Epi. and after he married Ann at the end of the year they lived in Omonia (Limassol) which became my pied-a-terre, especially after I bought my motor bike. I was lucky in being able to divide my time between both climates, although I certainly wouldn't have gone anywhere near the sea before June. Limassol was a great place at that time, with stacks of places to go for a beer or two or three, folk and jazz nights at the Calypso, then all along the Bye-Pass and meals at the Britannia, Niazi's, the Magic Bar, Arif's, BIG and little, the Romantic in Turkey Town : eat and drink as much as you like and all for 600mils. The mountain villages were also completely different then and most of the local people were very friendly, especially when you made the effort to speak some Greek. All in all it was an experience I will never forget.

McDonald Shaun Arrival Date: 1970
Message: I worked at the RAF Police Provost and Security Sqn mainly duties in the regional detention center, Jan 1970 to1973. My wife Pamela and I lived in Limassol, with our DAughter Debbie. Who would have thought that 40 plus years on I would be visisting my DAughter Debbie and her Husband Dave in Akrotiri on Albion Road. So far we have been unsuccessful in finding where we used to live as it is now built up beyond belief, and we are led to believe that there is possibly a Zoo where the outdoor cinema was, and the NAAFI area is now now a Residential area. Would be nice to touch base with anyone who knew me at that time.

Manners Dennis and Rosemarie Arrival Date: 1966
My husband Dennis Manners and I came to Akrotiri in 1966-1969.Dennis was on 29 Sqdn .as a J/T then on ASF as a Cpl We lived in Limassol on Kynira Street. Would love to hear from anyone who remembers us. Especially:- Pete and Hazel Richardson, Robbie and Janice Munn. Also  Eleanor and Dave, Harry and Vivian. Sorry last names lost in the mists of time. Eleanor and Dave went on to Gaydon ,and Harry and Vivian went on to Brize. Our children are Colin and Jacqueline and Paula who was born later in Germany. Thank you, Rosemarie 

Matthews John Arrival Date: April 21 1967
Message: Our family arrived at RAF Akrotiri in the early hours of 21 April 1967 to be greeted by the station commander. We stayed overnight at the Astir hotel in Limassol before taking on our hiring at 34a Kimonos Street in Limassol. Already in spring Cyprus was already very warm. The sensations have stayed with me for 45 years and I have never felt so alive and happy since ! Doesn't say much for the rest of my life does it !After a few months at the primary school in Limassol I started at St John's school at Episkopi they were happy days .I remember boarding the ricketty old bondu bus in Limassol early in the morning to take the long slow journey to school. As we wended our way through the streets of old Limassol stopping to pick up service kids, finally picking up speed as we sped along the by-pass with big sliding open windows providing the welcome cool air. In the distance the Mediterranean sea flat and white like a mill pond merging with the sky which later turned deep blue against the azure blue sky .Finally we climb the white chalk cliffs looking out over Akrotiri bay where the RAF Canberra aircraft did their bombing practise ,the bombs splashing into the sea off Akrotiri. As we turn the corner into the school play ground we all pile off the bus and begin another great day at st John's. We will be leaving again at one o'clock  returning to Limassol, where is it today, Governors beach or ladies mile? Governors beach was my favourite!
I could wax lyrical for hours, you all know how I feel because we all know don't we, It was the best years of all our lives !
Anybody want to talk about it contact me.
John Matthews. (missing cyprus)

McCarthy now
Julie  was  Arrival Date: 1970
Message: Arrived at Akrotiri with my mum Patricia my dad Roy and my brother and sister in 1970, not sure what month as i was only 6 years old at the time. my dad was an SAC in the movement Sqdn. There were also a couple who I remember used to visit us and the bloke used to baby sit us. His name is Denis Cleverely. If anyone remembers him and knows where I can contact them I would be grateful

McConway Simon  Message: I write on behalf of my deceased uncle, Fl Lt George C. Dixon.  Wondered if anyone had memories of him.  He probably left Akrotiri in 67 and moved back to Northumberland UK.  Passed away in 1986.

