Bernard Brown sent these pictures.
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My bed space for the CinC inspection March 1960 Bernard Browne billet block 73 May 1960 Swimming at Ladies Mile May 1960.From LH, Brian Morris, Robin, Lofty, Bernard Browne.
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St. Andrew’s PMUB Church and to the right new church hall built by airmen church members May 1960. Fitting out and decorating interior of St. Andrew’s church hall May 1960. Painting windows of St. Andrews church hall, LH Dave Roberts May 1960.
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Cyprus cement, Dave Roberts centre May 1960. St. Andrews church hall, landscaping, Brian Moore erecting fences and Bernard Browne laying path paving and kerb stones. May 1960. From LH, Padre Newall, Padre Macleod of St. Andrew’s PMUB church and his wife Mrs Macleod at opening of church hall October 1960.
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Some of St. Andrew’s PMUB church members at opening of church hall October 1960. From LH, Paddy, Ray, Bernard Browne, Brian Morris, Elspeth, Marian, Brian Moore, Valery, Ray Voaden, George Nicholl, Geoff Parnell. In Foreground Keith. Borrowing!! The Station Commander’s parade saluting dais to make stage in the school hall. A joy ride for some of the scouts. March 1961. Discussing the design at 02:15 hrs to build the proscenium arch for the scout gang show March 1961. From LH Keith, centre ?, RH Bernard Browne.
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58th Cyprus (Akrotiri) scout group gang show April 1961. Back row second left Tony Lett, scout master. Front row centre Bernard Browne assistant scout master and show producer.
Gang show entry ticket, note price 3/- 58th Cyprus (Akrotiri) scout troop camp at Mount Troodos August 1960. Back row from left, Tony Lett scout master, Bernard Browne assistant scout master, Dave Roberts ASM. Back row from right, George Nicholl ASM (in the kilt), Harry, Ray, John and Geff.
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58th Cyprus (Akrotiri) scout troop camp, the RAF airmen scout masters from LH Bernard Browne ASM, Norman ASM, Dave Roberts ASM, Tony Lett SM, Harry ASM, Ray ASM, George Nicholl ASM. August 1960.