Middleton John Arrival Date: 1970

Message: Arrived in Feb 1970, Dad was a F/Sgt on the NEAF MAMS team. Lived in Limassol for 6 months before moving to Akrotiri - 9 Andrew Crescent. What a fantastic life we had, up early for school - they were the best days (St John's) and in the summer home by 2pm, beach bus to Buttons Bay. Teenage life could not be better. Great memories, lots of friends made. Fortunate to have returned to Cyprus from 83 - 86 and 91 - 93 when I was serving in the Signals based in the ESBA. Again two great tours and brilliant memories.


meeke1.JPG (36799 bytes)

Joe Arrival Date: 1970: I was posted in to 103MU Aircraft Repair Flight but after approx six months was transferred to Vulcan ASF - I ran the Structures Bay (Very popular with the Yacht Club)

Had a fantastic tour, lived in a hiring down town,near where the NAAFI used to be (Near the Debenhams off Archbishop Makarious Ave)- I found the house I used to rent in Limassol when I first arrived (It took me 3 days to find thought with the changes that have taken place since then!) The family we knew still live there so have re-established friendship with them - out of interest I attach a photo (1970) of my boys with the families children who are now in their 40's and have now become an unofficially adopted grandad to the daughter of the younger girl (Seated)!! Have visited Limassol a lot over the last two years - Ladies Mile has not changed in 35 Years! Used to use the back gate there in the summer. 

Milligan Nigel Arrival Date: 1970
Message: My father - Michael 'Spike' Milligan was a navigator on IX Sqn
Vulcans. I was 5 years old at the time with great memories of my 2 years
at Akrotiri. My mum Christine 'Ping', and my older sister Nicky completed
the crew. Our next door neighbours were George and Irene Winch (Provost)
and their two, Gary and (also) Nicky. We are still close in touch 40 years
later. Lived at no. 7 Horsley Lane on base. Last time I visited Akrotiri
would have been in 1984 so it's been awhile.
Vivid (and fantastically noisy) memories of Vulcans, Phantoms and
Lightnings, the Red Arrows (Gnats) and Whirlwinds!
Ladies Mile and The Mole, the beach hut we had use of and learning to swim
sans inflatable armbands.
We left in '72 to go to Hong Kong for 2.5 years so missed the invasion and
Both my father and George stayed in the RAF and came out as Air Cdre's.
retiring in the early 90's and still going strong.

Morgan Taffy Arrival Date: 1966
Message: RASC British Army. Building a ' Mole ' for safe harbouring, loved the work and the Base, met a wonderful girl in M/Qs, happy memories

Morris Korina Arrival Date: 1970-1973
Message: Looking for anybody that remembers my dad, Raymond Brighton. He was a Fireman on Akrotiri from 70-73. My mum's name is Sylvia and she used to do the ladies hair at our home, 2 Anne's Close. I still talk about time there to this day - Famagusta and Button's Bay are two places that will forever remain in my heart!!!  

Murray Steve Arrival Date: 1968
Message: Actually, not at Akrotiri but at Episkopi. Really interesting to read all the comments. Cyprus during the late 60's was THE dream posting. I paid a few visits to the Local Radio Station at Akrotiri as I was A DJ at Epi. Being a Supplier at Epi also ensured that I visited Akrotiri Airfield at 2 o clock in the morning when I was Duty Supplier! Dragging me from my slumbers to deliver an urgent item for a U/S Vulcan was NOT my idea of fun! But....the memories. Oh, the memories. Happy Days!

Partridge Fran Arrival Date: 1066 -1969
Message: From Akrotiri to Troodos- 2 years as a mountain man!
My Best wishes to everyone who served at that time- the memories will go on forever as did the work and Beer....

Peel Roger Arrival Date: 1966
Message: Served at 280 SU from July 1966 to January 1969. Happy to hear from anyone who remembers me!

Pibworth Dave Arrival Date: October 1970
Message: I served as a Corporal in the RAF Police Provost and Security Squadron at Akrotiri from October 1970 to March 1973. Main Gate Picquet Post, West Site, 280 SU and Ground Ops Control Room in 3 Wing HQ as well as numerous mobile patrols of RAF Akrotiri airfield and Domestic sites were just some of the duties I performed. I have many fond memories of Akrotiri

Prendergast Michael Arrival Date: 1969-1972
Message: Enjoy the site and brings back so many fantastic memories. I wish I could have been based there when I was in the RAF myself, that would have been the icing on the cake.
my brother and I were indeed fortunate to have had a 3 year holiday in the sun long before everyone flew off to Spain etc from the UK. Enjoyed the Air Cadets and the sun, sea and fun.

Ransley Dave Arrival Date: 1968
Message: Arrived 1968 joining 56 Sqn., detached immediately to Nicosia while Akrotiri's runway was fixed. Lived in Limasol whole tour. Didn't get on with WO Appleyard. PVR'd in 1987, joined BAE, worked on 125, Airbus, 146, Nimrod and F35. Made redundant and retired from Principal Design Engineer post in 2008, live in Cheshire. Enjoying every minute of it!

Richards Dave Arrival Date: 1970
Message: Posted back to Akrotiri for a second tour, this time with 56 sqdn.   Fantastic tour of duty, spent most of my time on the line; good work, lots of play.   I'm now retired and living in the Philippines and would love to hear from anybody who served on 56 during 1970 - 1973

Richer Michael Arrival Date: 1970
Message: I was born at tpmh on 22 september 1970 , father , victor  " sandy " lerski was in 70 sqn and was stationed here from '68 to '72. I have discovered some slides from then and would like to fill in the blanks , neighbours, friends etc. 
ritcer1.jpg (124234 bytes) ritcer2.jpg (166103 bytes)

Rogers Grahame Arrival Date: 1967
Message: XX444 was the Brittania that took Mum Dad and I to Akrotiri on February 5th 1967. The drive to the Astir Hotel went through the plantation. I dare anyone who has smelt the oranges to try to forget that wonderful aroma of Cyprus.

Stayed in hiring in Limassol for 3 mths then up to 30 Princess Street. Dad and Mum both heavily involved with the families club. Dad became treasurer and Mum organised bus trips out to Fama G and Kyrenia.

2 years in Berengaria, one as a mixed school then the girls were ethically cleansed to St Johns leaving the boys to our own devices. Spent a year in St John's, not my most favourite period. Maths teacher was Mr Morton. Art teacher told 7 of us not to come back to his lessons until we did the homework we had ommited to do. We didnt go back (I wonder where the other 5 boys and 1 girl are)

Dad worked at TASF throughout.

I was in No1 ATC and reached the dizzy height of Cadet F/Sgt. Summer camp to Luqa was an experience especially Gozo.

Dad sleeping off nights on December 21st 1969 was woken by the Tornado moving the roof and dropping the fan on the bed next to him.

Mum and I were in the Families Club setting up the Xmas draw with others, when the Tornado struck, an interesting experience.

Would love to touch base with anyone from the same era and the same memories.

Tony lived at 28 Princess Street

Rooks Alan Arrival Date: 1969
Message: Arrived in Jan1969 with wife and two small kids. 2nd line support for Vulcans on Bomber Wing. Dumped in Limassol in an Hotel, given three days to find own accommodation along with a few hundred others, whereas the Army had it down to a tee. Army had prebooked  ALL accomomdationn required, with welcome pack of food etc. Only time I was ashamed of the Royal Air Force, we were left on our own, and the Families Office shut in the afternoon. When we did find somewhere to live had to arrange for electric to be connected and gas bottles to be delivered. Once sorted really enjoyed our three years there. lived on Maria Singillatsgous street in Limassol until moved onto Akrotiri base. Served in ASF as 2 line Radio/Radar Chief tech until moved to First Line Bomber Wing with 9 and 35 Sqdn Vulcans.12hr shifts. What the Hell thats what is was like in 69.Had a great time, wife played for Limassol Ladies netball team,should have won the cup, beat every team. but cup went to Harliquins. Couple of bombs went off 
by the families club in Limassol, no casulties. Great discos in the Cavern, great mezzaies at the Aphrodite and kebabs in the Turkish quarter.

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Russell-Smith Dave Arrival Date: 1969
Message: My father was in Air Traffic Control, we lived at 27 Low Avenue in Offices Quarters. Still have great memories of Cyprus

Ryan  Paddy Thought you might like to add this photo to your site. It was taken at the MT Section at Akrotiri around 1969/70. My dad, Sgt Paddy Ryan, is 10th from the left, and Paddy Devlin is far right, sat on the vehicle. Don't know any of the others, but I dare say that they will be easily identified. Sadly, my dad is no longer with us, but I would love it if the photo was displayed on your site as this would be a little tribute to him.
We set up the "Paddy Ryan Road Safety Trophy" at RAF Benson in 1980, which I believe is presented every year. It keeps his memory alive.
Anyway, thanks for reading this.
Please pass the following message to Tricia who posted a photo on the MT Section 69/70 in her father's memory.
My husband was posted to Akrotiri in 1968 and I worked as a civilian on the MT Section.  Tricia, I remember your Dad well - what a lovely man.    I can vividly recall your Dad making us laugh when he told us that his daughter (perhaps you?) had gone out and about telling everyone 'My Dad's is 40 today.'  And was it your car that was lifted over the house during the tornado in December 1969?  Possibly not - memories are a bit jumbled after 40-some years!
From the photo (tho' not very clear) I think I can recognise Sqn Ldr Mitchell, WO Jenkins, WO Harrison.  Other names I recall are Sgts Toovey, Eggleston & Hoath, Flt Lts Collins & Fulford, and Andros who travelled in from his home in the Troodos mountains and brought honey which he sold.
Thank you for rekindling lots of happy memories.  I also have a photo taken during my time on the mt sECTION - I'll try to find it and post it on the site.
Kind regards
Kath Cope

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Sawyers Eldon Arrival Date: 1970 and 1972
Message: We visited RAF Akrotiri briefly in the above years. We stopped at RAF Akrotiri as we were travelling with our father LT CDR RNZN Errol (Tom) Sawyers to the UK when HMNZS Canterbury was built on the clyde. We passed through on a trooping flight from Singapore to RAF Brize Norton. We also Stopped at RAF GAN. My brother sister and I were lucky enough to see the eastern Med from the cockpit of a VC10 on the return trip to NZ. I remember having a full cooked English breakfast on the way home and that there were white perhaps Art Deco buildings. My mother bought a doll in Cyprit costume but left it be hind while waiting for the plane to be refuelled and provisioned. I was 9 and 11 at the time.

Scott Matthew Arrival Date: 1968

Message: I was at the transmitter site on the road to Akrotiri,transferred from the other end of the Island[Ay Nik]t then moved to Episkopi.Lived opposite the Globe on the by-pass above Chris car sales [he sold the wankel engined RO 80]

Simpson Tony  Arrival Date: 1967
Message: I flew out to Akrotiri on Comet lV XR399 19 DEC 67 to visit my parents for Christmas. My father (sadly deceased 2005 - Parkinson's) was then Sqn Ldr Eric Simpson, SECO at Akrotiri (Senior Eng. Co-ord. Officer) under Air Cdre North-Lewis. Had a wonderful time; the then Station Chaplain Glenn Bowie took us over to Paphos where we 'discovered' remains of ancient glass artifacts etc. Went to Limassol and had our first Mezze? at Niazzi's. My wife and I were enchanted by it all, didn't want to go back home. Then, in 1971 I transferred to Hercules, and over the next 30 years saw another side to Akrotiri, the dreadful BB86 (No air con.) tatty accommodation generally (all transit aircrew blocks 90-92 etc, passable food in the Officer's Mess, but all this paled into insignificance with the first Gulf War and the way the base was transformed to it's former glory of 24hr ops, aircraft of all types from everywhere; morale eventually soared, team spirit was revived and then - and then I discovered the Apollo restaurant in Akrotiri 'village'. Not me personally, I was part of a Hercules crew from Lyneham, and we had all tasted kebabs before, but never this restaurant's Sheftalia or the Tahini with all the salad you could eat. Er, that enough from me, does anyone have a recipe for Sheftalia? I am retired now, but when I see a Herk over my house at night especially, (I live under the app to Lyneham at 5nm/1500ft)and I often think of night-flights to/from Akro; and do you know what? I MISS IT ALL. I also miss the cameraderie of those days, which can never be found outside of the Military. No other institution in the world can take a bunch of individuals, misfits, extroverts, timid mice, bullies, graduates, 'gyspies tramps and thieves'(Cher) and unite them in the workplace as supremely effective team-players, let them do the job, then at cease work let them seek their personal comforts, relax, have a drink or several, go astray - and be at work the next day as a loyal, proud member of Her Majesty's Armed Forces.
God Bless them all, and those of us who have BTDTGTT)Beentheredonethatgottheteeshirt)

Simmonds Fay Arrival Date: 1967
Message: Anybody out there who was a member of Akrotiri saddle club from 1967-1970. Would love to hear from you.Email:

Storey Bob Arrival Date: 1966
Message: I arrived in October 1966 and was posted to the Radar Bay in the Minor Electronics Centre. I moved on to Strike Wing in January 1967 and spent the rest of my tour on Strike Wing until it was disbanded in 1969.
It was a brilliant time, as we spent many months away on detachments to Malta, Sharjah, El Adem (Ugh) and Tehran. I am still in touch with some of the friends I met during my time at Akrotiri and have a lot of good memories of my tour in the sun.

Swanson Rachael Arrival Date: 1966-1969
Message: Hi my father was posted to akrotiri and i was born in the the Princess Mary Hospital.
If anyone new my father please email, we lost him quite a few years ago, but would love to hear stories
His name Jim Swanson RAF police married to Pat

Tamblin Peter Arrival Date: 1967
Message: I arrived with the Argosy from Changi. At that time I was an SAC A mech P. Changi was amazing, but my tour at Akrotiri topped it. 70 Sqn had a great family spirit, and we Singlies were very well looked afetr by the Scalies { Scale A} The two Christmas' spent there were just fantastic, and the Squadron Bars just had to be seen to be believed.I spent a good deal of my free time at the Water Ski Club, or playing water Polo down at the Mole. Happy happy days

Trevithick Keir Arrival Date: 1970

Message: I was born at Akrotiri in 1970.  Dad - "Hank" Trevithick was a PI at JARIC (Episkopi), married to Maureen, and we all lived in Limassol.  Dad was posted for a second tour in 1973 and we stayed until the evacuation the following August (my sister was born at Akrotiri too that year).
I can still remember bits of the 73/74 clearly - life up at Kapsalos (Christou Samara Street) and playing with Greek kids in the street,  and a few RAF kids like me too.  I went to a play school for RAF brats near the NAFI run by a family friend Pat Hedges.
I clearly remember the emergency and being driven out of Limassol in convoy by a Royal Marine called Rocky who had a shock of blonde hair - dad flagged him down on the by-pass or something?
Any other RAF kids remember me - I can remember kids called John, Jane & David who I used to play with in Christou Samara - but not your surnames.

Topley Colin I arrived Easter 66, posted to 73 Squadron which later became incorporated into Strike Wing with 249, 6 & ?? Got married to Doreen there in 67, still married.

Vickers-Jones Paul Arrival Date: 1967
Message: Arrived September 1967 - Son of Chief Tech Mike Vickers-Jones (deceased 2007). Lived in Limassol in hirings for 3 years, lastly near the Island Club (I was a "junior lifeguard"). Went to school for 1 year at Berengaria, then last 2 years at Episkopi. Have fond memories of the school bus - one day we lost the windscreen going up Curium Hill (?). First hiring was not far from the Ariel Cinema (best kebab sandwich from there. Loved the wine festival. I remember watching the Tornado tear through the "Gypsy Camp".

Watts Jean Arrival Date: 13 May 1969
Message: Can't find a visitors book for RAF Episkopi so hope it is ok to sign this one.  I arrived in Cyprus on 13 May 1969 a day before my 18th birthday.  My dad was posted to RAF Episkopi as a catering clerk.  We lived at 17 Isiodus Street in Limassol and I managed to get a job in the Families Office at Episkopi.  I met my late husband Barry Payne at the Island Club in Limassol.  He was visiting his sister whoses husband was also stationed in Cyprus.  We got married on 19th December 1970 at the church at RAF Episkopi by the Chaplain John Griffiths.  We had our reception at the Motor Club on the camp and the catering was all done by the catering department.  It was the happiest day of my life. 

Webb Frances   Arrival Date: 1968

Message: My dad was mick webb.. mt section. livid in limassol. came home 1970. Went st johns.  it would b nice to make contact with people who remember me.....

Williams Don Arrival Date: 1966
My Father was posted to Akrotiri when we were at RAF Valley, Angelsey , North Wales. I was 13 at the time and having spent all my life with the services ( my father was a 30 year man ) I just said goodbye to my mates , as i always did after 3 years and went , not knowing the next 3 years would never leave my memory and to this day I remember names and times at St Johns School in Episkopi as if they happend yesterday , How could I forget Buttons Bay , Ladies Mile Beach or the Horseshoe hike to Mt Troodos( forgive the spelling ) our house in Albion Street which to me was a mansion and Miss Nelson the youth leader and the times we had at the youth club. Great Great Times . I now live in Adelaide , South Australia. which is fantastic but when things go wrong in my life I cheer myself up by thinking of that wonderful time in my life. Would love to make contact with anyone who was there 1966 to 1969. Regards Don Williams.

Weatherill Peter  Arrival Date: 1967
Message: Spent first year at AAGW  Akrotiri. then on to 56 Sqdn, returned to the UK late 1970. to Wyton. Then 1972 to Tengah RAF Supprt unit. Finally enlisting with the RNZAF and based at Rnzaf Woodbourne. Retired 1987 and Lectured Engineering at the Otago Polytech Dunedin.

Wingfield Charlie Arrival Date: 1966--1969
Message: Two years on Akrotiri Air Movements MT Section and one year on the Families coach transporting families to and from Hotels in Limassol on arrivals and departures. Hard work but enjoyable a good posting. Visited Cyprus twice a year for the last twenty years.